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  1. The dream for those who love customizing Ragnarok like myself. I cant say how anxious and happy I am. @Vlync that's not how we should welcome such a ambitious project, and when i say ambitious i mean that the complexity of this project is huge! Someone trying to accomplish something like this for the community should always be celebrated, even with the failures of previous attempts. @Temtaime Thank you for your time, and count on me with testing! Hope to give you ideas on the creation of an APIs to help developers interact with the client engine. And as you said, there is an infinity of possibilities with a custom client \o/ Hope to hear more about the project soon. ;]
  2. Heard of this awesome thing! But what i want is specialeffect a range of mob_ids from a players array. ( mobs2kill[0] for example ) I'm doing this by post plugin hooking at clif_getareachar_unit but as i mention pc_readglobalreg seems to not handle array functions. x_X
  3. Is it possible to get an array with pc_readglobalreg? if so, is it possible to getarraysize of an array from pc_readglobalreg? Trying to create a plugin to set an effect on mobs from an array ( like mobs to kill in a quest ) Simple but haven't found it anywhere ;] EDIT: this doesn't work :[ for (i = 0; i <= 10; ++i) { sprintf(output,"mob2kill[%d]",i); mob = pc_readglobalreg(sd, script->add_str(output));
  4. Was converting some modifications to plugins, and suddenly stopped upon this problem while converting the charnameack(the way mob's info is written); with clif->charnameack = clif_charnameack_new; Prints out [Warning]: WFIFOSET: Attempted to send zero-length packet, most likely 0x8e00 (please report this). even with the same exactly clif function. still figuring out the plugin system ;] Hope someone can help me out \o/
  5. Hum... this workaround is not working for me.. same error... any news on this subject?
  6. Release

    Are we also getting an "getitem3"/"makeitem3" ? This would be awesome to have too. ;D
  7. I'm back again, Looks like before the item option feature the #MAX_SKILL 1910 was working just fine, but with the latest it's giving the "[Error]: chrif_authok: Data size mismatch!" when char logs in. any thoughts? I am indeed recompiling all three servers, and using MSVB2012...
  8. Nice minimalist design! Keep it up!
  9. Sup Herc PPL, I know it's a delicated topic and usually not given much attention due to the fact that it is custom stuff development but.... ;o So, i'm messing arround with custom skill and the client power to handle them and found out that from skill id 3036 foward, it does handle it pretty well, so i changed the index formula to. //[Ind/Hercules] GO GO GO LESS! - http://herc.ws/board/topic/512-skill-id-processing-overhaul/ else if( skill_id > 1019 && skill_id < 8001 ) { if( skill_id < 2058 ) // 1020 - 2000 are empty skill_id = 1020 + skill_id - 2001; else if( skill_id < 2549 ) // 2058 - 2200 are empty - 1020+57 skill_id = (1077) + skill_id - 2201; //else if ( skill_id < 3036 ) // 2549 - 3000 are empty - 1020+57+348 else if ( skill_id < 3436 ) // 2549 - 3000 are empty - 1020+57+348 skill_id = (1425) + skill_id - 3001; else if ( skill_id < 5044 ) // 3436 - 5000 are empty - 1020+57+348+435 //skill_id = (1460) + skill_id - 5001; skill_id = (1860) + skill_id - 5001; else ShowWarning("skill_get_index: skill id '%d' is not being handled!\n",skill_id); }So in the end i would have 400 skill ids to play with... It did work on last year's revision, but not in this year's. Look's like only changing //#define MAX_SKILL 1510 #define MAX_SKILL 1910 Is printing out "[Error]: chrif_authok: Data size mismatch!" Any thoughts on what could be the problem here? This may also create an option for people trying to create custom skills and are not happy on being locked to skills id gaps all arround. x_X ;]
  10. Sweet!! looking foward ;]
  11. Hate to bump shit up T-T but is any progress made from devs? Had to ask since it's a pretty neat thing to have. Also hope you guys code it better than RA hahahahaha it has a lot of potential but it needs a good amount of commands to be useful. Hope you guys get it ;D
  12. Well, i was never gone ;p I'm just quietly researching stuffs hahahaha sick right? it's a shame that it consumes a bunch of skill effects and would be in-viable in a normal ragnarok scenario, maybe a custom effect_id with lua or dll, does any one knows if it is possible?(i know it is not T-T)
  13. I'm currently working on a Sword Art Online project and figured it would be cool to hear some feedback on this new map i just finished. Its is a central town on the anime and also in the server, so a lot of things will be going on there. ;D Made a video introduction to the town and its squares. And also a bit of the visual effects modifications of the server on the video.(like sao like HP bar) Video:
  14. Sup everyone! I am really curios to know when/if this feature will ever show up on Hercules , i do not have the knowledge myself to do the conversion from rAthena to Herc, but would love to have a chance of playing with it in the future. Here's what i'm talking about https://rathena.org/board/topic/107018-random-option-system/ We have plugins and whatnot to work with, so i think is a good feature to have. As a enthusiastic of new stuff, would love to see more options to work with items without having to screw the whole card system up. Cya ;]