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  1. Simple answer here is make sure you have a empty plugins folder inside your trunk folder. "trunk/plugins"
  2. Bumping to this old thread..
  3. @Myriad How to make auto cast level 1 parry instead when linked?
  4. if (sd->status.job_level < 40) return false;
  5. try this.. note that mf_hidemobhpbar is not available in Hercules. pvp_v2.txt
  6. Any update on this? Its not working.
  7. Yes. The status icon still not showing.
  8. I've follow the guide posted by Dastgir. But its not showing the status icon. I'm trying to add a status icon for the Emergency Call guild skill. @displaystatus works but when I use the guild skill it doesn't show the status icon. Thank you ~
  9. In import/inter-server.conf inter_configuration: { // Log configuration log: { // [LOGIN, MAP] Log database SQL connection sql_connection: { db_hostname: "" // Change this to your hostname db_port: 3306 db_username: "root" // Change this to your mysql username db_password: "your_password" // Change this to your mysql password db_database: "db_logs" // Change this to your log db name } } } In that way your main and log db is separate.
  10. NPC Telma uses the bg_reserved_char_id and woe_reserved_char_id.. and sell some BG / WoE Exclusive items.. if you bought that through Telma, you can only use it in BG Maps or WoE Castles.. I tried using bg_reserved_char_id and set it in conf/map/battle/eBG.conf.. // BG CharID for Items bg_reserved_char_id: 1 is this correct? but getting this in map-console .. [Warning]: buildin_getbattleflag: non-exist battle config requested bg_reserved_char_id [Debug]: Source (NPC): Telma at bat_room (163,146)
  11. [Error]: --- nullpo info -------------------------------------------- [Error]: ExtendedBG.c:4897: 'tsd' in function `ebg_clif_send' [Error]: ./map-server(assert_report+0x83) [0x657373] [Error]: plugins/ [0x7f44c74f8764] [Error]: plugins/ [0x7f44c74f8b30] [Error]: plugins/ [0x7f44c74f902a] [Error]: ./map-server(run_func+0x13a) [0x5bbd5a] [Error]: ./map-server(run_script_main+0x310) [0x5bcff0] [Error]: ./map-server(npc_event_sub+0xd2) [0x53aa12] [Error]: ./map-server(npc_script_event+0x62) [0x53cfb2] [Error]: ./map-server(clif_parse_LoadEndAck+0xabb) [0x4c79eb] [Error]: plugins/ [0x7f44c77af721] [Error]: --- end nullpo info ---------------------------------------- after login.
  12. Using the latest stable git: 7f7b8060cba8f0aba60f43cf343bdf3f773f3438 Client: 2014-10-22bRagexe
  13. @Axl Are you using the latest? Haven't experiencing this using the latest.
  14. Is it safe to change MAX_GUILD on live server? Example on our server now it has 30 max guild member. If I change it to 24, I know there will be map-console errors.. Also ThyroDee mention that
  15. @Rytech Thank you! The animation is working now.