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  1. homun attack ai? from some 2017 clients and newer, homunculus cant auto attack. need manually set targets. this patch enable old auto attack way
  2. Nemo updated New patch "Fix Homunculus attack AI" by jchcc Fixed some patches for clients 2019-02-13 Changelog
  3. also check what you really using correct packet version while building server
  4. if you press menu buttons it will open any windows?
  5. cant walk can be sign of wrong maps probably in hercules one map but in client another. You should regenerate map cache
  6. yes this is fine, option not exists, but i thinked it exists. I not removing it from site because think probably better add it to herc. Other than --enable-packetver-main change server behavior. Also rember what 2019-02-13 (main and re) may not work yet in herc and not works in nemo.
  7. In other words default values for MAX_INVENTORY is 200 for FIXED_INVENTORY_SIZE is 100
  8. Now hercules version released and this features can be used from stable or master branch.
  9. no. this is only warning. it can be issue for other packet id, but for 0x044A it's fine
  10. About leaks it show line number. you should see what you code have at this line and around it.
  11. Replace Nydhogg's Memory to Nydhogg''s Memory
  12. why this? If you want it for rathena, it not supported. for herc you can use any other existing clients up to latest.
  13. What about herc, you can reproduce crash or assert?
  14. yes issue same. herc works fine but want about possible issues. In worst case herc may crash here. I already fixed this in my update packets pr.