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  1. Hi sir here's the script how can I block 5377 , 5374 and godlikes items in this script I mean how to add restricted items in this script. prontera,209,229,5 script Item Giver 106,{ mes "[item Giver]"; mes "Please input the ITEM NUMBER that you want to receive."; mes " "; mes "You could use @ii <item name> to look for it or browse at ratemyserver.net"; input .@itemnum; next; mes "[item Giver]"; mes "How many pieces of this item do you want to receive?"; input .@itemcount; next; mes "[item Giver]"; mes "Here you go! Come again!"; getitem .@itemnum,.@itemcount; close; end; }
  2. Hi guys I successfully add Binditems for my server but when I try @item 5377a or just add any symbol or letter at the end of the number they can bypass the item restriction any help how to disable symbol letter in items? so that only id number can fully work using @item. up
  3. BOT

    @keripikotaku how did u fix ur error pease help me how did u implement it?
  4. can someone give already patched 20141022 client please thank you
  5. Yes because self chat is color green... this is a bullshit topic
  6. the link is broken can't download please helo I want to have 2014-10-22 Ragexe
  7. BOT

    I tried to implement this in Rathena but I get error Mr God of script can u make a script like this for rathena?
  8. I suggest make a test server first I can be your Helper if u want u can add me in FB pm me here
  9. Atcommand

    is this working in rathena?
  10. Can I request for link where can I download 2014 data folder latest...... because I found this but it's dead link http://www.ro-services.com/2014-01-15-full-client-download-by-ossi0110/ can some one provide 2014 data folder or link to download thank you I know that many player want this too... thank you and godbless..
  11. bug CASH when I vote no cash receive in-game
  12. there are no packet.h on my SRC/map I use rathena =_=
  13. HERE IS MY MMO.H I'l show u sir #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20120702 //#define PACKETVER 20111116 #endif my problem is when I try to feed my homunculus I got DC
  14. what should I do please guide please THX