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  1. That is not supported. The plugin is just for unmodified InGame-Shops.
  2. In which scenario? What are you trying to do? Are there errors?
  3. Its also possible on a Raspberry Pi 1. I tried that a year ago Its kinda funny and it runs good, compiling took a while.
  4. It would be really helpful if you could tell us which problem. Don't run Hercules with sudo, root or users which have root privileges. some helpful links:
  5. If you are not running it as root user, you probably run it with sudo, which is not necessary and also not recommended.
  6. I think running "code" upon someone joining a guild can only be done by source. In source I would start with guild.c at line 631, looks like this: int guild_invite(struct map_session_data *sd, struct map_session_data *tsd) { And if the invited character job is already at the limit the invitation is canceled. Now to your script: Does your script try to expel guildmember upon joining a map after the check? If yes: how you want to decide who is removed? Random?
  7. Nice work!
  8. Good Luck
  9. Database permissions set correct?
  10. Welcome
  11. Have you changed something in skill.c?
  12. Looks normal to me The skills are not going back to 15 because the last highest skill was 10.
  13. Same. My version increases the overall dmg, dastgir's version increases atk (as requested).>>> You misunderstood My Version increase Percentage of Atk (i.e Overall Damage dealt to enemy) Dastgir is right, i made a mistake, thanks to my english skills.I am sorry. Hope you enjoy the plugins
  14. File Name: bonus3 bAtkEnemyStat File Submitter: Normynator File Submitted: 11 Jan 2017 File Category: Plugins Hercules Plugin bonus3 bAtkEnemyStat Description: Will increase Damage by z% if Enemy Stat is >= y Repo Link: Credits: Senpai Dastgir, for giving me inspiration How to install? How to use? Format: STR = 1 AGI = 2 VIT = 3 INT = 4 DEX = 5 LUK = 6 bonus3 bAtkEnemyStat, x, y, z; x = Stat y = Stat enemy must have z = damage increase (10 = 10%); e.g: bonus3 bAtkEnemyStat, 3, 50, 10; Increase Damage by 10% if enemy vit >= 50. Click here to download this file