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  1. Update 19/01/2019 : Official skill listFinally the updated version of skill tree landed! It was a serious lack in robrowser, we only had the old 2008~2009 skill list version.Now, zeroBrowser supports pre-setting skills points, apply and reset. It also support multi-tab and skills description now follow official behavior (checkbox). Official skill treeAnd the major update is the very famous Skill Tree view !!Multi-tab, prerequisites visualisation (as you can see on the screenshot), and skill level selection are now available. (You can even notice your sitting character on bottom left side corner ^^) Hope you'll like this update that I found essential. NB: After seeing screenshots, I think that it's not obvious... but these screenshots are from ZeroBrowser .
  2. Continuing in that way : Heals (cylinders fx)This time, I tried to mimic heal effects. It contains several textures (cylinders, particles) and it has a lot of randomization.You can see here the comparison between my version and official effects. I spent +20 hours on these effects.In the gif, you can see: Low heal High heal Highest heal Offensive heal Logout cylinder Teleport effect src: https://vykimo.com/zerobrowser (Still looking for help from you, if you have infos about textures used in specialeffects it could be nice !)
  3. Update 30/12/2018 : SpecialeffectsAs you probably know, all the specialeffects (excepted str effects) are hardcoded in the client.So, a big challenge is to reproduce the look of several effects we use everyday, as good as we can.This task is the most laborous and hard part.For instance, you can see my version of Warp NPC vs Official. I tried to reproduce it as close as official one. src: https://vykimo.com/zerobrowser BTW I'm looking for the list of effects with ressources that's use in data/texture/effect folder. If someone have partial or complete infos, I'm here!
  4. I'm not sure if I'm right to post here, I hesitated a lot by fear of being reprimanded. But I'm convinced the project worths to be known and don't be lost in oblivion... So that's why I venture to post, so please forgive me if crowdfunding is not allowed. I try to be fair as much in this demarche. So, now let's explain the project : ZeRObrowser I. PRINCIPLE Ragnarok Zero was announced by Gravity in 2017 : it contains several UI and system modifications. You probably know the project RoBrowser by KeyWorld (a RO client on web browser). Unfortunately, the project died many years ago and is today out of usage. My personnal challenge is to upgrade it to latest rAthena supported exe version : 2018-06-20aRagexe (and potentially support some features of 2016-12-28). Hercules will be as well supported of course. This project is very huge and it's currently the most advanced custom RO client ever made. And it has the main advantage to be cross platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android supported) and very lightweight (ressources can be downloaded only when needed by the game engine). II. PARTICIPATION In order to support my work, I created a crowdfunding on PayPal.I want to share my upgrade in order to follow the will of the creator and to help Ragnarok Online pserver community to grow up even more.If I reach reasonnable amount (not defined yet), I plan to release my work as an Open-Source project.You can find here the pot and start right now to give the amount you decide : https://paypal.me/pools/c/89AICOm9kOI thank everyone that will donate whatever the amount, you're contributing to the future of RO pserver community.*Please note that nothing will be delivered before release for donators, you're only supporting thousands of hours of developement and I only promise to write news here about dev. If the goal isn't reached you'll be refunded. II. MORE INFOS You can find more infos on progress on my personnal website : https://vykimo.com/ (menu : zerobrowser) Screen Example :
  5. Not released. But it works on herc.
  6. Hi all, here is my latest work: Emergency Call Cooldown. Easy for the player and good looking. Please review it.
  7. Absolutely !
  8. Oh yes, if some drawer could do that, it would be awesome!
  9. Hi all, Here my latest preview video of one of my stuff : Video animation In Game If you noticed in the video, the main advantage of my mod is that you can continue talking with the NPC while watching the video !! Please, give me feedbacks ! If you like my stuff, don't forget to follow my profile to get informed of new RO stuff I post on forum !
  10. Be carefull ! My official skype is : Vykimo. All the others are fake account !
  11. Good but rather usual
  12. yes !! Absolutely and that's why this is awesome, you'll see all the npc players and monsters across your path way. But they will not see you instead.
  13. Hello, Here my latest mod : Hancock Jump! (for those who don't know, it's like this It's a teleportation skill (like fly wing) but with fresh look : no refreshing and sfx. Here a small video to understand: Please give me feedbacks !
  14. Gravity announced his own RO web client : It's still ugly but refreshing ragnarok, and that's always cool ! Here all the re-adaptation of Ragnarok from Gravity :
  15. So my hercules is corrupted. Thanks for this