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  1. This guide will show you how to ruin ragnarok online at all. More 1day servers, please.
  2. PM me.
  3. New version of YARL soon!

    1. Skyline


      Nice material theme

    2. Kubix


      Ty ^^

  4. Yes its will be ready soon.
  5. Can I test? Sure, you have sources XD
  6. You should try. If they didn't change sql table names then yes, it will work.
  7. Not working. Create permament link
  8. You can host Thor everywhere, just install apache2/nginx or another web-server.
  9. Who will play on their server? Again and again, every week someone open the server with default fluxcp theme, hercules/rAthena with public stuff and after they got 10 online -> server dead. Look at this topics: http://herc.ws/board/forum/50-server-advertisement/ I understand why you care, but trust me, no one will saw that they steal your stuff, because this server - public sh*t, and its true. If you make good server players will play it, if you make server like BrillianceRO it will be dead after 1 month. And after it die ONLY 10% of admins will think what they do wrong, but 90% will continue steal stuff and trying to open their sh*t again. One way to fix this problem: blacklist, don't give pay/free support for this admins, don't sell/give them src/npc and other stuff.
  10. I think this release is outdated now. Try to use hBG. http://herc.ws/board/topic/14083-hercules-battlegrounds-v10a/
  11. New exe is solution. I use 20150513 and its OK.
  12. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/797455/fix-graphics-issues-nvidia-gtx-7xx-serie-ragnarok-online/
  13. It's cool idea, but I think people that ask about how to install Hercules - doesn't know what is docker. And they will not use it. But idea is cool, and docker is cool, i work with it in my python applications.
  14. UPD. Added design services. You must know: We are team, some of us are professional programmers and web designers, some of us are still learning. Who we are?: 3 web devs (php, python, java, js, css, html) 1 java dev (android) 2 C# devs (WPF, .ASP, .NET) 2 designers (2D, 3D, web designs and etc.)