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  1. are you using latest hercules? I remember seeing a pull request that fixed this issue a month ago or so
  2. It's weird that your characters start in a smaller ID, but if you doesn't have Rodex button in your client, you can disable what's causing this error by commenting this line on pc.c intif->rodex_checkhasnew(sd);
  3. Sim, em todos os close, porque todos eles encerram a execução do script, como o @Kurare explicou.
  4. Não consegui ler muito o script porque estou no celular, mas você deve colocar ou antes do close ou entre close2 e end. Sobre o specialeffect2, veja se este post ajuda: espero ter ajudado
  5. Se me lembro bem o Hercules não deixa ser executado em um usuário com privilégio root, por não ser necessário. Você precisa criar um novo usuário, tente seguir os passos desse tutorial, na parte "create a new linux user": .
  6. Should be fixed with last commit (a couple hours ago) Edit: At least part of it, I didn't notice other problems
  7. I don't think there're options specific to items, classes and npcs, not that I know at least, you would have to change the scripts/items folders. As for classes, what limits a player from getting them are npcs, so you can just disable the job change quests. (in npc folder)
  8. I didn't understand your question changing that line that I pointed in the other post will disable all renewal mechanics/items/monsters/npcs, 3rd classes will be only acessible through @job command.
  9. These sql files are kept to be used by control panels (like FluxCP). 1) Are you using the Github's wiki or the old one? You can check there: ; Also you can find a lot of documentation in hercules' docs folder. Other than that probably around the forums or asking a new question. 2) To make your server pre-renewal you have to change the following line in src/config/renewal.h and recompile: Find: //#define DISABLE_RENEWAL Change to: #define DISABLE_RENEWAL Once you recompile your server will be running in pre-renewal mode
  10. This format seems to be from phpmyadmin/mysql, am I right? Hercules doesn't support sql item_db, you must edit <herc_folder>/db/re/item_db.conf or <herc_folder>/db/pre-re/item_db.conf instead. (according to your server settings) Hope this helps!
  11. maybe you can do it using bindatcmd? Doc:
  12. You have to force push git push origin <your branch> --force
  13. try 20151029 but uncomment this: //#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE
  14. heheehh thanks So I'll make a PR of it soon