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  1. i did that.. but she knows that i am not using any service .. and the money that got transferred is just as credit in trinity networks she can return it back.. but she didn't.
  2. Worst RO Hosting service please dont use this. the Developer no more cares about anything. has already earned a lot from it. i had taken a service.. vps. and i went of her website and cancel it after using it for like 20 days. before the month completed i canceled and deactivated the service. still my automatic payment was made to trinity from paypal.. i contacted her and asked for payback.. should have refunded me back.. by cutting the transfer charges. but she didnt she is ignoring me.. and doesnt care.. i am feeling so bad. and also her service is worst. i know i am not the only one suffering from this. please delete her all ads post and ban her from here. i am very angry on her. so unprofessional behavior from her side.
  3. Awesome work kubix. people seems to be lazy to try.. but once its famous .. everyone will use this i am sure about this , and adding that chat thing will change the world of RO. that thing will be the best :-)
  4. skype is mentioned in my post already. i dont the reason why i am not getting the notifications for this topic. sorry for late reply. i will check the notifications again. thanks :-)
  5. yes i have experience this .. on my home pc which has gtx nvidia card. i tried everything nothing worked for me as well.
  6. fluxcp > config folder > application.php in that file.
  7. i am getting error and debug on this. [Error]: script_rid2sd: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: close (no parameters) [Debug]: Source (NPC): Poring Summoner at prontera (164,214)
  8. We are Recruiting a Team for a Low Rate Ragnarok Server. pre-renewal mechanics. [Paid Staff] Positions :- Forum/Wiki Moderator :- {2 positions} Excellent Writing Skills. Only apply if you are confident enough with your writing skills. Past Work, or writings/guides/work you done in past is a must.[provide us screenshots/link/etc.] Professionalism is must. Game Master :- [2 positions] Fluent in English. posses professionalism. decent knowledge about ragnarok.
  9. Pony vps service is really good,.. many of my friends used it ..as main server and test server ,...etc.. most important is he is always there to help his clients.. quick response .. makes it feel so good .. 100% recommended service... my experience was very good with pony vps..
  10. i have checked that topic but its not complete detailed information. it just has the names of the episode. anyone else having the info ?
  11. sorry for not replying here,.. my notifications were off i didnt check this topic.. all i got was requests on skype..