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  1. Not released. But it works on herc.
  2. Hi all, here is my latest work: Emergency Call Cooldown. Easy for the player and good looking. Please review it.
  3. Absolutely !
  4. Oh yes, if some drawer could do that, it would be awesome!
  5. Hi all, Here my latest preview video of one of my stuff : Video animation In Game If you noticed in the video, the main advantage of my mod is that you can continue talking with the NPC while watching the video !! Please, give me feedbacks ! If you like my stuff, don't forget to follow my profile to get informed of new RO stuff I post on forum !
  6. Be carefull ! My official skype is : Vykimo. All the others are fake account !
  7. Good but rather usual
  8. yes !! Absolutely and that's why this is awesome, you'll see all the npc players and monsters across your path way. But they will not see you instead.
  9. Hello, Here my latest mod : Hancock Jump! (for those who don't know, it's like this It's a teleportation skill (like fly wing) but with fresh look : no refreshing and sfx. Here a small video to understand: Please give me feedbacks !
  10. Gravity announced his own RO web client : It's still ugly but refreshing ragnarok, and that's always cool ! Here all the re-adaptation of Ragnarok from Gravity :
  11. So my hercules is corrupted. Thanks for this
  12. Hi, How about this : https://rathena.org/board/topic/106099-instance-mode-expansion on official hercules repository? This is really usefull.
  13. v586 save map in the correct format. 620 don't. You can have black and missing texture in game with the last version
  14. Can you explain me please if this is better than 6.20 v1.0 please? im using that and it really have some problems with texture selection and others little things. Actually I think v.2 is not enough complete.
  15. 586 is actually the best version of BrowEdit. But in few times, BrowEdit 2 will get better but for now it's uncomplete.