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  1. ok
  2. How to make add this for fluxcp any advice for this?
  3. i need this please help me for this my case
  4. ok men thank you
  5. how to make download this?
  6. thank you
  7. source or plugin thank your for sharing this file
  8. When Linked. Lord Knight: Parrying can also be used with One Hand Swords with a block chance of 3*SkillLV%. All skills have their after delay reduced by 50%. Spear Boomerang does an additional 200% ATK damage (i.e. 550% at level 5). Whitesmith: Parrying can also be used with Axe/Mace with a block chance of 3*SkillLV% Star Glad: Parrying can also be used with Book with a block chance of 3*SkillLV%, level 10 Lord of vermilion skill Sage The Sage's HP will also increase by BaseLvl * 100 HP and his/her Vit will increase by 35. Wizard: increase by BaseLvl * 200 HP and his/her Vit will increase by Int/5 (For example, 255 Int will give you an additional bonus of 255/5 = 51 Vit). Priest: boosting the power of Holy Light by +400% but also increasing its SP Cost by +400% for the skills duration. Stalker: can divest through Full Protection by consuming one Glistening Coat for each attempt (only when the target has Full Protection activated). 3% chance Sinx: boosting the damage from Throw Venom Knife by 100%. Paladin: It will also increase the damage of Shield Chain by 200% and add a HIT bonus of 50. Thank You For Advance.
  9. ayun salamat na sagot na rin kasama na ba data.grf neto ragexe lang?
  10. i need one link for ragexe thank you
  11. Welcome Here
  12. where find him a 2017-05-17ragEXE?
  13. what version of client this files supported exe?