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  1. @melv0 You have same errors + warnings. about warnings, please read warnings and fix them in your scripts.
  2. for see actual issue need see it from linux or mac system. Or break in debugger on assert and see stack.
  3. Repo no, but you can get client exe here
  4. Dont need edit any .c files
  5. Need add your plugin into plugins.conf also
  6. try ask plugin author or search other charm plugin. I member here was more than one.
  7. yes save plugin file what you found into src/plugins. then make. also you can build plugin separaly by command: make plugin.item_charms
  8. It's named charm items. If you have it in inventory, it add some stats. Try search for charm plugin.
  9. any errors on map server console?
  10. hercules have this packets already
  11. make plugin.packetlogger
  12. Btw i also tested with pincode disabled
  13. Strange. Try add packet logger plugin from here https://github.com/HerculesWS/StaffPlugins/tree/master/4144/packetlogger And show logs from log directory: login_*.log, char_*.log Remember what in this logs present your character password and inter servers passwords.
  14. what hercules revision you using? also can you show login, char, map console after you connected with unknown packet
  15. Also try download client 2014-10-22 from this topic: