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  1. Thanks dast!
  2. on the hostname just change the domain to your vps ip
  3. definitely a scammer it takes years before he reply
  4. use winscp to upload
  5. for that, you dont need to clone since you have your own emulator, just upload it into your vps
  6. its the same, if your using an old emulator it should support as well
  7. http://herc.ws/wiki/Installation_(CentOS)
  8. centos 6 64bit
  9. Greetings Hercules, Currently looking for GFX Designer for our upcoming server. Discord: Vy Low#9748
  10. do you have any proof with this accusation?
  11. still available?
  12. we offer proxy server on our hosting, pm me for more info
  13. You can try us at wanhosting.net
  14. yeah i tried this in our test server also, seems we have the same problem