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  1. Miss him too :-( Ind was one of the best Dev.s and nicest persons I've ever encountered in the Athena scene, he always tried to help and took his time to answer questions, I really hope someday he'll return.
  2. Praise the lord for tree of savior, best game since RO1 <3
  3. Whoop whoop! I can't wait =D
  4. @@Sasuke Uchiha Ja klar, ansonsten hätte ich wohl kaum an der Beta teilgenommen und würde noch immer hier darüber berichten
  5. I really enjoyed the beta as well =D Unfortunatly I couldn't play from the beginning, I was one of the lucky 3'000 which got a beta key after there were only 3 days left to play, so I only made it to lvl 35 highlander class, but it was freaking awesome and super fun =D Can't wait for the next beta and for the release *-* ToS Japanase Trailer:
  6. R.I.P., the one and only Spock!
  7. *drools* Nexon: ToS Homepage Dat super sexy BGM <3 SoundTEMP is just amazing =) To bad I don't have an Nexon Account and that I can't create one cause I don't live in korea xD I'd so love to play the CBT Q_Q
  8. Hi there everyone, currently there is the G-Star event going on in kora where also IMC Games is at, and they just recently released a new video for the game Tree of Savior, and of course I thought I'd share it immediatly here to keep you guys and girls kind of up-to-date with the current state and progression of the game with this video. Keep in mind, most of the shown footage is of course of their internal alpha testing. Unfortunatly there also is no release date or an date for the CBT announced yet, so we probably will have to wait until 2015 But anyway, hype meter off the charts again thanks to this video, as always I can't wait to play it for myself, and SoundTEMP did an amazing job again with the BGM. So, here is the video now, I hope you'll enjoy it: Regards Masao
  9. I missed you as well ;3 Nice to see you back around here.
  10. Bump, hope all the stuff playtester mentioned will soon be implemented in Herc. since it's really usefull and needed stuff for the running servers out there.
  11. Omg, I just jizzed my pants after watching this Video, the Dievdirbys Class (The one who build wood statues) and the Highlander (First Class in the beginning, 2h Knight) just look to awesome, gonna play the living shit out of those *-*
  12. Just another bump so this Thread won't get forgotten Just check out their Blog ( Tree Of Savior : English Blog ), they're currently explaining and showing a lot about all the different classes they have =)
  13. Just wanted to quickly update this post, the game had it's first CBT in korea and was quite a success, they're currently translating the game into english and are planning an international CBT. For more informations, just visit:
  14. I'm agnostic, so I don't know, but I tend more to No then to Yes, I think I rather believe in the flying spaghetti monster than in jeezus. Favourite Quote from the bible? 4. Deut. 23:1 No man whose testicles have been crushed or whose organ has been cut off may become a member of the Assembly of God. Wait.... what?!
  15. Hehe, let's hope you're right =D Can't wait to play it, and as yommy said, hack the shit out of it xD I love the Music, seems like soundTEMP is on board on this one. And being able to jump and using "asdw" was always one of my big wishes for RO.