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  1. thats basic fluxcp table. if your theme has less space for index page you need to edit those table css ..or where ever it needs.. you need to write a css for them..
  2. thank you... @Inzanity , @astralprojection, @revo-project, @Pyrrhus, @wlauton your all words mean to me a lot .. and I will work harder and better.
  3. yay :-)
  4. yes we do
  5. Welcome back Aeromesi :-)
  6. with javascript? window.open(url,"_blank","width=500,height=500");
  7. it feels so nice to see dastgir back .. dastgir = 1 man standing for all :-)
  8. find -exec touch \{\} \; dos2unix sysinfogen.sh dos2unix ./restart.sh dos2unix ./stop.sh dos2unix -f ./configure chmod +x sysinfogen.sh chmod +x ./stop.sh chmod +x ./configure chmod +x ./restart.sh