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  1. why you not open Hercules-15.sln?
  2. issue in not this call stack some where you had null pointer issue but server not crashed, and server used wrong sd pointer after this. try remove plugins and gepard and try to crash server. or use sanitize flags to see real issue.
  3. this configure error mean some packages not installed. try install packages: libasan liblsan libubsan from crash stack you have non latest hercules or modded hercules. i already asked about commit. What hercules commit id you using? without it impossible to check what was wrong here. this line said error on empty line and in other function, this mean stack totally wrong: #5 0x00000000004580cf in chrif_parse (fd=14340) at chrif.c:1645
  4. also if possible try build server with sanity flags enabled. not sure how install missing packages on centos. and also need gcc 5 or newer.
  5. you using any plugins or mods? what commit you using for hercules? From stack look like it different or may be plugin intercept some vars changes? crash because sd is malformed. In some other place look like was null pointer but server not crashed.
  6. all files. you should find official kro files for exact client exe version. If versions bit different you still may have some errors. After if all works without errors, you can mod data, add / remove files etc.
  7. old clients cant works with data from new client versions. Last Asheraf's repository commit support only last RagexeRE clients. if you want older translations, you can try to use old commits from his repository. Also not only translations must be correct versions but also all other data in grf. This mean if you want use 2015 client, find somewhere official kro grf and other files for 2015 client. and after if you can you can try to port to it some new data
  8. if you using 2016 exe, then you must use lua/txt and other files from 2016 version. 2018 files with outdated client exe may not works.
  9. it also can be as number or other custom constants name. for example bonus2 2061, ...
  10. look like you posted two same screens of servers two times. But in this screens missing connection to map server from client. this probably mean map server listen on wrong ip or some configuration address issue
  11. ah then this patch dont need
  12. For ragexe clients after 2018-03-14 need enable patch "Disable Cheat Defender Game Guard" and also put cdclient.dll from nemo into client directory.
  13. this error mean client not exists or some other program not allow to open it. Probably you run client and want to patch it at same time. In windows this is impossible. First close client, then try to patch it. Also client can be locked by antivirus. But you should got messages about it.
  14. Your stack trace show what you not using latest hercules code. If you using old hercules version, you should say commit id. If you using custom modifications in code, you should check same error on hercules without your custom modifications. And show crash stack
  15. Added new patch "Increase hair style limit in game" for support more hairs in doram clients. But only for non doram races