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  1. Você também pode usar a label custom OnAttackMob:áveis-especiais/ Ai usa os comandos playsound e o rand()
  2. How i do it with @hide ? (or script command)
  3. Thanks for idea @Habilis
  4. Hello guys. The NPC are using the same variables. - script Tester FAKE_NPC,{ if (.ok == 0) { mes "Hello"; set .ok,1; // or .ok = 1; } else mes "I already talked to you"; close(); } prt_sewb1,154,268,4 duplicate(Tester) Tester#1 84 prt_sewb1,160,268,4 duplicate(Tester) Tester#2 84 When i talk a NPC, the other say: "I already talked to you". So, they uses the same variable [ .ok ] how i can change this??
  5. games

    Strange, does some error appear somewhere?
  6. games

    He makes a mob with a HP Bar. Do you added the data files?
  7. Very cool!
  8. Solved: *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>", <class id>, <size>) *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>", <class id>) *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>") *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", <class id>) Changes the display name and/or display class of the target NPC. Returns 0 is successful, 1 if the NPC does not exist. Size is 0 = normal 1 = small 2 = big.
  9. Hello guys, i want change sprite NPC like a this video: (in 0:29)
  10. games

    Yes, the illust folder don't like subfolders I improved the topic to avoid problems
  11. games

    Do you put the images in your data? (and not in GRF)
  12. @Rytech What full client version i must use to test star emperor and soul reaper?
  13. Cara procura no youtube que tem uns tutoriais atualizados. (só não mando o link pq nao testei nenhum deles) Em relação aos erros de lua files, é incompatibilidade do hexed com os arquivos. pode ser tbm que o hexed esteja diffado com Load LUA from LUB
  14. Em vez de changebase usa o comando disguise. Ex: OnEquipScript: <" disguise (4060); "> OnUnequipScript: <" setoption(8,0); undisguise(); ">
  15. try add In: src/map/ script->set_constant("SI_MYSTATUS", SI_MYSTATUS, false, false); Change MYSTATUS to your status name