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  1. Hi, just wondering does anyone know how to make that 2018 client read encrypted grfs? i'm using 2018 05 30... Regards
  2. But RO hosts are expensive , because mostly they are reseller and they add up their profit , I suggest, learn setting up the server on your local PC first, then buy from ovh(or other unmanaged companies), that would save you lot of money with same(/even better) quality of service and network This. If you don't know how to setup a RO game, then you should look for a RO hosting, but if you have experience hosting a RO server then i suggest you ovh.
  3. what are you looking for? i would recommend ovh
  4. i really recommend her, she is fast, good and his designs are amazing. Dont doubt, if you are looking for designs this is a really good option