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  1. conf/battle/skill.conf search // Grandcross Settings or gx_allhit
  3. Actor
  4. here is recolord Baseball Cap
  5. use Google.....
  6. use pls Google....
  7. noks is only normal mobs. for add mvps src/map/mob.c Find and remove this: if( md->db->mexp || md->master_id )return false; // MVP, Slaves mobs ignores KS and ksprotection: 100000 is 100sec noks aktive, 3600000 is 1h
  8. - script bghappy_1 -1,{ OnInit:bindatcmd "bghappy",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnBghappy", 40,99; end; OnBghappy:if (@bghappy) {set @bghappy, 0;setbattleflag "bg_reward_rates",100; // Normal Ratessetbattleflag "bg_ranked_mode",0; dispbottom "Battlegrounds +20% mode is OFF.";end;} else {set @bghappy, 1;setbattleflag "bg_reward_rates",120; // +20% Reward Ratessetbattleflag "bg_ranked_mode",1;dispbottom "Battlegrounds +20% mode is ON.";end;}}
  9. I have not hardcoded in client, i Seeking a guide for this. or a Tool , Plugin etc.
  10. i search a Guide for add New Effect to the Effect List,with new .str so that I can use in-game @effect 968 etc. z.b 968. New Effect969. New Effect2970. New Effect3etc. I hope someone can help me
  11. i Seeking a Guide for make .str files, I hope someone can help me
  13. I want that the 1.1 is an announce, but that gettime is not working. the announce comes every day..... - script Manager -1,{OnClock1500:if((gettime(6)==1) && (gettime(8)==1)) goto L_Januar; if((gettime(6)==2) && (gettime(8)==1)) goto L_Februar;// ========================================================================================================================// Januar// ========================================================================================================================L_Januar:announce "Januar!",bc_blue|bc_all;end; // ======================================================================================================================== // Februar // ======================================================================================================================== L_Februar: announce "Februar!",bc_blue|bc_all; end; }
  15. if(readparam(bStr)>=245){ bonus bStr,10; bonus bDex,10; bonus bAgi,10; bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,5;} },{},{} if(readparam(bVit)>=245){ bonus bVit,10; bonus bLuk,10; bonus bDex,10; bonus bMaxHPrate,5;} },{},{} if(readparam(bInt)>=245){ bonus bInt,10; bonus bDex,10; bonus bAgi,10; bonus bMatkRate,5;} },{},{} if(readparam(bDex)>=245){ bonus bLuk,10; bonus bDex,10; bonus bAgi,10; bonus bLongAtkRate,5;} },{},{}