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  1. Add a custom mapflag http://herc.ws/wiki/Adding_New_Mapflag And finally open battle.c, find: switch (t_bl->type) { case BL_MOB: // Source => PC, Target => MOB if (pc_has_permission(s_sd, PC_PERM_DISABLE_PVM)) And replace for: switch (t_bl->type) { case BL_MOB: // Source => PC, Target => MOB if (pc_has_permission(s_sd, PC_PERM_DISABLE_PVM) || map->list[m].flag.yourcustommapflag)
  2. npc->event_doall_id( "OnTradeEvent", sd->bl.id ); npc->event_doall_id( "OnTradeEvent", tsd->bl.id ); // Save char RID of exchanger into @trader variable pc->setreg(sd,script->add_str("@trader"),tsd->status.account_id); pc->setreg(tsd,script->add_str("@trader"),sd->status.account_id); - script TradeTest FAKE_NPC,{ OnTradeEvent: mes "Has exchanged with the player "+rid2name(@trader); close; }
  3. Open src/map/trade.c, find: // save both player to avoid crash: they always have no advantage/disadvantage between the 2 players if (map->save_settings&1) { chrif->save(sd,0); chrif->save(tsd,0); } Add below: npc->event_doall_id( "OnTradeEvent", sd->bl.id ); npc->event_doall_id( "OnTradeEvent", tsd->bl.id ); Test NPC: - script TradeTest FAKE_NPC,{ OnTradeEvent: mes "Hello, world!"; close; }
  4. 1. You're using a npctimer, so there aren't players attached. getmapxy("<variable for map name>", <variable for x>, <variable for y>, <type>{, "<search parameter>"}) 2. You need to specific the search parameter, in this case the monster GID, if you don't specific this, getmapxy will take as PC Character invoked. 3. Also, you've used PC variables (@). 4. Replace .@GID temporal variable for .GID permanent variable (you need to store this). 5. For HP/SP see 'getunitdata'.
  5. A temporary solution for this is replace: hBG_queue2teams .BG_Queue,.BG_Players_Min[$BG_Index],.BG_Players_Max[$BG_Index],.TeamBuildingMode,[email protected]_Team1,[email protected]_Team2; For: hBG_balance_teams .BG_Queue,.BG_Players_Max[$BG_Index],.TeamBuildingMode,[email protected]_Team1,[email protected]_Team2; In hBG/bg_common.txt
  6. I was referring to this image: Some fixes and additions in PR: You can try these changes here, until Smoke approve and merge this. Report any errors, note that I'm beginner compared to Smoke.
  7. Happy can convert Source mod to Plugin. Check his paid services here.
  8. 1.- This has been fixed in latest commit. 2.- This is related to the .@Rate variable of rewards, see OnValidateScore label. 3.- in hBG_warp "RespawnPoint" map is equal to 0, so console take this as error. 4.- That screenshot was captured for a hide Admin, he wasn't in any BG Team. 5.- GD skills delay is fixed in this Pull Request, waiting for Smoke check and merge this.
  9. About emblem above characters, I tried change Flags in clif_maptypeproperty2 and this is what I got: I honestly don't know how to remove swords icon. Maybe @Smoke or @Dastgir can solved this.
  10. - Fixed Guild Skills cooldown in Battleground. - Added 3 new commands ( @leader, @bgsize and @bgmode ) Details on Pull Request. @Smoke
  11. @Hit` Add maps from "resnametable.txt" to your mapcache. If you don't know how, see this topic. A temporary solution to the skills, is to add this below of "disable_items;" lines in hBG\bg_flavius_ctf.txt: // Disable skill usage atcommand "@addperm disable_skill_usage"; And add this below of "enable_items;" lines: // Enable Skill usage atcommand "@rmvperm disable_skill_usage"; enable_items() and disable_items() only works when a NPC Script is running.
  12. I got the same error, It was solved by compiling with MSVS 2015. I solved this, see this PR.
  13. I fixed this error and made a PR. https://github.com/Smokexyz/HerculesBG/pull/11 I'd like @Smoke could check it. Maybe I'm wrong in something.
  14. I made a command for switch BG Modes. Open hBG\bg_common.txt and copy this before of OnBGStartCommand: Find /* Player Commands */ and copy above: Finally find // Team Building Mode : and copy above: Usage: @bgmode <1-10> #1 - Random Mode #2 - Capture the Flag #3 - Eye of Storm #4 - Triple Inferno #5 - Team DeathMatch #6 - Bossnia #7 - Conquest #8 - Stone Control #9 - Domination #10 - Rush