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  1. That's definitely msgstringtable error, which is client side Your clue: the title bar suppose to be "Storage", not "Item Inven" and Armor and Weapon tab is the otherway around. Here's my storage view: I suggest you get a new one form
  2. If that's the case by default then it cannot be helped, eh? You should ditch actor2 for Act Editor Download here:
  3. @@buttlord The effect for monster sound are never in the sprite. Rather the actor calls for wav file located in data/wav folder If you update your data.grf you'll be able to get the files that you need.
  4. There's no totem.bmp in the Information folder as far as I know Which map, and do you know what it's for? you should probably add a custom one to figure out what it's for if you don't know Trivia Note: totem are the name of models in Lasagna
  5. Just add MO_BODYRELOCATION: "PLAYER" to the last entry of the section. Would recommend if you read the description section of the file.
  6. I believe it is here
  7. I think the easiest way is to remove it visually. i.e it will still work, but you just can't see it. If i remember it correctly.. go to your grf then.. find: data / texture / À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º / basic_interface / btn_comparison_resize data / texture / À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º / basic_interface / btn_coparison_resize Replace it with the pink #ff00ff or any you desire.
  8. the item skill is called "NPC_WEAPONBRAKER" the example been using WEAPONBREAKER
  9. @@ZelosAvalon Broken as in, gone forever like when enchanting?
  11. Note to other beginners "If your items not working as it intended, it probably overlapped with your item_db2 or something else."
  12. Just want to point out a weird bug of mine and a question about Enhanced Variant Shoes { Id: 22014 AegisName: "Enhanced_Variant_Shoes" Name: "Enhanced Variant Shoes" Type: 5 Buy: 20 Weight: 500 Def: 13 Slots: 1 Job: 0x7CCFDF80 Loc: 64 EquipLv: 85 Script: <" bonus bMaxHPrate,12; bonus bMaxSPrate,12; bonus bDef,getrefine(); bonus bMdef,getrefine(); "> }, Despite having the above item_db.conf, I can't refine the item. But if I duplicate the item, I can refine it just fine. Could anybody please tell me what might be the cause?
  13. Merge the sprites into one file. then edit the actor into the corresponding sprites. If you don't know what that is, visit here: