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  1. See values for status here: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/src/common/mmo.h#L657-L659 First one is 0, then 1, then 2
  2. @fanthasywarlock you must create local user and run hercules under it. If you cant do it, try pay to some one who can, or try read any noob books about linux/unix administration.
  3. From SwiftShader description this is implementation of DirectX 9, but i think for ragnarok client need some older DirectX. Probably 6 or 7.
  4. @greenieken actually this is bug what you not get this error in login without rodex, because wrong user ids must be always blocked.
  5. @Easycore in hercules no doram class, and no skills for it. Only new clients allow select doram, but really it still noob class.
  6. you cant know. But from stack trace visible what it from itemdb/itemdb2
  7. Look lke some where in item_db.conf you have bonus command with unknown constant. All unknown constants works as player var, and because this var was never set, it return 0. How quickly detect this command with wrong constant? Try use each item with your modifications, and see in server console if it show error. If you get error, script for this item is wrong. Also your bad script like look like this: bonus SOMECONSTANT, 10; where SOMECONSTANT your wrong constant name
  8. In function status_change_end_ sd already present. In this function only one pair of bl/sd from caster, and here no any targets. This mean in skill->castend_nodamage_id you can use bl for call it.
  9. Most slowest script can be scripts, what run difrect sql access. Next by slowness scripts with big loops or very short timers. Another things, error in script may spawn too many timers, errors about it you can see in map server console. This timers slowdown server too. But anyway need profiling server with prof or gprof.
  10. using infinite loop is bad idea. better use timers
  11. Look like plugin too old and need some changes.
  12. Packets you can get here: https://gitlab.com/4144/servergreps/blob/master/client_re/packets/2017-06-28bRagexeRE/packets_clean.h
  13. You cant change npc name size, because this size used in different packets. And without changing client you cant change packet sizes.
  14. for account storage look like max size is 910
  15. From 64 bit system and default structs, you can use up to 909 size for guild storage. But from numbers what you gave, you using 1000 size for guild storage