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  1. Well, I already have patches 2004-06-01 to 2008-12-18 from somewhere, so I guess that takes out 1.88GB... Oh, and I have uncapped 60Mbits/s connection, so I don't really care about filesize. I already downloaded everything from the new patch server in less than two hours. Of course, if other people would share...
  2. I'm looking for any pre-2011 patch, so I can see how the assets changed between versions, and also to archive the patches in case I find any interest in them (I was interested in them once but forgot the reason why)
  3. I can't seem to find the pre-2011 patches anywhere. and the old kRO patch is down
  4. source code of the patcher?
  5. just so you know, if you have ifconfig installed on your unix system, type ifconfig and you will see your mac address under the network devices
  6. if the name wasn't obvious, it will replace korean content with English content.
  7. Thanks to This will replace Korean content with English content, however you just add a .grf and a line, and you are done. Also, it's faster to transfer, since there isn't over 100,000 files to process. How to use: Extract the .zip above to your RO folder In your DATA.INI in the RO folder change [Data]2=data.grfto[Data]1=translate.grf2=data.grfThat's all to it! How do I make my own? Coming soon!