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  1. please stop spamming
  2. this error is simple. you running your exe not in hercules directory. it MUST be where all files located and not any other dirs like you did. Probably this is issue in your visual studio project configuration.
  3. create issue in nemo bugtracker about buttons https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/issues
  4. @luizragna on forums and on wiki was already too many guides how add new maps... For build any plugin if you know it's name. run: make plugin.NAME for mapcache.c this command will be: make plugin.mapcache
  5. @noobzter003 what server you using? Hercules i think already have new packet support for AOE skills
  6. by default new clients not have obfuscation enabled nemo i think cant add keys for this new clients. but technically it's possible. In future i will try to check how to fix it
  7. in ACMD(showbuff) in line 275 you show error message and p is NULL, and after call clif->party_info(p), this call your overloaded function clif_party_info_overload, and here it validate parameter for NULL and show error message.
  8. in hercules look like no at command for change char sex. Char sex can be changed from scripts only
  9. some files in grf probably need rename from name_kr.lub to name_LANG.lub where LANG is language name related to langtype 6
  10. Added new patch "Set fixed job id in char create dialog" It allow set fixed job id on char creation. Should works for doram clients
  11. struct unit_data *ud = unit->bl2ud(bl); if (ud == NULL) return false; script_pushint( st, ud->skill_id ); // always return 0 //script_pushint( st, ud->dir ); // works something like this
  12. idk. this is not supported feature by gravity. it may works or may not. But it will not works by default. atleast need change client resources grf or data folder
  13. @Asheraf resources probably removed, but code look like exists, at least partially
  14. i not see changes in initial packet
  15. @Slicer what client version?