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  1. you're missing a set... in the error line, it must be while ( ( set [email protected], getd( [...]
  2. added: Bard/Dancer: Tarot Card of Fate: The Death: -Poison seems to be triggering much more then the other 2 statusses (Coma / Curse) The High Priestness: -Is acting like a pseudo-Dispell. But it's supposed to cancel ALL Buffs no matter what equip or buffs the enemy has. It's supposed to ignore all equip and buffs and cancel all buffs. The Devil: -Has no Curse-effect. The Hanged Man: -There should apply Stone Curse, Frozen or Stop status at a 100% base chance. However, the chance seems to be much less... Often the Card triggers without any effect. The Chariot: -Should destroy equip even if FCP is active: http://irowiki.org/classic/Full_Chemical_Protection Temperance/The Star: -seems to be the same as with The Hanged Man... no 100% base chance...
  3. It's a problem with the nvidia display driver... there is no permanent fix right now (and for years now ^^"), you can use ctrl+alt+del, then escape. This should fix the graphic side issues (not only this one, also some other graphic-bugs) as long as you don't restart the client (however, sometimes the client will crash ^^").
  4. Did you import the correct sql-file to you sql-db? https://sourceforge.net/p/v1-3ceam/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/rewrite/sql-files/main.sql
  5. 2012 ragexe (maybe early 2013, also? ^^)
  6. New Bugs added: Lord Knight: Bowling Bash: based on RateMyServer's forums info: - Bowling Bash knocks the target monster into the direction you last walked into, after the knockback, there will be a 3x3 splash damage around the target cell of the knockback --> working. - Every monsters hit by the splash damage will itself be knocked back one cell into a random direction and causes its own 3x3 splash damage --> doesn't work. - Every monster can be hit up to 2 times per bowling bash, after that it will be immune; only on the first hit, it will cause a 3x3 splash itself --> cannot be tested.(Point 2) - The chain reaction will continue until no new monsters are hit anymore, until the monster is knocked into a wall or until the max number of chains has been reached --> cannot be tested. (Point 2) - There is a gutter line from coordinates dividable by 40 with a certain size (see table above), at max level that would be 40-44, 80-84, etc. --> there is not a gutter line, so below points doesn't work. - On the gutter line monsters are immune to the chain reaction from bowling bash, even if they haven't been hit 2 times yet, instead they will be knocked back by x tiles whereas x is equal to the gutter line size; the initially targetted monsters will always take 1 hit even if on the gutter line - When there is knockback immunity, targets won't be knocked back by bowling bash, however, the splash will still be around the cell where the target would have ended up if knockback was possible --> cannot be tested. (Point 2) - Consequently, hitting a target into a wall will cause the chain reaction to stop, even if no knockback is actually possible --> cannot be tested. (Point 2) Sura: Tiger Cannon: doesn't drain targets SP by an amount equal to 10% of the damage inflicted. Source (first of the notes): http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Sura_Body_Bullet
  7. added: Sorcerer: Elemental Spirits: There are many bugs related to them... Need to update this list later... Aqua: -Doesn't give MATK bonus in any case -No damge bonus on Diamont Dust (on level 2) -defense-buff (100% water resistence) doesn't work ... Sura: Knuckle Arrow: The no-knockback bonus damage is not applied. (Tested in WoE) Source (first of the notes): http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Sura_Body_Bullet
  8. nvm. saw your edit after posting ^^
  9. I've did this for 3ceam some time ago... maybe this helps, don't know if this works for hercules... https://github.com/15peaces/3ceam-Patches/blob/master/CustomBranches_3ceam_r814(0fda7c8)%2B[15peaces].patch
  10. monster "this",-1,-1,"--ja--",-1,1,""; This value is the mob-id. if set to -1, the server will pick a random mob-id from mob_branch.txt. That's all. ^^
  11. client-version?
  12. Added: Homunculus S: Painkiller: No Effect. Call Legion: Doesn't work. Some more Homunculus S Skills (not all tested yet ^^) Doesn't work.
  13. It's a langtype problem, try another langtype. ^^
  14. 2014-10-22 is my first choice after all right now... it got a working mail system and is stable. ^^
  15. Added a new bug: Genetic: Cart Boost: This skill should give an ATK-Bonus... Source: iRO-Wiki