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  1. If I understood correctly your question, you can left the menu entry empty and client will "count" it but not display it. Example: [email protected]$ = "Opt1:"; if (#myvar) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + "Opt2"; [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ":Opt3"; // So we will get one of these // - Opt1:Opt2:Opt3 // In this case it shows Opt1 (case1), Opt2 (case2), Opt3(case3) // - Opt1::Opt3 <- Note the :: // In this case it shows Opt1 (case1), Opt3(case3) switch (select([email protected]$)) { case 1: // Opt1 break; case 2: // Opt2 break; case 3: // Opt3 break; }
  2. hmm so I didn't get what exactly you're trying to do too xD
  3. I haven't tested, but try this: src/map/battle.c search: if (wd.flag & BF_WEAPON && src != target && damage > 0) { if (battle_config.left_cardfix_to_right) battle->drain(sd, target, wd.damage, wd.damage, tstatus->race, is_boss(target)); else battle->drain(sd, target, wd.damage, wd.damage2, tstatus->race, is_boss(target)); } change to (first line) if (src != target && damage > 0) { if (battle_config.left_cardfix_to_right) battle->drain(sd, target, wd.damage, wd.damage, tstatus->race, is_boss(target)); else battle->drain(sd, target, wd.damage, wd.damage2, tstatus->race, is_boss(target)); }
  4. Probably yes, but would require source changes to achieve that
  5. Hmm I'm not completely sure, but its description says "with weapon attack" so I think not
  6. I think what he means is recovering attacker's HP by a % of the damage dealt. Example: absorb 10% of damage as HP if your attack causes 100 points of damage, you will recover 10 HP (10% of 100) I think you might be looking for bHPDrainRateRace or bHPDrainRate
  7. If creating the plugin project on windows is the problem, you can also use my tool to generate the project for you:
  8. When you change the value on source, you have to update your registry instead of the sd-> variable. Example: pc_setglobalreg(sd,script->add_variable("TRAINING_POINT"), sd->training_point + pontos); This would update both the script var and your sd-> data. Also, your atcommand has some issues: 1. sscanf pontos = sscanf(message, "%12d", &pontos); // should be sscanf(message, "%12d", &pontos); because sscanf will set values from string in the pointers passed by parameter. sscanf return is actually how many of these variables were filled (in this case it would always set "pontos" to 1 if you gave one number in the command). (Reference: ) 2. clif->message( fd, resultado + "/200"); // message - show points C doesn't let you concat strings like that. You would need to use something like sprintf (Reference: ) to make a string to hold your value. Take a look on costume atcommand, it uses a safe version of sprintf. Something like: (untested) // Where your str will be stored char buffer [50]; // writes into buffer a string in the format %d/200, where %d is the value of "resultado" sprintf (buffer, "%d/200", resultado); // sends string to client clif->message(fd, buffer); ------- If you fix the pc_setregistry you'll be able to use your TRAINING_POINT in scripts like: prontera,150,150,4 script TestGet 1_M_01,{ mes "Hi"; mes "> " + TRAINING_POINT; close; } prontera,150,152,4 script TestSet 1_M_01,{ mes "Hi"; TRAINING_POINT++; close; }
  9. Então o problema não está no seu version, o hercules não verificava esse version antigamente. Aparece algum erro em qualquer um dos servidores quando você tenta logar? Edit: Qual a data do seu cliente e do seu emulador?
  10. Se você trocar o check_client_version para false, você consegue se conectar normalmente? - Se sim, você colocou o mesmo valor no seu <version> do clientinfo.xml E no client_version_to_connect ? Eles devem ser iguais. - Se não, o maps-server acusa algum erro/warning quando você tenta conectar?
  11. Que erro você está tendo?
  12. Não sei se ainda está com problema, olhando os arquivos acho que encontrei o que pode ser: conf/login/login-server.conf: // Check The clientversion set in the clientinfo ? check_client_version: false // What version we would allow to connect? (if check_client_version is enabled) client_version_to_connect: 20 Se por acaso check_client_version estiver true, acredito que você possa escolher a versão no client_version_to_connect e colocar o mesmo que está no seu clientinfo. Nunca usei esta funcionalidade então não tenho certeza.
  13. se você está se referindo ao campo "<version>" do clientinfo.xml, até onde sei o Hercules não usa esse valor, imagino que não tenha uma configuração para isso
  14. Looks like a packet problem, open an issue on herc github explaining it @4144
  15. Looks like a client issue (packets maybe). Can you try a newer client (2015 if possible)? if it works in a newer client, open an Issue on github