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  1. why remove? it's a good feature.
  2. oh lol this will not be open for public then
  3. is this new vps? are all ports opened? 6121 5121 6900(default) differs from your config though.
  4. I will try and play on your server when it's up coz it looks cool !!
  5. <servertype>sakray</servertype> shouldn't this be "primary"
  6. Hi Guys, I have been trying to work with the latest version or Herc and now I decided to use the default client currently being supported. which is 2014-10-22 I got the Unpatched and Diffed it with NEMO mostly with recommened options. It went in Ok with no issues on the Server being reported but somehow I've noticed this odd stuffs: 1. NPC's are missing but when I try to use @refresh or @warp they will pop-up. 2. ALT-Q and Inventory Items & Equips are missing but using @itemlist it will tell you it's in the inventory. 3. Movespeed is so fast and sometimes you can't move can be fixed by warping or using @refresh So, I think this is issue is from a missing packet that stops the client from working normally. because I tried the Client with rAthena latest version it works fine, but somehow with Hercules it works odd/abnormal.
  7. you can adjust it on skill_db under db folder NumberOfHits: Number of Hits (int, defaults to 1) (can be grouped by Levels) Note: when positive, damage is increased by hits, negative values just show number of hits without increasing total damage.
  8. get translated iteminfo here and diff your client with "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" then edit your custom iteminfo.lua
  9. anyone has Full Client Download?
  10. Hi guys just wanted to ask if this this compiling option still working? ./configure --enable-packetver=20200520:) TIA
  11. Good Day guys, I just came back from a long hibernation I really thought Hercules is gone because it was redirecting me to whenever I type in
  12. Ankle Snare I placed a Trap on the cursor but as you can see it's not visible.
  13. I noticed something odd about this map when you try to trap in the middle of the platform you could not see the trap., but from the stairs and below it you can see traps. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the tile/texture used from it.
  14. this would be a very nice addition mob_item_ratio