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  1. I need some help. Can you share with me 20180530 or above ragexe or ragexere unpack client that can be diff with nemo patches including your enable 68k hairstyle .

    The exe I am using now is a patch one and whenever i tried use enable 68k hairstyle or Increase hair style limit in game iI get failed in step 1 - string not found.

    I hope you can help me

  2. @Phaige use patch "Increase hair style limit in game" It will allow use 100 hairs.
  3. hm, but getd should not return errors for constants too
  4. also if using ragexeRE client need add additional configure flag --enable-packetver-re
  5. if you change max item options in server code, some packets may works wrong. Because client in most cases want exact 5 item options. As Dastgir said you can change script to work only with 3 item options
  6. for now you cant. download ragexe clients is simple and i probably will create script for this. but ragexeRE is complicated...
  7. see message at top, this service discontinued
  8. wrong Exists atleast 3 ways how build plugins. 1. after building server run make plugin.myplugin1 where myplugin1 is your plugin name or you can add your plugin name into variable in make file 2. add your plugins into make file. change MYPLUGINS := $(MYPLUGINS) to MYPLUGINS := $(MYPLUGINS) myplugin1 where myplugin1 is your plugin name 3. use environment variables. run command MYPLUGINS=myplugin1 make plugins where myplugin1 is your plugin name
  9. most time this mean you have issue with data/system or grf each client must use own files version, if you using files much newer or much older client may crash or works with bugs
  10. New patch "Allow close cutin by pressing esc key"
  11. error said you did syntax error. lua is code and you must follow rules of this language. error probably said what you missing " or '
  12. Try ask or rathena forum? At herc forum this is bit offtopic
  13. if you mean txt quest files, they was dropped long ago. use lua files
  14. yes this is known issue, see issues on gitlab
  15. see extrarnal_settings lua file. it have option for disable doram