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  1. Good Day everyone, I have been googling and searching in here and on the wiki but there is not much info about the quest window. The thing is how can I show the sprite of the npc/monster on the quest window? please see attached for example. Thanks in advance guys and more power.
  2. Good Day Everyone, My client is working perfectly but there is one thing that is bothering me a little . Everytime I open my client I am ask by windows to allow my exe to make changes on my device. But I know how to remove it manually via the user account settings. But my question is, is there a way to make it automatically? Thank in advance.
  3. Hello Guys, Actually I got my eyes on DO but they don't offer any DDOS protection. is firewall enough to avoid DDOS attacks? base on my experience before which players that I got are not that good and they will do what they can to do harm on the server.
  4. Good Day everyone, After being out of the game for quite some time. I finally got the drive to move forward again and make a new server. but something is bothering me. Its the hosting, my choices are OVH and Digital Ocean. Im from the Philippines (SEA), Somehow cheaper servers are hosted far for example LA, Just wanna ask if whats the best server that I can get not in Asia that have a stable latency which I can connect and other players from other countries specially US because my friends are there. Thank you.
  5. You are on the wrong section mate
  6. Hello Sir just wanna ask, does DO have a anti ddos protection or I am the one responsible for that? I think its very expensive if I am not going for the shared hosting. But I prefer my own unmanage VPS.
  7. I suggest always separate your website and server. Its not recommended to run them on the same machine unless you are running on a dedicated server 1 more thing mates, for example I bought 1 VPS on DO and decide to make a webhost also on DO because I want DO to handle my server and my webhost. Is that possible? I'll make the other VPS to be my webhost.
  8. Good Day Everyone, I'm planning to get a hosting service at DO but I got this question on the back of my mind. If I applied for a VPS should I get a webhost on them too or I will use the VPS as my webhost also. My point is I don't want to much stress on my VPS. I hope someone can enlighten me. Thank you. More power
  9. sir may script ka ba na may login event. baka naka battle ignore ka.
  10. you can add donpcevent and set it up on your own liking.
  11. Actually its more easier on the standardized version to check or add anything.
  12. bump on this
  13. up on this
  14. Hello mate. Try this new_1-1,65,116,4 script Belle 693,{ if(#freebie_quest == 0) { mes "[Belle]"; mes "Nice to meet you "+ strcharinfo ( 0 ) +", my name is Belle"; mes "Welcome to ^E066FFCane RO!^000000"; mes "I see that you're new here so to help you out I'd like to give you these"; mes "items as a gift to show how much we appreciate you here!"; next; getitem 26090,1; getitem 20108,1; getitem 14001,20; getitem 12263,5; getitem 14592,5; getitem 7059,30; getitem 7060,30; set #freebie_quest,1; savepoint "prontera",156,191; close; } else { mes "[Belle]"; mes "You already took your freebies!"; mes "Have fun in ^E066FFCane RO!^000000"; close; } OnInit: waitingroom "Freebies",0; end; }
  15. Hello Sir, Applied this on our server some there is an error. Right now Im gathering the data on which hair #, gender or palette. Will post it here if I did pin point the problem. Thank you.