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  1. 2014-10-22 is my first choice after all right now... it got a working mail system and is stable. ^^
  2. Added a new bug: Genetic: Cart Boost: This skill should give an ATK-Bonus... Source: iRO-Wiki
  3. Is this client even yet supported by hercules? ^^
  4. *-* awsome! I'm still on 2014 ragexe & waiting for rodex since I need a working mail system. x'D
  5. some patches in nemo doesn't work anymore in 2015 - 2017 clients since they're outdated...
  6. This issue also exists on 2014-10-22. But I guess it's really a direct X issue, it started to happen after I upgraded to windows 7 (as I remember ^^)
  7. take a look into /db/ folder... if it has *conf files in it, you're using hercules (or hercules-based), if there a only *txt files, it might be rAthena (or any other *Athena-based emulator). ^^
  8. 2014 Client Patch *2014 Client Support patch added -The support seems to be stable enough for public use. However there might be a few (hidden) bugs left. -Implemented the Roulette Game feature. -Implemented per-character sex change feature. -Implemented Hotkey Rotate Packet. -Implemented Vending & Buying Store report Packet. --When user close shop, the client showing report for buy/sell -Special thanks to HerculesWS and rathena for the base. *Complete rewrite of message-system. (Thanks to hercules) -This was made to fix various bugs with colored messages related to 2014 ragexe. *PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RUN THE SQL-UPGRADES! Patch
  9. Guess this won't work unless a client supports ipv6 ...
  10. bMagicAtkEle *Added bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,e,x; item bonus -Increases damage of n element magic by x% -Also added a item to test the bonus. Patch
  11. data-folder? you mean the client-data-folder? o.o
  12. for Rebellion Skills: yes. for Doram: I don't know, but only the first wave of them is working yet... I guess.. xD
  13. if you need a working mail system I'd use 2014-10-22bRagexe. but if you don't need a mail system, you could also use a 2015 ragexe, don't know which is most stable ^^
  14. use @mapexit? ^^
  15. freeloop *Added patch for 'freeloop' script command -Toggling this to enabled (1) allows the script instance to bypass the infinite loop protection, allowing your script to loop as much as it may need.Patch