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  1. @Functor look like your changes affect starting from 2015 clients. And Nemo updated
  2. thanks
  3. Use patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/IncreaseHairSprites/ 64k patch works normally for old clients only. Successful show only what patch can be enabled. But it not show is client crash or not.
  4. In very latest clients was changed compiler, because this many patches may not works Nemo without patch word in header useless for anything newer than 2016-2017 clients. You can wait unit this patch will be fixed in future, or you can sponsor fix. I mostly not have time for patches
  5. what client version you used and what nemo?
  6. actually with some hacking possible add custom cell types. But this is not simple
  7. grf and data from rathena look like broken for all clients newer than 20180621. If need use new clients, better use official kro/data. can be used one what Ridley distributing
  8. Replace charnameack to blname_ack
  9. try move camera from/to character. If you put camera very close to player it can be draw with bugs
  10. Another small issue of rathena, not support clients newer than 2018-06-21 ragexeRE and not support newer than 2018-11-14 ragexe. Some advantages of hercules, support for almost all kro clients (ragexe and ragexeRE) and zero clients (ragexe_zero). Hercules can be compiled for windows, linux, macosx, cygwin. In hercules missing some recent skills.
  11. I created this pr https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2419 for allow change some limits
  12. atk and some other attributes stored in unsigned short fields. this mean max value is 65535. Also some packets allow only short/unsigned shorts. I can try create pr with increasing this fields, but not sure is it will broke some old pre-re code
  13. Hi

    Yes for very latest client some non critical patches may not works, but client still will works fine but with missing some patches. If you want some patches what not works, you can try bit older clients if want almost latest client. From other side 2015 is very outdated, better use late 2018 or yearly of 2019 clients.
  14. data need too, because often here manual changes present
  15. because client exe almost latest, better get grf and other files from official kro or from any clean data/grf without custom modifications. also try less patches, may be it can exit normally.