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  1. How to allow knockback traps like Blastmine trap, claymore trap etc. (except Ankle Snare) in gvg maps? Removing noknockback in map_zone_db.conf will affect the character, I want only trap skills. Thank you
  2. It's not working. I can't hit my party members in my guilds. if (src && (map->list[m].flag.gvg_castle || map->list[m].flag.gvg) && (battle->get_current_skill(src) == SN_SHARPSHOOTING)) { state |= BCT_ENEMY; state &= ~BCT_PARTY; }
  3. @vBrenth How about to target only the Party member (and Enemy) in your guilds. example: You and Player 2 (Player 2 is not in your party) = You cannot SharpShoot Player 2 You and Player 3 (Player 3 is in your party) = You can target with Sharp Shoot Player 3 Thank you.
  4. @vBrenth thank you very much it worked!
  5. How to make this skill can also target party and guildmates/ally? I changed to Friend from Enemy in skill.conf but no luck.. SkillType: { Friend: true } Thanks.
  6. My old suggestion here:
  7. Yes, that is official behavior of backslide
  8. Check your sql_connection.conf
  10. Its official
  11. See here
  12. In char-server.conf // Display (New) in the server list. char_new_display: 0