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  1. added: Sorcerer: Elemental Spirits: There are many bugs related to them... Need to update this list later... Aqua: -Doesn't give MATK bonus in any case -No damge bonus on Diamont Dust (on level 2) -defense-buff (100% water resistence) doesn't work ... Sura: Knuckle Arrow: The no-knockback bonus damage is not applied. (Tested in WoE) Source (first of the notes): http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Sura_Body_Bullet
  2. nvm. saw your edit after posting ^^
  3. I've did this for 3ceam some time ago... maybe this helps, don't know if this works for hercules... https://github.com/15peaces/3ceam-Patches/blob/master/CustomBranches_3ceam_r814(0fda7c8)%2B[15peaces].patch
  4. monster "this",-1,-1,"--ja--",-1,1,""; This value is the mob-id. if set to -1, the server will pick a random mob-id from mob_branch.txt. That's all. ^^
  5. client-version?
  6. Added: Homunculus S: Painkiller: No Effect. Call Legion: Doesn't work. Some more Homunculus S Skills (not all tested yet ^^) Doesn't work.
  7. It's a langtype problem, try another langtype. ^^
  8. 2014-10-22 is my first choice after all right now... it got a working mail system and is stable. ^^
  9. Added a new bug: Genetic: Cart Boost: This skill should give an ATK-Bonus... Source: iRO-Wiki
  10. Is this client even yet supported by hercules? ^^
  11. *-* awsome! I'm still on 2014 ragexe & waiting for rodex since I need a working mail system. x'D
  12. some patches in nemo doesn't work anymore in 2015 - 2017 clients since they're outdated...
  13. This issue also exists on 2014-10-22. But I guess it's really a direct X issue, it started to happen after I upgraded to windows 7 (as I remember ^^)
  14. take a look into /db/ folder... if it has *conf files in it, you're using hercules (or hercules-based), if there a only *txt files, it might be rAthena (or any other *Athena-based emulator). ^^
  15. 2014 Client Patch *2014 Client Support patch added -The support seems to be stable enough for public use. However there might be a few (hidden) bugs left. -Implemented the Roulette Game feature. -Implemented per-character sex change feature. -Implemented Hotkey Rotate Packet. -Implemented Vending & Buying Store report Packet. --When user close shop, the client showing report for buy/sell -Special thanks to HerculesWS and rathena for the base. *Complete rewrite of message-system. (Thanks to hercules) -This was made to fix various bugs with colored messages related to 2014 ragexe. *PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RUN THE SQL-UPGRADES! Patch