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  1. @SyncMasterI pm’d u on your fb page.... you haven’t replied
  2. Did you reload the map server after the change?Not sure.... but I recompiled itall you need to do is for example: { id: 98 name: "test" level: 98 inherit: ( "Head GM" ) commands: { } log_commands: true permissions: { use_check: true use_changemaptype: true all_commands: true show_bossmobs: true } } and then @reloadatcommand After that try to login with the group:98 Imma try this when I come home... thanks... I appreciate for helping me out. /now
  3. Did you reload the map server after the change?Not sure.... but I recompiled it
  4. hello i made a gm with a groupd id 98 (phpadmin), i edited the file name trunk/conf/groups.conf and change id into 98. but when i log in to client i get an warning says "pc_authok aid:2000001 logged in with unknown groupd id (98)!" it only allow me to access until character selection.... then disconnect when selected
  5. Are you available? Msg me if yes.
  6. Thank you everyone for answering my questions.... I'm really learning. Hoping to help others someday too.! /no1

  7. Thank you sir!... BTW I seems unable to edit scr-logo with grf editor.... I tried to extract it but idk how to replace it inside the grf lol.
  8. Is there a guide to allow different gm a different commands? I appreciate help in advance!.
  9. How to know if my server set up for renewal/prenewal? I bought a setup and choose "renewal" but I feel like I'm playing prenewal.
  10. please can anyone tell where to go to edit these? cuz its taking too long to get support from the vps i choose
  11. Do u accept request? Willing to pay.
  12. hello how can i edit the design to one selection?
  13. can anyone make me Full & Lite installer for my server? if you do.... ask me the files you need. $5 paypal
  14. i believe i already checked their last login.... and some of them i think been off for like a year or two... thanks tho i will recheck again