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  1. Hello guys, i'm currently using 2018-02-13 ragexere (Thanks Asheraf), and found very little bugs, but came here to find if you guys know how to translate this little part of the navigation UI. to be specific the text between [ .. ] in the picture below. PS: I have fully checked the msgstringtable and it's not it, could it be the lua files? PSS: I was able to get the text "목적지" but not able to translate it, haven't fount it.
  2. Hello, guys i'm struggling over here and need some help, i'm building myself a classic RO, but want to use the new skill tree window, but the skills not show at the new skill tree just at the old skill tree, do u guys know how to help me?
  3. Hey guys, i have a server up and running and i ended up with a problem. My server is 5x (exp and drop), but the problem is that the drops are not really working properly, like. Monster 1024 (Wormtail) at normal rate drop pointed scale at 55%, so at 5x is 275% (100%) At @mi 1024 shows pointed scale at 100% drop. But if i kill a hundred Wormtails i only get about 30~50 pointed scales. Can someone help me figure it out? Ps: I noticed too that bubblegum and sc_overlapexpup (malangdo cat food) are not increasing items drop properly too.
  4. Hello guys, could u please help me, i'm trying to change the skill ALL_INCCARRY to make it increase more than 200 weight, i want it to increase like 50k max weight. I changed it: if((skill_lv=pc->checkskill(sd,ALL_INCCARRY))>0) sd->max_weight += 2000*skill_lv; to it: if((skill_lv=pc->checkskill(sd,ALL_INCCARRY))>0) sd->max_weight += 500000*skill_lv; But don't works, it still increase just 200 of my max weight, i don't know what else i need to do, please help me :3
  5. Dude, could u pls update this plugin to work in the new herc.ws, it's making the map server crash.