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  1. thank you... @Inzanity , @astralprojection, @revo-project, @Pyrrhus, @wlauton your all words mean to me a lot .. and I will work harder and better.
  2. yay :-)
  3. yes we do
  4. Welcome back Aeromesi :-)
  5. with javascript? window.open(url,"_blank","width=500,height=500");
  6. it feels so nice to see dastgir back .. dastgir = 1 man standing for all :-)
  7. find -exec touch \{\} \; dos2unix sysinfogen.sh dos2unix ./restart.sh dos2unix ./stop.sh dos2unix -f ./configure chmod +x sysinfogen.sh chmod +x ./stop.sh chmod +x ./configure chmod +x ./restart.sh
  8. Thanks a lot for that review, really means a lot to us :-) we are happy to deliver you our services.
  9. Both ways it should work well.. If its in same vps it will called as local host or or same ip of your vps. If its another webhosting use yours vps ip as your database ip You can resend me Skype request if you have more questions
  10. is it a vps ? or offline server ? or a webhosting .. ? on a vps you need to install the all the per-requisites for websites. on offline you need to install xampp or similar depending on your os. if you are using a webhosting .. you need to place the files in public_html and in config folder > edit application.php and server.php fill in the information correct,.. you need to point database of your server,.. you can either create a different user or use the same user.