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  1. This script command is from rathena created by cydh ,I convert it to herc *bonus_script "<script code>",<duration>{,<flag>{,<type>{,<status_icon>{,<char_id>}}}};This command will attach a script to a player for a given duration, in seconds.After that time, the script will automatically expire. The same bonus cannot bestacked. By default, this bonus will be stored on `bonus_script` table when playerlogs out.Note that the maximum number of 'bonus_script' commands that can run simultaneouslyfor a player is 20 (MAX_PC_BONUS_SCRIPT in 'src/common/mmo.h').Flags: (Default is 0) &1: Remove when dead. &2: Removable by Dispell. &4: Removable by Clearance. &8: Remove when player logs out.Types: This will be used to decide negative or positive buff for 'debuff_on_logout'. 0: Ignore the buff type and won't be removed if the flag is not &8 (Default) 1: Buff 2: DebuffStatus_icon: See "Status Icon" section in 'db/const.txt'. Default is SI_BLANK (-1).Example: // Apple gives you +5 Str bonus for 1 minute when it's consumed. 512,Apple,Apple,0,15,,20,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ bonus_script "{ bonus bStr,5; }",60; },{},{} download: bonus script.patch ---- Table structure for table `bonus_script`--CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `bonus_script` ( `char_id` varchar(11) NOT NULL, `script` varchar(1024) NOT NULL, `tick` varchar(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `flag` varchar(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `type` char(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `icon` varchar(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '-1') ENGINE=InnoDB;
  2. Sorry, I didn't clearly elaborate it , Setting the encoding to 950 will get stuck, but works fine with encoding 1252. -- An unhandled exception has been caught : 長度不可以小於零。 參數名稱: length I guess maybe the possible causes are here: Here is my grf editor version:
  3. Hi~ @Tokeiburu, dunno why grf editor can't decompile the official lub file, can you fix it? skilldescript.lub extracted from TWRO skilldescript.7z
  5. you can try to install OnPcStatCalcEvent then 1. disable the item script of Lord of the death card in item_db.conf 2.
  6. Can someone share the newest idro client ? the official website seems to bind the IP of their country,I can't download it Here is official client download link:
  7. I have never used vpn before ,dunno how....
  8. you wanna triger OnPCStatCalcEvent ? if yes you should make server calculate the player's states
  9. download new Equipment and Status Window interface
  10. use mapflag in mapzone.conf
  11. prontera,150,150,5 script Calculator 999,{ function Add; mes ""+Add(1,2); close; function Add { return (getarg(0)+getarg(1)); } }
  12. I also have same issue but now I use 2013 instead
  13. bEquipmentMatk was renamed as bMatk
  14. Thank you very much for implementing my suggestion, it works perfectly...
  15. [email protected] Can you add a right mouse click menu option that save all my select search result files as a grf file?
  16. find this line .delay2 = 120; // Nombre en secondes de delay pour BaseLevel > 70 then insert after end; OnTouch:
  17. 16-4(.gat) -3([email protected]) -1(\0) = 8
  18. the data type of [email protected] should be string type so change all [email protected] into [email protected]$
  19. Quest

    Any update for this script? I got the same issue like @@zackdreaver becoz this commit : so should change the isday() into !isnight()
  20. currently dont have solution, you can try vs2013 to compile
  21. Maybe OnPCUseSkillEvent is only triggered by the skill which was specified in conf/import/OnPCUseSkillEvent.txt
  22. Hello, I would like to suggest adding this command getequipuniqueid into Herc emulator. Since we had implemented Unique ID system ,but don't have script cmd to get the Unique ID of equipped equipment,so here's hoping that devs can implement this cmd ,thx src - getequipuniqueid doc - getequipuniqueid
  23. not possible
  24. I think that wouldn't work as you expect look here and here you should change the formula of var 'count' maybe you can try my method. count = (sd)? min((skill_lv>=5 ? 10: skill_lv),MAX_PC_DEVOTION) : 1;