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  1. Not a script use 2017+ clients.
  2. Hmm, Nope there are atleast 5+ topics about it but no dev-fix/response
  3. Nope, Its broken for years
  4. Can you give us more information? Or atleast is it something like what darksidero command?
  5. You got the last commit from Dastgir i checked mine.
  6. Very nice thing to read, I'm following this one!
  7. You are right, Its redirecting to rAthena hmm, I wonder why
  8. Edit: Manage this one to work and its an awesome client.
  9. Uhm, Try mo sa 2013 alam ko ung aura bugged un sa ibang client sa nemo never ko pa kasi ginamit yan Aura 255
  10. Anong error mo sa Nemo okay naman ung 2014-10-22 diff? Ako gamit ko ngayon is 2017-01 or 2017-05 okay naman sa Nemo unting adjustment lang. Pero kuing gs2 mo tlga stable mag 2013-12-23 ka.
  11. Its flux using cleanURL and bootstrap
  12. Hello! You can use @Smoke Battlegrounds Plugin Its a plugin version of eAmodBG.
  13. Post the whole item_db code for both weapon.
  14. I was wondering if its possible to change the sprite of these 3. Somewhere in rA Rytech said its possible. We are willing to pay if someone can help us hexing the client.
  15. Yay! Kamishi, Please also include a non-3rd job palettes so pre-re server will have a smaller .grf thank you!