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Found 4 results

  1. Description: Adds the check_resist() script command to your script engine. With this command, you can retrieve elemental resistances for a character. check_resist(<type>{, <account id>}) e.g. check_resist(Ele_Water); check_resist(Ele_Wind, getcharid(CHAR_ID_ACCOUNT));
  2. Hello again! This time I bring the getalliance(<Guild ID>) script command. It works similar to getpartymember() and getguildmember(). I'm still in the process of testing, but it seems to work okay so far. There is a sample script in the comments section at the top of the plugin. Try it out! *getalliance(<Guild ID>) This command will find all guilds in an alliance with the specified guild and returns their names and guild ids into an array of temporary global variables. Upon executing this, [email protected]$[] is a global temporary string array which contains all the names of each allied guild. [email protected]$[] is a global temporary string array which contains all the names of each opposition guild. [email protected][] is a global temporary number array which contains the guild id of each allied guild. [email protected][] is a global temporary number array which contains the guild id of each opposition guild. [email protected] is the number of allied guilds found. [email protected] is the number of opposition guilds found. Note that the returned guilds come in no particular order. Be sure to use [email protected]/[email protected] to go through this array, and not getarraysize(), because it is not cleared between runs of getalliance(). For usage examples, see getpartymember(). Download:
  3. Hello! The following plugin will grant your server the getguildid("<Guild Name>") script command. It is quite self-explanatory. Simply enter the Guild Name for which you need the GID. Make sure you capture it too! Example: [email protected] = getguildid("My Pro Guild"); // [email protected] will now be equal to whatever the guild id of 'My Pro Guild' is. // example, can be used with flagemblem flagemblem([email protected]); Hopefully no errors and compiles first time ...and hopefully this will get added to source as I hadn't found a similar functionality to it yet in our existing commands. Download:
  4. Hello, I created this buildin which invites char id 2 to char id 1's party (CID1 must be online). It sends char id 2 an invite as if char id 1 clicked their name and invited them. What I want to know - is it possible to force join a character to a party without giving them the option to accept or decline? Thanks. /* *party_invite(<char id 1>, <char id 2>) Invites Char ID 2 to the party owned by Char ID 1. Char ID 1 must be online. Returns true on succession, false on failure. */ BUILDIN(party_invite) { struct map_session_data *sd = script->charid2sd(st, script_getnum(st, 2)); struct map_session_data *t_sd = script->charid2sd(st, script_getnum(st, 3)); if (sd == NULL || t_sd == NULL) return false; if (!script_hasdata(st, 2) && !script_hasdata(st, 2)) { ShowError("Both Char IDs must be supplied."); return true; } if (party->invite(sd, t_sd)) script_pushint(st, 1); else script_pushint(st, 0); return true; }