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  1. yes it is.. but sadly i don't know how to update this source. hehehe .. maybe the creator can
  2. doesn't work too.. still the same.. im still trying to make it work but still no luck
  3. i made it like this, but it doesn't show the record. the npc repeatedly says "The Ladder is currently empty". but when i remove this part it shows the record.. anyway just to be clear.. all i want is when there's no record yet, the npc will say "The Ladder is currently empty". and if there's a record he will show the list of Highest Rank.. and also i want to make it only Top 7 players to be shown by the NPC.. query_sql "SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = "+.@SP_RN_CID+"",.@SP_RN_NAME$; if ( getarraysize(@SP_RN_NAME$)== 0 ) { mes "[ "+ .@npcname$ +" ]"; mes "The ladder is currently empty."; close; } and to improve the script, I want the script to work with Weekly or Monthly reward "Configurable Reward Zeny/ITEM_ID + Amount". and a Weekly/Monthly Reset of records. "Configurable to how many days or month". Can show individual records of players so they will know how many points they need to get into the "Top 7 Rank". All this IDea just came up while im typing my reply to my post NOTE: I think my post turn into a Request not a support.. Please move my post if it's not belong in this section anymore Thank you prontera,150,180,4 script Rank 4_M_TUFFOLD,{ query_sql "SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = "+.@SP_RN_CID+"",.@SP_RN_NAME$; if ( getarraysize(@SP_RN_NAME$)== 0 ) { mes "[ "+ .@npcname$ +" ]"; mes "The ladder is currently empty."; close; } mes "[Rank]"; set .@SP_RANK,getvariableofnpc(.SP_RANK,"GD_PK_TITLE"); for(set .@i,0; .@i<.@SP_RANK; set .@i,.@i+1 ) { set .@SP_RN_CID,getvariableofnpc(.SP_RN_CID[.@i],"GD_PK_TITLE"); set .@SP_RN_VAR,getvariableofnpc(.SP_RN_VAR[.@i],"GD_PK_TITLE"); if( !.@SP_RN_CID || !.@SP_RN_VAR ) break; query_sql "SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = "+.@SP_RN_CID+"",.@SP_RN_NAME$; mes "[#"+(.@i+1)+"] "+.@SP_RN_NAME$+" "+.@SP_RN_VAR+"p"; } close; }
  4. is it possible to convert this into plugin?.. if not, how can i make charm plugin works like bonus script with duration?.. bonus script.patch
  5. how to add a message in this script that says when the ladder is currently empty.. example: a player try to view the Rank but the list is still empty, then the npc will say "Sorry but the PK Rank is currently empty".. here's the script from Goddameit i tried to edit it with this but it didn't work LOL set .@GD_PK_TITLE, query_sql "SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = "+.@SP_RN_CID+"",.@SP_RN_NAME$; if ( .@GD_PK_TITLE== 0 ) { mes "[ "+ .@npcname$ +" ]"; mes "The ladder is currently empty."; - script GD_PK_TITLE -1,{ function SETTILE ; function GETTILE { switch(getarg(0,0)) { case 1: return "[MVP]"; default: return ""; } } OnPCLoginEvent: for(set .@i,0; .@i<.SP_RANK; set .@i,.@i+1 ) { if( getcharid(0) == .SP_RN_CID[.@i] ) { set .@N$,GETTILE(.@i+1); if( .@N$ != "" ) { atcommand "@fakename "+.@N$+""+strcharinfo(0); set @PK_TITL_BOOL,1; } break; } } end; OnPCKillEvent: if( killedrid == getcharid(3) || !isloggedin(killedrid) ) end; set @GDCID,getcharid(0); query_sql "SELECT `char_id` FROM `GD_PK_TITLE` WHERE `char_id` = "[email protected]+"",@GDTID; if( [email protected] ) query_sql "INSERT `GD_PK_TITLE` VALUES("[email protected]+",1)"; else query_sql "UPDATE `GD_PK_TITLE` SET `var` = `var`+1 WHERE `char_id` = "[email protected]+""; set @GDTID,0; set @GDCID,0; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "delpktitle","GD_PK_TITLE::OnGMFActive1",99,99,0; bindatcmd "refhpktile","GD_PK_TITLE::OnGMFActive3",99,99,0; set .SP_RANK,2; OnGMFActive3: if( playerattached() ) { dispbottom "All date was refresh."; detachrid; } OnTimer60000: stopnpctimer; deletearray .TMP_SP_RN_CID[0],128; query_sql "SELECT `char_id` FROM `GD_PK_TITLE` ORDER BY `var` DESC LIMIT "+.SP_RANK,.TMP_SP_RN_CID; SETTILE(0); deletearray .SP_RN_CID[0],128; deletearray .SP_RN_VAR[0],128; query_sql "SELECT `char_id`,`var` FROM `GD_PK_TITLE` ORDER BY `var` DESC LIMIT "+.SP_RANK,.SP_RN_CID,.SP_RN_VAR; SETTILE(1); deletearray .TMP_SP_RN_CID[0],128; initnpctimer; end; OnGMFActive1: query_sql "TRUNCATE TABLE `GD_PK_TITLE`"; dispbottom "All date was cleaned."; end; function SETTILE { for(set .@i,0; .@i<.SP_RANK; set .@i,.@i+1 ) { query_sql "SELECT `account_id` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = "+.SP_RN_CID[.@i]+"",.@SP_RN_AID; if( attachrid(.@SP_RN_AID) ) { if( .TMP_SP_RN_CID[.@i] == .SP_RN_CID[.@i] && @PK_TITL_BOOL ) { detachrid; continue; } if( getarg(0,0) == 1 ) { set .@N$,GETTILE(.@i+1); if( .@N$ != "" ) { atcommand "@fakename "+.@N$+""+strcharinfo(0); set @PK_TITL_BOOL,1; } }else if( @PK_TITL_BOOL ) { atcommand "@fakename"; set @PK_TITL_BOOL,0; } detachrid; } } return; } } /* prontera,150,180,4 script Rank 4_M_TUFFOLD,{ mes "[Rank]"; set .@SP_RANK,getvariableofnpc(.SP_RANK,"GD_PK_TITLE"); for(set .@i,0; .@i<.@SP_RANK; set .@i,.@i+1 ) { set .@SP_RN_CID,getvariableofnpc(.SP_RN_CID[.@i],"GD_PK_TITLE"); set .@SP_RN_VAR,getvariableofnpc(.SP_RN_VAR[.@i],"GD_PK_TITLE"); if( !.@SP_RN_CID || !.@SP_RN_VAR ) break; query_sql "SELECT `name` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = "+.@SP_RN_CID+"",.@SP_RN_NAME$; mes "[#"+(.@i+1)+"] "+.@SP_RN_NAME$+" "+.@SP_RN_VAR+"p"; } close; }
  6. here https://github.com/MStr3am/NEMO
  7. post the whole script so people can help you not just the support team of hercules.. if you think they'd still your script then don't post it ive seen many people asking for help and not posting their whole script.. and that's the sad thing they don't get help
  8. mr.ridley where'd you get the map file?.. i can't find it on map_cache ..
  9. got this error/warning while compiling this latest revision..
  10. how to make this script announce satan morroc every 30minutes if the players haven't killed him.. my purpose is to remind player that satan morroc is still alive.. so they don't have to wait the next hour to know where satan is respawn..
  11. hi Zhao im trying to modify your VIP MVP Summoner v.2 into a single MVP summon.. and i'd like to add a system that will allow player to summon the MVP for unlimited time in 24hours Duration, and this effect will be effective if he pays 200 Million Zeny and 50 Poring Coin to the NPC. Modified VIP MVP Summoner - Single MVP Summon http://pastebin.com/Bn6uADib Thank you,.,.
  12. how can i edit @autotrade command like the custom @afk command that change look with AFK HAT.. i'd like to edit my autotrade command that can make character change their look ..
  13. Just give me time to do it, but they must register 1st in the guild manager before proceeding EXACTLY.....
  14. hmm.. zhao chow are you open for suggestions??.. if yes, i got an idea been thinking about it since yesterday.. add "Guild Package System" and the system works with ADMIN's random generated code.. and the code can be use once. example : Guild Limitless is applying for Guild Package after applying for Gpackage the ADMIN will recieve a mail that the Guild Limitless is applying for Guild package then the admin will give them the "Random Generated Code" to claim their Package and the Guild Leader will process the code through "Guild Manager" also Require's a minimum of 10 Online Guild Member with different IP's.. for now this is all the idea i have in mind.. hope it's possible to do in your power of scripting Thanks in advanced.. MORE POWER!!