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  1. Wow, very nice!
  2. By the way, i just have to Patch it up to get to the Latest Updates of kRO Client, right? Thank you for the share @melv0
  3. Good day people! How are you all? I just want to ask for a Site, Download Link, etc. for me to have the Latest Full kRO Client? and please Feel free to recommend something better / alternative Client. Thanks and Best regards!
  4. monster

    Good day Sir! I just want to say Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, i'll look forward to these guide/sources that you've shared. I hope this won't be the last and may you have a great day!
  5. monster

    by the way, how long have you been doing this Spriting? if you don't mind, can i ask some help? can you guide me on where should I start, because I also wanted to make my own Sprite. Thank you very much.
  6. monster

    Wow! that's so cute! Thank you for sharing.
  7. WOW!! NICE UPDATE HERC!! :smile:

  8. Wow, this is nice. but I think you must take fxfreitas advise.
  9. Hey there @@fxfreitas Thank you.
  10. Hey there @@fxfreitas May I ask what ACT Editor would you recommend? Okay so pixel art tutorials, I will look forward to it. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hey there.. I want to learn Spriting and create Custom mob Sprite. I'm a starter on this and I'm not sure where do I start. Can you guide me on the things that I need like what Guide Tutorial or recommended Softwares should I use in creating or modifying .SPR & .ACT files? Thanks a lot. I hope I can contribute something here.
  12. @@fxfreitas do you still have a Link to it Sir? searching to brAthena is slightly difficult because of language barrier. @@Garr and @@evilpuncker I tried to make it work but I could not. . . No NPC would show up. . Can you try to Test it too Sir? because maybe it might be on me. . By the way Thank you so much for the help Guys. . I do hope we could make it work.
  13. Oh Thanks to this @@True Zeal. . i'll try it then Sir. . and yes it's a walking creature.. hehe. By the way Is it even possible to create a monster that instead it kills a player what it will do is to Heal and Buffs it? ​I planning to scatter it on my towns and some places of my server.
  14. Hi guys I was in a server before for quite long time ago that has this walking and talking Angeling that Heals & Buffs people in Town. . I don't know if it's a Monster or NPC. I wonder how to do and have that on my server.. So I ask here if you guys have an idea. A Big Thanks & a + to all.
  15. <script type='text/javascript'>netseer_tag_id = '15360'; netseer_ad_width = '1000'; netseer_ad_height = '40'; netseer_task = 'ad'; netseer_imp_type = '1'; netseer_imp_src = '2'; </script> @@Dastgir Thanks for the info. Sir. Yes, I did some research and I found out that C is not OOP.. but instead it's data driven. Got to do more research about it. May you have a great day Sir Dastgir.