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  1. I recall this way of sorting used by rAthena, but for Herc is different: ... nvm just found that in another skill, not callslave but summonslave, lol...
  2. Hello, I was wondering where I can look for the IDs of the monsters bosses and mini ones summons. I tried looking on the mob_skill_db and skill_db but found nothing about the IDs recalled. For example, I know Arc Angeling does summon Cruisers, but I want to know which ID of those monsters is the one recalled. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. I myself did learn on the go, autodidact as you From that I started studying computer science as a hobby and here I am now
  4. Thank you. Will test it ASAP! __ May I ask.. do you know the skill ID to actually cook something? I can't find it to add to that list. I do not mean the genetic (biochemist) one. Also, tried putting the GN_MIX_COOKING there, but did not work.
  5. Well, the question is quite short: As the same as a blacksmith creates a weapon with his/her name as prefix, how can I have the same result while cooking? I would like to know where to look at on the source files (if needed) to get this done. Thank you.
  6. Okay, thank you @Dastgir for the reply. Do you know where to see the current /commands behavior? Like /blacksmith or /alchemist So, let's learn C...
  7. Exquisite works you have there. Looking forward for more!
  8. Is there a way to create a / command? Or, where do I can look at the / commands code to see how they work and try to mimic their way of operation, I would like to add some / commands to my server. I am hoping this has nothing to do with hexing, but with src editing. Thank you!
  9. That wasn't the error, it is fixed now. Thank you anyways.
  10. Ah, yeah, I understand that part, but how do I make the command to read that line instead of the kicking to login one Dx
  11. The thing is I just copied other item description and just changed its ID, that's why I find this weird. Am using your Translation by the way. __ Will try to fix those unstated " and will comment if it fixed the error. __ Okay, it is fixed now, thank you @4144.
  12. As title says, when I try to add new item descriptions using itemInfo.lua and try to run my client, I am getting the error stated in the image. Everytime I try to run the client again, it says another line is the problem. This only happens when I try to add new lines to the itemInfo.lua file, if nothing changes, there is no error. Help please
  13. @CarlosHenrq Weird, I have the same code: static void clif_parse_Restart(int fd, struct map_session_data *sd) { switch(RFIFOB(fd,2)) { case 0x00: pc->respawn(sd,CLR_OUTSIGHT); break; case 0x01: /* Rovert's Prevent logout option - Fixed [Valaris] */ if (!sd->[SC_CLOAKING] && !sd->[SC_HIDING] && !sd->[SC_CHASEWALK] && !sd->[SC_CLOAKINGEXCEED] && !sd->[SC__INVISIBILITY] && !sd->[SC_SUHIDE] && (!battle_config.prevent_logout || DIFF_TICK(timer->gettick(), sd->canlog_tick) > battle_config.prevent_logout) ) { //Send to char-server for character selection. chrif->charselectreq(sd, sockt->session[fd]->client_addr); } else { clif->disconnect_ack(sd, 1); } break; } } What do you mean by use that portion of the code? How can I use only that portion? o.0
  14. As the title say, is there a way to kick the player to character selection instead of account login when using @kick command? It may need some src edits at worst. Thank you