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  1. Coming back for good?
  2. Is it me or does anyone here cant download the clients?
  3. @Hyvraine I was hoping you can reply back as soon as possible. thanks!
  4. I would recommend her to everyone no doubts. she is the best!
  5. utility

    @Dastgir Yea thats the issue because my server can go up to baselevel 500 and job 120. but the npc keeps saying that i need to be at the max level.
  6. utility

    @Dastgir I think setting for baselevel and joblevel are missing?
  7. you should be able to know if its renewal or pre renewal because there's monster in maps that only for renewal.
  8. @Rytech bro where can I contact you?
  9. I think you are in the right section but you need to search it "how to add custom items for ragnarok". it might help you while waiting for replies.
  10. Those characters can be edited in-game. just double click it and it will automatically but i think there's another way for it which is the ChatWndInfo_U.lua you can see that inside RO/savedata/ChatWndInfo_U.lua and for the screen shot logo check it here https://rathena.org/board/topic/63828-how-to-change-screenshots-logo/
  11. What kind of server are you planning to make?
  12. rA has the similar issue with this https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/1953
  13. Maybe if you change the type of the weapon into a bow type an see if it will work.
  14. Please don't hesitate to inquire from this guy. he is f*cking awesome!
  15. Hi guys! if you dont mind can you help me with the cluckers event? Add a system that when the player is dead the npc will resurrect the player for 5 seconds delay.https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/npc/custom/events/cluckers.txt --- please close this thread. thanks ---