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  1. As @@Whimmyd89 mentioned, it's a neat idea, but kinda pointless. Just put "next;" before you use select()/prompt()/menu; and you get the same result basically, albeit with a next button to click before the menu pops up. And anyway, in my opinion, depending on the dialogue between the NPC and the player with menu selections, appending text to the message box after a menu selection (up to a reasonable limit so scrolling isn't necessary, or at least kept to a minimum) makes the "conversation" flow, like the player and NPC are having an actual conversation. But, that's just my personal preference at least.
  2. @@Max Not placing blame, but it seems someone (probably Aeromesi) changed the name of the function and forgot to change a callfunc() later in the script, so it was still trying to call the old function name. I just made a quick change and here's the updated script. And also, I did a complete recode of the script and it does include your topic idea. I also included an option to modify existing posts (useful since the new `topic` column in the table will all default to "Unknown"). Once I get it fully tested I'll upload it here as an alternate version. servernews.txt
  3. @@Max Yeah yeah sorry about that. I was finished the edits on my phone while at work. I removed the comma and reuploaded the file. That's what I get for making a few edits then not running it though before uploading lol Sorry.
  4. Name: Party Board Registration NPC Location: Every town (New World towns commented out) Coded by: Me! (IeYasuru) What it does: A registration board with a sign above it showing "# Registrations) sits in each town. Players seeking a party can register themselves, which stores their name, job, and base/job levels. Party leaders can talk to the board and look through any registered members and chose who they want to invite to party. Script breaks away to invitee and asks if they want to join <Party Leader>'s party. If they chose yes, they get warped ~ 2 cells away from the party leader, and the party leader gets warped back to where he was when he activated the invitation. Features: - Uses attachrid/detachrid to run script execution between two different players - Checks party size of party leader to make sure party isn't already full (stored in [email protected]_Party_Size under OnInit, set to max party size allowed on your server) - Main menu is dynamic, stored in .Menu_Ops[] set in OnInit. Just add .Menu_Ops[2] = "foobar"; to add new menu item, and you can add a new callsub label without having to worry about breaking any existing code. Make sure you add a new case #: callsub "<label>"; inside the switch() at line 59 - Waitingroom chatbox over NPC displays number of players registered looking for party. A one second timer constantly runs in the background refreshing the list, removing players that are already in a party, offline, or revoke their registration. - Duplicates set for all towns (except Novice Grounds and Prison for obvious reasons). There are duplicates set for mid_camp, manuk, and splendide, but they are commented out by default for servers that require the New World quest to access those maps so party leaders can't warp low level players to New World maps without the quest having been done. If you do not require this quest and wish to activate these duplicates, simply uncomment lines 253-255 The script uses a temporary global array named [email protected]_PartyBoard$[]. It -could- be written to use SQL, but with as often as parse_party_list() runs, executing SQL queries to the database that frequently isn't the best idea, and since arrays now hold INT_MAX (roughly 2.1 billion) values, the likeliness of the array filling up are infinitesimally small. Special thanks goes to Aeromesi for the idea for this script. partyboard.txt
  5. Me and IeYasuru just went over that I forgot to include credits, on my other script releases I provide credit for any functions/original author credits, some scripts on my HDD are from IeYasuru and I simply state the conversion from eA to Hercules is by: Aeromesi Sorry about that All is forgiven. Just wanted credit for what I created is all.
  6. Glad to know someone is getting credit for my scripts. Good to know =3.