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  1. @Rytech, the version and the gpu.
  2. if I use <image> in my lub file, client crashes, any alternatives for this?
  3. 100 = 1 Second
  4. You should report this on Nemo's Github issue.
  5. @@Rytech, Please edit your Group Link.
  6. @@Dastgir 's dDelays XD
  7. Please include 's' in delay.
  8. I'm still currently leveling Doram in kRO, maybe this may take few months but i assure this is worth to wait. and also, i'm still working on Doram items.
  9. Confirming this @@Dastgir. After the update this update
  10. @@Easycore we have problems in this feature 2013 clients below, but this is working in 2014 and 2015 clients
  11. @@zackdreaver Thank you.
  12. Nice! (y)
  13. Happy Holidays! I Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!