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  1. This server more than one year old. Not sure what some one will fix any issues for you in this outdated code. After your commit was fixed some timer issues and added more debug info about timers. Better update hercules to latest version.
  2. 2015 i think should support per char sex. Script functions: changesex changecharsex
  3. Hercules support sex for account and character at same time. If character sex is unset, then used sex from account. But low packet versions not support per char sex. From here can be issues with switching sex. Try change sex for char and accounts. Some of it should works.
  4. I think you changing sex for account, but not for char. Try script command changecharsex
  5. dont know about female sprites, but please not use svn. No one using it and sadly github still allowing to use it. Better use git. For git exists clients like turtoisegit
  6. if use unitwarp on npc, and after run script reload, server may crash.
  7. In hercules no skill_cast_db. Try search in skill_db.conf
  8. Many people not using git at all. And because this cant see revision number.
  9. Skill also should be present in skill tree for current class/job
  10. All should works if use pull request with achievment. But it not yet merged. You can use pull request for test it only.
  11. it alomost ready but not merged yet
  12. This errors look like related to some skill. What exact skill need to use to get this errors?
  13. Meaning client dated 2016-12-28a not supported by hercules yet? I even tried the 2016-02-03a & 2015-10-29a, both also having the same issue as the above. Error message: "Your game exe is not the latest version(5)" Can anyone else help me on this issue? Thanks in advance 2016-02-03 supported, but 2015-10-29 is not See in src/map/packets.h Search date what you need and see is comment "shuffle packets" present and after some pakets. If it present, then this version supported.
  14. OpenVz hosters often overselling. Most time memory. In other words you see in your box 4GB, but really it can be 1GB or even less. In kvm this tricks impossible.
  15. 2016-12-28 is not. because issue with client after unpacking. But support many other 2016 clients. For 2017 clients pull request still not merged, but working