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  1. Introduction: Hello everyone, I've recently got more time on my hands and returned to the RO scene a while back (Since around 1-2 months), and tought I'd offer the little talent I have in scripting to you guys, if there is any interest for it. So, what I offer is everything script related, in some special occasions if it is needed for the script to work, I'll also do database & source edits but those extras will of course cost quite a bit more since the complexity of the script requires a bigger approach / work time. Here's a little overview of what you get for which price, the prices vary of course for each script since it's heavily depending on the fact how big the script will be or how difficult it will be to make the script, so how much time I have to put in making it. Overview: - Modification of existing scripts cost depending on the extent of the modification between 5$ ~ 10$. - Relativly easy NPC's or Scripts like custom headgear quests, Trade-In NPC's (ex.: Give 100 jellopy get 10 honey) or other scripts of that nature cost 10$ ~ 20$. - Middle difficult NPC's or Scripts like custom / automated events, minigame NPC's or other special NPC's / scripts cost 20$ ~ 30$. - Difficult NPC's or Scripts like custom battlegrounds, custom ET or other custom instances for your server, larger server based quests (Like seal quests for ex.) or any other special request you have will cost 40$ ~ 50$. Waiting Time: - Script modifications and relativly easy NPC's will usually be done within 2 ~ 3 hours after figuring out with you all the details of what you excactly want. - Middle difficult NPC's will usually be done within 1 day after figuring out with you all the details of what you excactly want. - Difficult NPC's will usually be done within 2 ~ 3 days after figuring out with you all the details of what you excactly want. Note: There are of course exceptions depending on how much time I got a day and stuff like that, so scripts can be done quicker or may take a little longer. Payment: Payment is always done via PayPal and PayPal only, no other methods are accepted. As soon as your request is finished I will contact you to please send the money, as soon as I have received the money I will send you the file(s). I will keep helping, supporting or well adjusting your request for free if any problems should occur with the file(s) I've send you and if they don't work or do the things as you wanted them todo. Note: But if you suddenly come with some huge alternation of your original request for that NPC/Script, I will have to charge you 5$ for it. Contact: You can either contact me via PM here in this Forum or in the rAthena Forum. E-Mail: [email protected] Discord: Masao#6480 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kind regards Masao
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that we re-opened the Server and it would be awesome if you guys would come and give the server a try Regards Masao
  3. Hi, i'm having difficulty with Items Delay. I wonder if you could help me on my post.

  4. Boo

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      Guess you don't remember me? lol it's been a while

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      I remember your name, but nothing more, sorry :D Probably has been a very long while.

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      Tis all good, I was pretty active in the scripting side of eA, rA, and Herc :D Just been a while ^^

  5. Miss him too :-( Ind was one of the best Dev.s and nicest persons I've ever encountered in the Athena scene, he always tried to help and took his time to answer questions, I really hope someday he'll return.
  6. Praise the lord for tree of savior, best game since RO1 <3
  7. Whoop whoop! I can't wait =D
  8. @@Sasuke Uchiha Ja klar, ansonsten hätte ich wohl kaum an der Beta teilgenommen und würde noch immer hier darüber berichten
  9. I really enjoyed the beta as well =D Unfortunatly I couldn't play from the beginning, I was one of the lucky 3'000 which got a beta key after there were only 3 days left to play, so I only made it to lvl 35 highlander class, but it was freaking awesome and super fun =D Can't wait for the next beta and for the release *-* ToS Japanase Trailer:
  10. R.I.P., the one and only Spock!
  11. *drools* Nexon: ToS Homepage Dat super sexy BGM <3 SoundTEMP is just amazing =) To bad I don't have an Nexon Account and that I can't create one cause I don't live in korea xD I'd so love to play the CBT Q_Q
  12. Hi there everyone, currently there is the G-Star event going on in kora where also IMC Games is at, and they just recently released a new video for the game Tree of Savior, and of course I thought I'd share it immediatly here to keep you guys and girls kind of up-to-date with the current state and progression of the game with this video. Keep in mind, most of the shown footage is of course of their internal alpha testing. Unfortunatly there also is no release date or an date for the CBT announced yet, so we probably will have to wait until 2015 But anyway, hype meter off the charts again thanks to this video, as always I can't wait to play it for myself, and SoundTEMP did an amazing job again with the BGM. So, here is the video now, I hope you'll enjoy it: Regards Masao
  13. I missed you as well ;3 Nice to see you back around here.
  14. Bump, hope all the stuff playtester mentioned will soon be implemented in Herc. since it's really usefull and needed stuff for the running servers out there.
  15. Omg, I just jizzed my pants after watching this Video, the Dievdirbys Class (The one who build wood statues) and the Highlander (First Class in the beginning, 2h Knight) just look to awesome, gonna play the living shit out of those *-*