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  1. hello, try www.phytonhost.com
  2. Can i ask what client version need character creation like the image below
  3. Fixed thanks
  4. Hello can i ask where i can change this langauge thanks im using 2013-12-23cRagexe
  5. Allows players who afk and pubbing to gain points except players who use @autotrade or Vending I see this script any one help me??
  6. how to change the size of land protector ?
  7. Hina Hinahanap kasi nila sa isang server classic 99/70 no MVP/Mini boss card / No healer / No warper yan po hanap nila midrate or lowrate style
  8. i wanted that like LMS Disguise Mushroom Hunting Dice Jumper Poring Catcher Etc i know its too much hope you had it and the price is 1 Cashpoint XD thank you mate Lucky pick event try this Every 2hrs
  9. Ready? can i have a slot?
  10. Awesome work please add Reset password also can i test the beta?
  11. Yes bio to avoid spam #main chat thanks up for this Here's the plugin: Download Link How to configure it: // FIXME: make a better way to add fee on channels (directly on channels.conf) const struct { char name[HCS_NAME_LENGTH]; int zeny; int nameid; int amount; } channels_fee[] = { // -- Add channels with fee like the example: {"name", zeny, item id, item count}; {"main" , 1000, 0 , 0}, // #main - 1000z and no item }; Find "channels_fee[]" declaration and add an element just like de example above. It's already set to charge 1000 zenys when trying to speak on #main channel, so just change if you want to add or remove a channel. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks Bio
  12. Yes bio to avoid spam #main chat thanks up for this
  13. Help me any script when player using #main it will cost 10000z??
  14. hello i got error line 76 it seems like you're not using hercules Hello im using rAmod sorry old revision Fixed thanks