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  1. doram can be disabled in externalsettiings.lub or like this. writing name from memory.
  2. can you say your hercules sources hash or date where you cloned it?
  3. no. i mean negative values may happened if time was changed into past. for example you had your server with date in 2018, and after some actions now it using 2017 dates. If you not did this kind of changes with clock, probably this is not this issue.
  4. @astralprojection you have any mods? this look like timers corrupted code. I not remember any issues like this in current hercules codebase. No one reported this for long time. But if you using very old hercules this is fine, real issue source cant be tracked in old versions.
  5. probably you have issue with clock on your server? Try fix date and time on server host. And restart hercules. Is issue still present?
  6. @Beretin old hercules was all messed and without validation. now if any errors happens with timers should be other errors
  7. @astralprojection before this error, you probably should see other and real errors about timers. can you show them?
  8. Here i mean in my country.
  9. Without replace it will works too. Possible some minor issues not present in this screenshots. But after it can be fixed manually. I think issues will be for ammo.
  10. clan files present in visual studio files.
  11. better if possible never use oudated os. jessie is very outdated.
  12. @Igniz paypal not works here
  13. field in char is must. additional table with clan members can be user or not. depend how code works. for clans look like it fine without additional table
  14. @OmarAcero zero clients packed with good protection. probably no one can unpack it. All added zero clients was non packed.
  15. visual studio project was not updated with added clans. Wait a bit, fix will be merged probably soon.