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Found 4 results

  1. *Please consider donating for hosting renewal via the following link, any contribution is highly appreciated * Hello Hercules users, In this topic we're sharing the latest kRO unpacked clients, please notice that those clients are for development purposes, the clients listed in here are tested by the dev team and they're working, however we do not offer support in this topic for any problem. If you want to use these clients use them at your own risk. Ragexe Ragexe_zero 2013-06-18#1aRagexeRE 2013-06-26_3bRagexeRE 2014-09-17cRagexeRE 2015-10-28bRagexeRE_2 2015-12-30aRagexeRE 2016-01-13bRagexeRE_2 2016-01-27aRagexeRE_2 2016-02-17bRagexeRE_2 2016-08-24aRagexeRE 2016-12-28aRagexeRE 2017-02-01aRagexeRE 2017-02-08bRagexeRE 2017-04-12aRagexeRE 2017-04-19bRagexeRE 2017-04-26dRagexeRE 2017-06-07cRagexeRE 2017-07-26cRagexeRE 2017-08-23aRagexeRE 2017-08-30bRagexeRE 2017-09-13bRagexeRE 2017-09-20bRagexeRE 2017-09-27bRagexeRE 2017-09-27dRagexeRE 2017-10-02cRagexeRE 2017-10-11aRagexeRE 2017-10-11bRagexeRE 2017-10-18aRagexeRE 2017-10-25bRagexeRE 2017-10-25cRagexeRE 2017-10-25dRagexeRE 2017-10-25eRagexeRE 2017-11-01bRagexeRE 2017-11-08bRagexeRE 2017-11-15aRagexeRE 2017-11-22bRagexeRE 2017-11-29aRagexeRE 2017-12-06aRagexeRE 2017-12-13bRagexeRE 2017-12-20aRagexeRE 2017-12-27aRagexeRE 2018-01-03aRagexeRE 2018-01-03bRagexeRE 2018-01-17aRagexeRE 2018-01-24bRagexeRE 2018-02-07bRagexeRE 2018-02-13aRagexeRE 2018-02-21aRagexeRE 2018-02-21bRagexeRE 2018-03-07bRagexeRE 2018-03-21aRagexeRE 2018-03-28bRagexeRE 2018-04-04cRagexeRE 2018-04-18bRagexeRE 2018-04-25cRagexeRE 2018-05-02bRagexeRE 2018-05-02dRagexeRE 2018-05-16cRagexeRE 2018-05-23aRagexeRE 2018-05-30bRagexeRE 2018-06-05bRagexeRE 2018-06-12aRagexeRE 2018-06-12bRagexeRE 2018-06-20dRagexeRE 2018-06-20eRagexeRE 2018-06-21aRagexeRE 2018-07-04aRagexeRE 2018-07-11aRagexeRE 2018-07-18bRagexeRE 2018-07-18cRagexeRE 2018-08-01cRagexeRE 2018-08-08bRagexeRE (More clients to be added as they're released.) Red: client has something broken by default - not recommended for production if you're having trouble with download make sure to disable any download managers or try with a different browser Legal disclaimer: All rights reserved for Gravity CO. Ltd - these clients could be removed at anytime we receive a notice from them.
  2. Hello there! I just uploaded my RO folder, includes rdata.grf and data.grf, both were uptodated today January 15, 2018 Both GRF's were compressed It doesn't includes BGM's. Includes the latest opensetup Kro Client Folder Ragnarok Client January 2018.rar
  3. Im using client 20180307, with translation of I can login and i see almost everything ok except ... i cant see items, any item, i even try with normal knife weird thing i dont have problems with monstersbut when i launch my client i get 3 errors (attached) Can anyone guide me to fix this? Thanks When i doubleclick the eexe i get this 3 errors Then i can login normally but... (bunny is thee null.bmp) if i create a knife... i get with no description, or image, i get the null img
  4. Yesterday y finally get all to make my local server, (is only for me, i enjoy code and test on my free time) However i notice something weird, before (on 2014 LOL) when i try login i normally see on login screen (console) the attempt of login even if the password is worng. The weird thing here is i cant reach my local login i change the normal parameters (plz let me know if i miss something) define PACKETVER 20180523 -> src/common/mmo.h packet_obfuscation: 0 -> conf/map/battle/client.conf //Uncomment the following line if your client is zero ragexe instead of normal kro clients #define ENABLE_PACKETVER_ZERO -> src/common/mmo.h My server compile and run normally, but client cant reach it my clientinfo.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Online Client Information</desc> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <hideaccountlist></hideaccountlist> <extendedslot></extendedslot> <readfolder></readfolder> <connection> <display>Fofys Lap</display> <address></address> <port>6900</port> <version>56</version> <langtype>12</langtype> <registrationweb></registrationweb> <loading> </loading> <yellow> </yellow> </connection> </clientinfo> and im using 2018-05-23aRagexeRE_patched.exe ( )with nemo patch (recomended only + read data folder first) as before move anything i need reach my server My server is a clean one, (herc emu) and the data and translations are the ones founded here Any idea what im doing wrong PD.- I also try use sclientinfo.xml but there it breeaks (see second img) and send attempt to call nil value x_x and closes after like 100 msgs Thanks