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  1. I mean check in one function is it works in correct way. at first call addToMSD, set your flag, then getFromMSD, and check your flag All this in one function
  2. I can only retry what i said before
  3. if you using clean item_db, issue in your constants.conf It show what you have in item scripts command bonus CONST, 5 Here CONST any constant name what you removed by some reason from constants.conf Other case mean you using custom missing constant in CONST field
  4. if my_state == 1 you returning 0, but you said you want return 1 if you mean what my_state is not 1, try to check is you really save it correct in atcommand. after save in same command, read it back and check.
  5. present or missing error may depend on language selected in external or buildin configuration file
  6. Error show missing some navigation files. This mean you updated exe, but forgot update grf or data
  7. First error look like missing resource file.
  8. probably try Nemo? I not sure is it works for old clients like this, but you can try it.
  9. If I remember correct, for each lang type need files with correct suffix. 0 - filename_kr.ext 1 - filename_OTHER.ext not sure what OTHER should be for lang type 1
  10. Yes this is because new game guard. It detected client modifications.
  11. by packet id confirmed, what server probably compiled with 20180309. But client sent unencrypted packet. this mean or you disabled encryption in client or, encryption in client broken. Some times it happend. In server settings disable encryption. in conf/map/battle/client.conf change packet_obfuscation to 0. packet_obfuscation: packet_obfuscation: 0
  12. Virtue, version already set by configure.
  13. what about client patches? you disabled encryption keys? in server side encryption look like enabled or auto.
  14. modified something related to updates i think
  15. new clients not checks file names anymore