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  1. Wish you the best of luck!
  2. Good luck!
  3. Hi there! I would suggest to use images with the same style. Right now you have like 5 different drawing styles flying around the patcher and its quite irritating. You kept the background/footer and inner part quite simple/plain colorwise (white/blue/dark blue/without effects) and then added a super flashy play button with light and shadow effects, I don't think that's pleasing to the eye. But keep it up and play around more! I'm sure you will only get better and better. In case you need some inspiration - one of the patchers I've started recently:
  4. Best of luck!
  5. UPDATE: AVAILABLE PRE-MADE Skylight Patcher [thor] - CAN BE PURCHASED STARTING 2017.08.04! (will update picture when I finished the rss coding) Price: 15$ (coded/no psd) Features: rss feed & I will add your logo to the patcher for free
  6. Best of luck! You're doing great Shiro! ♥
  7. Approved. Good luck guys!
  8. I have absolutely no idea who you are but welcome back ♥ Guess you left the community when I joined. I hope you'll meet some old and new faces here. [:
  9. stalker

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      He is actually my boyfriend :B):

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      Lol that's dope.

  10. Been a tough year but I am back! Hit me up whenever ♥
  11. I am back! updated my pricelist, adjusted my graphics and will update my previews during this week. if you need something feel free to add me on skype: daifukuservices
  12. Approved! Good luck.
  13. yay, my freebies found a purpose after all /o/
  14. woops, typo! I'll fix it once I'm back from Spain. Just don't sell them to others. Don't care about the rest/what you do with them.
  15. View File Fairy Banner/BG *FREE* __________***PLEASE READ***__________ Ueh, I edited this background a very long time ago but it was a free project and is really nothing special. (・・;) Feel free to do whatever with the graphics. Use parts of it or fully, use them as a base or else - but please follow these rules: ________________________________________ Rules: Do not sell these graphics to anyone. Do not ask me to fix, adjust or change something unless you're willing to pay for it. The PSDs is totally chaotic and not cleaned as there was no need for it. I only sold the gif, not the PSD. If you upload it somewhere else, please credit me and/or link back to herc.ws's download section. Contains: Background/RO2 chars Submitter Daifuku Submitted 06/08/17 Category Other Graphics