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  1. Hey mates, I’m just curious about pretty old ideas and partly implemented stuff for the server. What do you think of it? I’m not searching for funding or development assistance. Just opinion. So let’s start from general overview of 2 ideas therefore I can understand if it even worth. Idea #1: Fast leveling and high rates are boring, low rates and tones of grinding leveling is boring as well. Main concept is in quest chains (main lore and side quests as well). Starting from the very game start. Therefore even with x1 rates you can level up to your lamp without much timewaste and drinding. Idea #2: PvE and PvP. Frankly – Ragnarok is PvE boring and pour game. PvP isn’t much funnier but character mechanics and overall gameplay fix it. Extend PvE system would be represented by adding additional dungeons (for small parties) and raids (for much bigger parties). Skill mechanics reworked according to dungeons and raid requirements. Example: Added agro system that locks monster on the top agro generating player. PvP system is reworked similarly. With some additions in PvP ladders. (Pre-re mechanics)
  2. Hello guys, Are there some examples or tuts about creating of custom in-game windows? Guess it is possible making custom dll... like rcx... but still need some initial support...