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  1. Using only recommended + skip license + ragnarok icon + read data folder, kRO grf up to date
  2. @Cyro Somehow, the clients I diff won't even have the compatibility tab in properties @Dastgir I'm using recommended + ragnarok icon + read data folder first + skip license only Clientinfo is there, perhaps it could be incorrect? It runs fine on other versions though. Using full kRO updated .grf :(((( Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Very nice contribution! Added you on discord for some thoughts
  4. Diffing 2014-10-22 and 2015-11-04 with NEMO patcher updated to the fullest. Both clients won't even start (they start sometimes, like 1 in 20 tries) and they don't show any error. Already tried setting up resolution at all possible different settings. Help please
  5. Same issue on 2014-04-16, wouldn't like to downgrade if possible
  6. @Myriad I think Doram starts at 2015-11-04