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  1. Skill

    this was converted to a plugin by dasgirl check the plugin release section
  2. would be usefull if it can send them to another remote server for that extra layer of security.
  3. hey guys i am trying to convert a script for rathena over to herc and i am having the following issue the npc code is this would greatly apreciate the help ^^
  4. your recomendation fixed my issue thank you.
  5. are you using 2015 client?
  6. Curently Extended Vending system will compile just fine and load its required files but when you are ingame and try to vend it will not give you the option to pick a currency i am using 20151029 client can anyone else confirm it doesnt work?
  7. hey guys i am curently using rathena with flux cp and i am lookig to switch over to herc can someone help me with converting my cp over to Herc? ive been using akkarims version with the updated content and would like to keep it that way.
  8. why host a server if you or the team you work with cant perform a simple task like backing up and transferring server files to another host. I am not picking sides here but despite the slow support from Ragnahosting they have been great and sure I pay a bit more than other services but they do offer a gameguard and by far the best automated experience.
  9. sure it can i have made many changes to it added a few things here and there but what i am trying to accomplish well at least half it i cannot do.
  10. hello everyone my scripting skills are inproving quite a bit but i am stuck a bit i am looking to modify the default warper herc comes with to allow it to do the following. let me customize what dungeons players can visit from the npc the next thing i want to do is in order for the to unlock other levels of the dungeon they need to physically walk to them once they do it will unlock on the warper npc. you also gain some exp or some type of temporary bonus for walking to that dungeon once!. is it possible i am willing to pay a couple dollars for it to be done so long as it can be customized from within the npc it self.
  11. hey i am having an issue with luas giving me this error. AccName.lub also tried with .lua Accessoryid.lub also tried .lua problem solved by Garr Thanks again
  12. assuming the server you are running is SQL based when you install flux it should work just fine your players do need to edit their accounts and add in email for password reset and such. also check for md5 type passwords too. that could cause an issue like it did for me.
  13. this brings tears to my eyes and makes it easier to add in customs so in theory i can just have an emty file with my own custom ids in it? or does it need all of the old items as well?
  14. no problem sorry i had no other solution for you.
  15. this is very old but something ive been looking to use in a small upcoming server it is a weapon leveling system that essentially replaces refining i have not tried to apply it to Hercules yet because it is old eathena code. was wondering if anyone can look at it maybe fix it so it can work on hercules i would love to use it and if i have to donate a little bit of money i can as well if it can be made into a plugin even better. Thanks, Alex weapon leveling.diff