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  1. thanks friend.. im starting again from 0 because i lost all my RO files.. and need to do a lot of back read and read all updates.. thanks
  2. is this the legit server or not??.. or it is for a private server??
  3. iv'e been searching for an hour i can't find anything.. if anyone notice this post.. please share your latest DLL packs.. im having problem with the latest client saying [email protected] thank in advanced
  4. hi do you have a english translated script??..
  5. something like this??.. { Id: 25000 AegisName: "Baby Arch Bishop Suit" Name: "Baby Arch Bishop Suit" Type: 5 Buy: 30000 Weight: 100 Slots: 1 Job: 0x00000100 Upper: 63 Loc: 136 Refine: false OnEquipScript: <" changebase 4099; "> OnUnequipScript: <" changebase Class; "> },
  6. yes i have.. sorry i forgot that i separate it from the script.. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `gd_pk_title` ( `char_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, `var` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; about the table for reward.. i will just add it just like this alter table `gd_pk_title` add reward tinyint unsigned not null ?, i put 3 on TINYINT(3) like this i think menu is not working..
  7. Not showing the record now..
  8. here's the full script.. i posted it on my first post.. that's the whole script hehe https://pastebin.com/v8LpBayq
  9. sad to say but nothing change.. i really really appreciate your help Legend.. and also @Myriad thank you very much.. im sorry but i am not able to make my own script cuz im still a newbie.. i need to know more about scripting.. i really appreciate your effort guys.. let me clean my post first.. the topic is messy.. after cleaning my post.. i'll post a script upgrade on the request section ..
  10. the script work the same with the old one.. done testing but sad to say that its still the same.. and i also tried to add this hahaha.. not working either .. if ([email protected]_RANK == 0 ) { // meaning 0 Rank no record yet.. mes "[ "+ [email protected]$ +" ]"; mes "The ladder currently is empty."; // so the npc will say this.. close; }
  11. up
  12. yes i am using your plugin sir.. almost all of your plugins they are all great and exactly fit to what i wanted.. about the charm how can i make it work with some durations.. example: { Id: 125123 AegisName: "Sample_Charm" Name: "Charm of Sample" Buy: 6 Weight: 10 Charm: true // Charm_Stack: true BuyingStore: true Trade: { nodrop: true notrade: true noselltonpc: true nocart: true nostorage: true nogstorage: true nomail: true noauction: true } Script: <" bonus bStr,10,30000; // give 10 str for 30Seconds bonus bMatkRate,200,20000; // give 200% magic attack for 20Seconds. ">
  13. yes it is.. but sadly i don't know how to update this source. hehehe .. maybe the creator can
  14. doesn't work too.. still the same.. im still trying to make it work but still no luck