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  1. @4144requesting re-enable custom hom AI on newer clients. I hope it is possible.
  2. Thanks @Asherafand @4144 it works great. Solved.
  3. @meko yes thank you. i tried atcommand "#warp \"[email protected]$+\" "+.arena_map$+" 22 50"; but it returns #warp "[email protected]$+" guild_vs2 22 50. Did i made a mistake?
  4. -<tab>script<tab>test#dumb<tab>HIDDEN_NPC,1{ end; OnWarp: input [email protected]$; atcommand "#warp "[email protected]$+" "+.arena_map$+" 22 50"; end; OnInit: bindatcmd("warpthisdumbplayer","test::OnWarp",0,99); .arena_map$ = "guild_vs2"; end; } I was hoping to do ( #warp "My Name Is Bond" guild_vs2 22 50 )
  5. release

    @Dastgirpls update sir for latest herc about packet.len
  6. is there any alternative for Trans Class?
  7. @Asheraf Thank you for that, it works perfectly.
  8. Thank you @Asheraf I hope you can have time to make it possible
  9. I wonder if you could add "uncostume" in script command , because when returning to original it bad idea to just delete the costume item and replace with regular item in script. It will be hard to trace equipment because the unique_id is lost. can you help @Dastgir
  10. @Dastgir Thank you. Im using the latest Herc now, plugin did install well without error in compile. But when I use the script costume [email protected]; it did convert and equip the costume good. [SQL]: DB error - Out of range value for column 'card2' at row 1 When I logout, the item is no longer there and got error msg in char server.
  11. Thank you again @Asherafit must allow to validate if item is NOT available. The scenario would be: I have ongoing quest 30050 and i have to collect quest item from various NPC. npc bubbles if i dont hve item. and remove bubbles if i get the item already. then i.proceed to another npc to collect without completting 30050
  12. Thanks again for the fast response @Asheraf just a bit more OnInit: questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST,1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 30049, 0); questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST,1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 30050, 1); setquestinfo(QINFO_ITEM, 601, 0); end; setquestinfo(QINFO_ITEM, 601, 0); did not validate
  13. Thank you @Asheraf for the PR, now still have issue with this script OnInit: questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST,1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 30049, 0); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 30050, 1); end; What I want to accomplish is, show bubbles if: don't have quest 30049 -OR- has ongoing quest 30050. Is it possible? I was thinking the setquestinfo list is AND not OR. with that code above, it don't show any bubble when player don't have 30049.
  14. Im having issue with this: OnInit: questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST,1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 33333, 0); end; npc should show bubble when player don't have that QuestID 33333. Also can it process multiple validation? like OnInit: questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST,1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 33333, 0); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 33334, 2); end; show bubble when quest 33333 has not started OR quest 3334 is completed.
  15. Thank you @Rebel it works like a charm.