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  1. Most 2018 clients ragexe and ragexe zero not have themida, and herc support all of them.
  2. @Dastgirsimple regeneration is not enough? i dont think db updated very often on production. and for update sql tables, need simply run generated sql scripts
  3. @Anubis1992 using sql db for static data (mob db, item db etc) is useless. it can be very slow and use too much memory. Hercules allow for people who want use web app get whole static dbs in sql, but hercules itself not using them and this is correct. Another thing. sql db is very limited for static data. Ra using very limited dbs too. But correct config format allow add as many as want additional features and flags into statiic dbs. Try to compare item_db.conf and sql table from ra. will be too much difference.
  4. for static data as items, mobs etc, hercules not support sql at all. In sql stored only dynamic data. For examples chars, logins. But hercules allow generate sql tables with items, mobs and other static files for web applications. Need use hercules plugin db2sql. Try search on github wiki or forums about db2sql
  5. use script command openstylist
  6. No, it's not added yet.
  7. yes you can create external settings file for your lang type or use patch with one external settings file for any lang types
  8. if you change langtype need use patch "Always load Korea ExternalSettings lua file"
  9. Fix patch look like need not for all clients http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/FixActDelay/
  10. Nemo updated New patches: Copy patched Cheat Defender Game Guard Fix achievement counters for each type of achievement Fix act delay for act files with many frames Also now with nemo distributed plugin for extend Nemo features. New features: Can be translated almost all text lines. In User interface and in patches. Support for right to left text direction. Translations for Russian and Arabic languages. Menu help Devs features: Function what called in each patch after user pressed "apply" button. New script variables PLUGIN_VERSION, SRC_CLIENT_FILE, DST_CLIENT_FILE. New script functions for translations _(text), N_(text) New script function for copy files copyFileToDst(srcPathWithName, dstName) More info in changelog: https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/ChangeLog.md#2018-11-23-different-updates
  11. better use way how suggested @Asheraf, because it allow use good translation, but if you want strings concatenations, use this code: atcommand "#warp \"" + [email protected]$ + "\" " + .arena_map$ + " 22 50";
  12. @Functor How this patch should be named? "Fix act delay"?
  13. Enabled patch Remove hardcoded address/port for all clients. This patch from version 2018-11-14 must be used for all clients. Add new patch Change fade in/out delay for change fade out delay or completely removing it.
  14. may be. but i not sure is this is good idea. probably better ask him share patch bytes or nemo script?