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  1. Sir yes sir, i will update this post. Thanks for your effort
  2. As an integrated API nope, but you can always make a paypal account and write it lolz
  3. Great work, Any PayPal account to buy you a coffe? I'm really interested in 64K Hairstyles and maybe we can cheer you up with some donations
  4. 2017-06-14cRagexeRE it's the last client with clientinfo.xml, 2017-09-13bRagexeRE and newer are using sclientinfo (don't know if 2017-08-30ragexeRE since i don't have it in order to test it). Thanks for the tip. All of them now working (still testing all functions)
  5. Well, it will not do some damage if you tell us which of them in order to make more updated patches. I've already tested all of this exes, and unfortunately I only made functional 2017-06-14cRagexeRE. After that date the client seems to have problems reading XML files (custom clientinfo.xml are ignored forcing you to connect to Gravity servers and if you hex that, drops fatal LUA errors) but JPG, BMP and SPR are readed correctly, dunno if it´s just me or is a general problem (or maybe I'm missing something). I haven't found the 2017-08-30 ragexeRE to make some tests, it would be great if a wild PM with it arrives...
  6. Well, I am a developer since 2008 and i saw a lot of features and games and everything but there are a lot of things that we can't do as developers: Absolute control of the enviroment and monsters. Does anyone remember this? Well it could be amazing if Hercules revives this tecnology, the posibilities are endless with the proper focus, let's talk about it with an example: Command "setid", "monsterid" and "monsterwalk[0,3]" // This creates a group of monsters with ID "X", very similar to WoE Guardians ID's, if they are on the same ID, they are allies (otherwise enemies). The groupID are set by the developer for control (read below). The command setid it's self explainable, it sets an ID "X" to a player. setid, playerID, ID;monstergroupid, ID, groupID, amount ,map, mapx, mapy; This orders to walk the "X" group of monster to a X1/Y1 point on the map, the variables x2/y2 are set if the developer want to make a bucle of movement (patrol mode from x1/y1 to x2/y2), otherwise, the mobs just stay there inmobile when they reach the x1/y1 coords. monsterwalk0, groupID, mapx1, mapy1,{mapx2, mapy2} // Pasive walk (just walk, attacks if attacked by enemy)monsterwalk1, groupID, mapx1, mapy1,{mapx2, mapy2} // Aid walk (sees the player, the monster heals or helps attacking the enemymonsterwalk2, groupID, mapx1, mapy1,{mapx2, mapy2} // Aggresive walk (sees the player, attacks) monsterwalk3, groupID, mapx1, mapy1,{mapx2, mapy2} // Run away walk (sees the player and runs of the player) Ok, setted the proper commands let's talk about this example quest: The user needs to help the villagers of Payon of being attacked and get robbed. The group of evil porings wants to rob their apples so if they reach the store of Payon game over. Basically: - User and porings are enemies: User got ID 1 and porings ID 2. setid, playerID, 1; // We set the "good boys" side.monstergroupid, 2, 1, 100 ,payon, payoncoordsx1, payoncoordy1; // This creates 100 porings with ID 2 (enemy) and groupID 1 (control group ID)monsterwalk2, 1, payonstorecoordx, payonstorecoordy; //This makes the poring group "1" run at the payon store coordinates killing all enemies on their run. We do a function that checks if they reach the coords (raw code), if they do so, the game ends. attachrid(1) // This attach the group ID "1" of enemy poringsgetmapxy(m,x,y);if(x && y == payonstorecoordx && payonstorecoordy)endgame; As i said, the posibilities are endless, we can do smart wars, quests, games......... Obviously we can add more commands for functions, for example a command that check the remain monsters of group X and do something etc: getremainmonstersid, groupID; set remainmonsters, getremainmonstersid, 1;if(remainmonsters < 10) announce "PoringKing: THIS IS NOT THE END HUMANS! WE WILL BACK!!"; It's time to make more fun RO and give him back a breath of life. The developers and players really NEEDS this.
  7. What about Enable Unlimited Loading Screens? Could you please?
  8. Respect. Good luck wherever you go, Master Yommy.
  9. Hello. Here the git commit of rAthena about the post balance update (and their formulas). Also, can you make a break in order to fix the broken skills that have a LOT of time unseen? For example: EDP Damage <-- Useless Triangle shot <-- useless Weapon Crush <-- Useless Chaos Panic Neutral Barrier <-- Useless More Neutral Barrier Arm Cannon CPS Pile Bunker <-- Almost useless Change Material Vacuum Extreme Gypsi kiss Fire Expansion <-- Useless Gate of Hell Clearance And many others that i'm missing, I know that you're busy but (for example) I opened my thread of EDP damage since July of the last year .... thank you in advance.
  10. I'm in love again.....
  11. The last one fixed that, i totally forgot that diff xD Thanks everyone
  12. Hello, this error pop's up when i try to execute my 20130807 client before it dies. I have everything updated (imo) and i'm using NEMO to patch the client and this data pack with no results. Any ideas to fix this?
  13. Such a powerful tool Suggestion: Maybe a config embeder?
  14. Happy B-Day :B!