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  1. Realy amazing work! just hope you make quick guide on how to compile it... right now it seams very hard, at least for me xD
  2. @Temtaime shouldn't we be focusing on the vanilla stuff first? i mean... interface customization would work better through an later API, so we can have an infinite opensource amount of Interfaces withing the community.. even the community helping with the new interface stuff and packets (i'm talking about the juicy new refine system)... It's just an idea... edit: Just trying things out xD here some inspiration for you
  3. I meant on plugin, on a clif itself. to be used with timer->addtimer
  4. It is a very simple question of how can I create a timed clif->specialeffect?
  5. Does anyone know if this is hexable? in skillid.lub there are those 2 lines that supposedly control this... but it is ingored by the cliend.. but I assume the client itself hardcodes those ID... THIRDJOB_BEGIN = 2000, THIRDJOB_END = 2532, Even tho... Skill RK_DRAGONBREATH_WATER = 5004, goes into the 3rd tab... This is a mess.... hahahah
  6. F*ck... Is @Neo able to make it freely alocable through hexing? This think is freaking dumb xD ( idk why they made it hardcoded... )
  7. I ran into a pretty odd thing on Raganarok skill tab lua files, that i just want to confirm... looks like that when trying to put skills on third job classes(tab) the skills needs to be in range of the 3rd skills ID otherwise it's located to the 2nd tab, ignoring the inheritlisting steps... can anyone confirm if this is a client bound configuration or if is something i'm doing wrong in the lua files... ex: try adding the runwatch to rune knight and you see it will pop on the 2nd tab... obs: using 2015-05-13
  8. The dream for those who love customizing Ragnarok like myself. I cant say how anxious and happy I am. @Vlync that's not how we should welcome such a ambitious project, and when i say ambitious i mean that the complexity of this project is huge! Someone trying to accomplish something like this for the community should always be celebrated, even with the failures of previous attempts. @Temtaime Thank you for your time, and count on me with testing! Hope to give you ideas on the creation of an APIs to help developers interact with the client engine. And as you said, there is an infinity of possibilities with a custom client \o/ Hope to hear more about the project soon. ;]
  9. Heard of this awesome thing! But what i want is specialeffect a range of mob_ids from a players array. ( mobs2kill[0] for example ) I'm doing this by post plugin hooking at clif_getareachar_unit but as i mention pc_readglobalreg seems to not handle array functions. x_X
  10. Is it possible to get an array with pc_readglobalreg? if so, is it possible to getarraysize of an array from pc_readglobalreg? Trying to create a plugin to set an effect on mobs from an array ( like mobs to kill in a quest ) Simple but haven't found it anywhere ;] EDIT: this doesn't work :[ for (i = 0; i <= 10; ++i) { sprintf(output,"mob2kill[%d]",i); mob = pc_readglobalreg(sd, script->add_str(output));
  11. Was converting some modifications to plugins, and suddenly stopped upon this problem while converting the charnameack(the way mob's info is written); with clif->charnameack = clif_charnameack_new; Prints out [Warning]: WFIFOSET: Attempted to send zero-length packet, most likely 0x8e00 (please report this). even with the same exactly clif function. still figuring out the plugin system ;] Hope someone can help me out \o/
  12. Hum... this workaround is not working for me.. same error... any news on this subject?
  13. Release

    Are we also getting an "getitem3"/"makeitem3" ? This would be awesome to have too. ;D
  14. I'm back again, Looks like before the item option feature the #MAX_SKILL 1910 was working just fine, but with the latest it's giving the "[Error]: chrif_authok: Data size mismatch!" when char logs in. any thoughts? I am indeed recompiling all three servers, and using MSVB2012...