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  1. Correct, patch AllwaysCallSelectKoreaClientinfo works not for all clients see http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/KoreaServiceTypeXMLFix/ For new clients dont need this patch anyway
  2. This topic about another Nemo fork https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo ChangeLog Now updated: Addon "extract msg string table" Patch "restore login window" Patch "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" Patch Always Use Email for Char Deletion Different other patches (not all tested). New patches for Ragnarok Zero clients. Restore old login packet New patches for all clients: Remove hard coded address/port Hide lua errors Disable Cheat Defender Game Guard Set fixed job id in char create dialog Increase hair style limit in game Change new char name field height Remove wrong chars from cash shop Change minimal screen resolution limit Allow leader to leave party if no members on map Allow close cutin by pressing esc key Skip some hidden menu icon buttons Change guild exp limit Change fade in/out delay Copy patched Cheat Defender Game Guard Fix achievement counters for each type of achievement Fix act delay for act files with many frames Fix achievement counters for each type of achievement Hide zero date (1979-01-01) in guild members window Change character display time from actual date to relative date Draw shield on top of other player sprites Hide build info in client Hide packets from peek Patches reports service: http://nemo.herc.ws For test Ragnarok zero clients need: this nemo fork and enable at least patches from https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/profiles/zero_minimal.log this or similar clientinfo.xml https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/configs/zero/clientinfo.xml From 2018-11-14 in all clients must be enabled patch Remove hard coded address/port For clients newer than 2018-03-09: Need manually copy cdclient.dll from Nemo/input or enable patch "Copy patched Cheat Defender Game Guard" Clients downloads: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/
  3. Try other way if this not works. What os and shell you using? My usage output: $ wget -qO- "http://nemo.herc.ws/get2.py" | python2 - 2018-06-20cRagexe Please wait... INFO:download:Create file: 2018-06-20cRagexe.exe: 10825616 INFO:download:Archive end detected INFO:download:Done
  4. First probably possible to add. But for tabs probably need change client too much.
  5. First way put plugin names what you want to compiler into MYPLUGINS env var MYPLUGINS="sample mapcache" make plugins Second way assign plugin names inside src/plugins/Makefile.in into variable MYPLUGINS names what you want replace MYPLUGINS := $(MYPLUGINS) to MYPLUGINS := $(MYPLUGINS) sample mapcache then run make clean ./configure make
  6. This should be fixed already
  7. Client will normally allow only limited number of languages. For allow all old supported languages need enable this patch in nemo: http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/AlwaysReadKrExtSettings/
  8. no, i dont think in near future i can work on this patch
  9. in plugin need replace c clr_type to enum clr_type
  10. New patches for protecting clients: Hide build info in client - hide any information about client version. Hide packets from peek - prevent peek and bpe to extract packets from client.
  11. For this you can use trader with type NST_CUSTOM. See in docs or npc folder (it using cash shop on client too(
  12. I mean in client no itemshop. Exists normal shop. cash shop, market (aka bargarian) and barter. Herc using all of them in some way in official or custom way. But here no shop with name item shop. Checked source, itemshop using really cash shop.
  13. at first itemshop not exists in client or packets, this is some kind of fake shop in rathena, probably limited market (bargarian shop) or cash shop. For shop with data synced to sql table automatically you can use market shop type, see https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L310 or search in npc folder shop types what you want. If you asking how fill shop with all existing items in db, you can use one of trader shop type and add items by sql queries.
  14. as simpler option, you can try delete all maps from data folder
  15. About how update map cache you can search on this forum. But if you already updated map in correct way, probably you using wrong data folder. if you get data and grf not from kro but from rathena forum, it may contains some legacy maps in data folder or in your grf. try start from normal version, from official kro data and grf.
  16. Then yes this is mean map in client and server map cache is different Update or grf with correct maps or regenerate map cache based on your grfs
  17. look like not patched client with patch "Restore Login Window"
  18. this is look like issue from ai auto attack patch.
  19. old ai worked fine except auto attack. with this patch auto attack works too.
  20. homun attack ai? from some 2017 clients and newer, homunculus cant auto attack. need manually set targets. this patch enable old auto attack way
  21. Nemo updated New patch "Fix Homunculus attack AI" by jchcc Fixed some patches for clients 2019-02-13 Changelog
  22. also check what you really using correct packet version while building server
  23. if you press menu buttons it will open any windows?
  24. cant walk can be sign of wrong maps probably in hercules one map but in client another. You should regenerate map cache
  25. yes this is fine, option not exists, but i thinked it exists. I not removing it from site because think probably better add it to herc. Other than --enable-packetver-main change server behavior. Also rember what 2019-02-13 (main and re) may not work yet in herc and not works in nemo.