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  1. prontera,161,185,4 script Linker 4_M_ROTERT,{ set [email protected]$,"[ ^0000FFLinker^000000 ]"; set [email protected], 300000; // the buff last 5 minutes set @zenycost,600000; mes [email protected]$; mes "Hello "+strcharinfo(0)+",do"; mes "You want me to Soul Link you?"; switch(select("Yes", "No")) { case 1: if(Zeny < @zenycost) goto l_nozeny; set Zeny,Zeny - @zenycost; switch ( BaseJob ) { case Job_Alchemist: set [email protected], 445; break; case Job_Monk: set [email protected], 447; break; case Job_Star_Gladiator: set [email protected], 448; break; case Job_Sage: set [email protected], 449; break; case Job_Crusader: set [email protected], 450; break; case Job_SuperNovice: set [email protected], 451; break; case Job_Knight: set [email protected], 452; break; case Job_Wizard: set [email protected], 453; break; case Job_Priest: set [email protected], 454; break; case Job_Bard: case Job_Dancer: set [email protected], 455; break; case Job_Rogue: set [email protected], 456; break; case Job_Assassin: set [email protected], 457; break; case Job_Blacksmith: set [email protected], 458; break; case Job_Hunter: set [email protected], 460; break; case Job_Soul_Linker: set [email protected], 461; break; default: if ( Upper == 1 && BaseLevel < 70 ) set [email protected], 494; } if ( [email protected] ) { sc_start4 SC_SOULLINK, 360000, 5, [email protected],0,0; skilleffect [email protected], 5; } case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Okay,goodbye!"; close; } l_nozeny: mes [email protected]$; mes "You need 600,000 Zeny for a Soul Link."; close; }
  2. double check all your custom items bonuses..
  3. are you using the latest hBG.c plugin?
  4. Should be, count += (map->addflooritem(bl, &item_tmp, 1, m, mx, my, 0, 0, 0, 4, false) != 0) ? 1 : 0;
  5. That happens to me sometimes and the problem is there are bonuses inserted in my custom items that are not available or different in hercules.
  6. tested it just now and its bugged.. you should open an issue in dastgir github..
  7. Have you put the Zeny and Cash in the item_db2.conf? /** * Add Following 2 Entries to item_db2.conf for Extended Vending System */ { Id: 30000 AegisName: "Zeny_" Name: "Zeny" Type: 3 Sell: 10 Weight: 10 }, { Id: 30001 AegisName: "Cash_" Name: "Cash" Type: 3 Sell: 10 Weight: 10 },
  8. Check here:
  9. it should be in the same database/schema
  10. not sure if there's one.
  11. Here. 2008-01-02a-v11.1.0.1-pv9.rar
  12. Im using 2013-08-07 client and it doesnt have a Rodex Mail.. how can I use your script with just getitem and not rodex_sendmail?
  13. Hercules Version I used is in my post. Also I do reload the scripts. I used the latest Stable version of Hercules and change only the .faileddestroy variable and nothing else. So it runs without modifications but still experiencing that bug. If you have time, you can try to reproduce it just like in the image. Thanks!
  14. Card Remover Settings is set to: set .faildestroy,0; // Should the card remover have a chance of failure that destroys items? 1 = Yes, 0 = No. It says failed to remove the cards. However, both the item and cards are still okay. So basically, I can still decard it right. But this happen when you talk again to the Old Wise Woman. You can see that the weapon has 2 Fabre Cards but Wise Old woman says there are no cards compounded. I use @refresh and this happen.. The cards are gone. Like gone, GONE! Tested in latest stable commit : d89690f Thank you .. I know this is custom script, but I appreciate if someone can help me fix this.
  15. Anyone don't have answer to this topic? Its been 4 years.