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  1. control panel

    hows this project? hehe
  2. control panel

    This is aswesome! can't wait.
  3. Welcome mate!
  4. just search mate,..
  5. to avoid error yea, kro here
  6. 1 : yes pure KRO much better. 2. 2012 for me.
  7. just stay away---> hosting offer RO support. go to digital ocean or buyvm.
  8. Here ya go. Script Credit to master @AnnieRuru Run this to your sql query : alter table `char` add empbreak int(11) unsigned not null default 0 after unban_time, add index (empbreak); emp_breaker_ladder.txt
  9. Up
  10. I will recode MVC when I have some time this summer. That would be great,
  11. discord UI for so much confusing... thanks mate.