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  1. Yes. I am using 3.0 also. And yes the script is compatible. Check your script.c if you have the get_unique_id there.
  2. You can just change the script if you want to.
  3. Are you using Gepard Shield? If yes you shouldn't getting any error on that script.
  4. case SN_SHARPSHOOTING: case MA_SHARPSHOOTING: if (sd->[SC_SOULLINK] && sd->[SC_SOULLINK]->val2 == SL_HUNTER) skillratio *= 1.15; else skillratio += 100 + 50 * skill_lv; break;
  5. Mind posting the error?
  6. This is the one im using..
  7. any error on console?
  8. try using the @afk plugin in dastgirp github or here for the @afk and @itemmap plugin. i made a pull request to fix it.
  9. Check your script? or try to login w/o that script?
  10. Are you using the one i posted? Use the working version in annieruru post.
  11. I change it to 1 when i am testing the script. but if you change to 36 it will randomly choose between case 1 to 36
  12. Guess this project is now dead. If anybody is updating this please do share thank you!
  13. I think is missing in trunk/plugins .. also try running make clean first before make sql plugins