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Found 72 results

  1. This topic about another Nemo fork Now updated: Addon "extract msg string table" Patch "restore login window" Patch "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" Different other patches (not all tested). New patches for Ragnarok Zero clients. Remove hardcoded address/port Restore old login packet New patches for all clients: Hide lua errors In future I probably will support only patches what really need for Hercules development. For test Ragnarok zero clients need: use hercules pull request: this nemo fork and enable at least patches from this or similar clientinfo.xml get zero client from
  2. Collection of official Full Clients. Those are vanilla, not modified in any way or whatever. They are patched up to date. Let me know if I've missed something. BGM's following the next days. Server Name With BGM Without BGM BGM only South Korea (kRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare South Korea (Ragnarok Zero) 04. January 2017 Mega gDrive Taiwan and Hongkong (twRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Japan (jRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Thailland (tRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare International (iRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Philippines (pRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Indonesia (idRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Brazil (bRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare France, Europe (fRO, euRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare
  3. Hello Hercules users, In this topic we're sharing the latest kRO unpacked clients, please notice that those clients are for development purposes, the clients listed in here are tested by the dev team and they're working, however we do not offer support in this topic for any problem. If you want to use these clients use them at your own risk. 2013-06-18#1aRagexe 2013-06-18#1aRagexeRE 2013-06-26_3bRagexeRE 2013-06-26_3cRagexe 2014-09-17cRagexeRE 2014-10-22bRagexe 2015-09-23dRagexe 2015-10-28bRagexeRE_2 2015-11-25dRagexe 2015-12-30aRagexeRE 2016-01-13bRagexe_2 2016-01-13bRagexeRE_2 2016-01-27aRagexeRE_2 2016-02-17bRagexeRE_2 2016-04-14bRagexe_2 2016-07-06bRagexe 2016-08-24aRagexeRE 2017-04-12aRagexeRE 2017-04-19bRagexeRE 2017-04-26dRagexeRE 2017-06-07cRagexeRE 2017-07-26cRagexeRE 2017-08-23aRagexeRE 2017-08-30bRagexeRE 2017-09-13bRagexeRE 2017-09-20bRagexeRE 2017-09-27bRagexeRE 2017-09-27dRagexeRE 2017-10-02cRagexeRE 2017-10-11aRagexeRE 2017-10-11bRagexeRE 2017-10-18aRagexeRE 2017-10-25bRagexeRE 2017-10-25cRagexeRE 2017-10-25dRagexeRE 2017-10-25eRagexeRE 2017-11-01bRagexeRE 2017-11-08bRagexeRE 2017-11-13bRagexe Zero 2017-11-15aRagexeRE 2017-11-22bRagexeRE 2017-11-29aRagexeRE 2017-12-06aRagexeRE 2017-12-06cRagexe 2017-12-06dRagexe_Zero 2017-12-08aRagexe_Zero 2017-12-08cRagexe_Zero 2017-12-08dRagexe_Zero 2017-12-09bRagexe_zero 2017-12-09cRagexe_zero 2017-12-10aRagexe_zero 2017-12-11bRagexe_zero 2017-12-12aRagexe_zero 2017-12-13bRagexe 2017-12-13bRagexeRE 2017-12-20aRagexeRE 2017-12-27aRagexeRE (More clients to be added as they're released.) if you're having trouble with download make sure to disable any download managers or try with a different browser Legal disclaimer: All rights reserved for Gravity CO. Ltd - these clients could be removed at anytime we receive a notice from them.
  4. Edit: Sorry, I had a typo in map_ip setting. :| I recently diffed a client using NEMO patcher (tried 2014-10-22 and 2015-05-13), however, I have encountered the issue of not being able to join the map server. I get as far as character select, then once choosing my character, the client hangs before eventually receving the error "Failed to connect to server". I'm not sure what the issue is. I used an old "Profile", which automatically had all the diff choices setup from my previous client which worked perfect. I have tried the following things: Using the client on a fresh version of Hercules (stable branch, with only the necessary changes made to be able to connect). Checked src/common/mmo.h has the right PACKETVER defined. (20141022) ./configure --enable-packetver=20141022 then compiling. Disabling packet obfuscation in both the client patch diff and client.conf setting. (tried combinations of both) Turning off my firewall. Using only the recommended patches. When logging in, this is the output I receive: (nothing further after the last one) [Status]: Request for connection of my_account (ip: my.ip.address). [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: my_account, id: 2000000, ip: my.ip.address) [Status]: Connection of the account 'my_account' accepted. [Info]: Closed connection from 'my.ip.address'. [Info]: request connect - account_id:2000000/login_id1:830490619/login_id2:1666885215 [Info]: Loading Char Data (2000000) [Info]: Guild loaded (1 - My Guild) [Info]: Char load request (150000) [Info]: Loaded char (150000 - Myriad): status memo inventory cart skills friends hotkeys mercenary accdata [Info]: Selected char: (Account 2000000: 0 - Myriad) [Info]: Subnet check [my.ip.address]: WAN Still no luck. Hope somebody can help! Thanks.
  5. This tool allow extract packets from old clients before 2013 version. For newer versions can be extracted not all packets. Another feature dump some packet related function addresses and create ida pro script file for name this functions. Usage information can found in readme. For run bpe need linux or wsl in windows 10. Also need python2 installed.
  6. Judas Ragnarok Services I’ve been involved in Ragnarok for a quite a while. I’ve gained experience in the clientside and making various customizations. Below are the services that I provide: List of Services: ➢ Full Server/Client Setup - ($15) Addons: Troubleshooting: If current customers run into problems regarding their setup, within my capabilities there will be no charge. Accepted Payments: PayPal Only! Contact Information Skype: zachary.t.bui Notes: You are free to pm me about your concerns and discounts can be provided if needed. If you would like a consultation about the above service, please PM me regarding that as well. Fractured Dimension Instance (Tales of Xillia Inspired)
  7. Hi, sorry bother you, I'm just starting again with ro stuffs after 5 years almost x_x now i'm a little lost, i made my server work with 2013 exe (i found it on my lap lol) but trying to set up a new client (20170517) cant make it work, i already setup mmo.h and the clientconfig.xml. I can login, create char but cant load the char to the map server, i got dc, also the files that with 2013 client shows in english (like items, msgs, desc) now i shows on korean X_x i cant find some resources to do it, maybe i'm looking on the wrong places, any guidee/link/help will be usefull ^^, thanks a lot
  8. Hi, sorry bother you, I'm just starting again with ro stuffs after 5 years almost x_x now i'm a little lost, i made my server work with 2013 exe (i found it on my lap lol) but trying to set up a new client (20170517) cant make it work, i already setup mmo.h and the clientconfig.xml. I can login, create char but cant load the char to the map server, i got dc, also the files that with 2013 client shows in english (like items, msgs, desc) now i shows on korean X_x i cant find some resources to do it, maybe i'm looking on the wrong places, any guidee/link/help will be usefull ^^, thanks a lot
  9. RO Credentials About Simple and tiny client launcher+login. Has no prerequisites and runs on all Windows versions. Known Issues [aavc] This tool is not safe for computers running Avast Anti-Virus. Download binary, reference source Q & A Is it customizable? Yes. How? With resource editing tools, such as ResourceHacker. All text and icons can be customized. Settings can be edited in an INI file, instructions on how to do that are provided in the example files together with the launcher. What is "reference source"? You cannot compile it (unless you provide the missing components), but see what functionality the latest binary contains. I want it to be xyz.exe, but it does not read the INI file. Why? You have to match the INI name to the EXE name.rocred.exe -> rocred.inimytest.exe -> mytest.ini How can I embed an INI file into the EXE? Add the INI file as RCDATA resource named CONFIG with ResourceHacker. How do I use background skinning? Create a file named bgskin.bmp (magenta #ff00ff is considered transparent). You can also embed the file as BITMAP resource with the name BGSKIN. Window size is adjusted to the bitmap size, position of controls must be set in the INI. Buttons can be skinned as well, see the INI for names. Can I add custom buttons, if so, how many? Yes, see the INI template for details. There is no defined limit on how many, the only constraints are available memory, GDI resources and INI size limit on some platforms. By the way, custom buttons can be skinned as well. Why does the client not auto-login when I press "Start" / Why do I have to login twice? The client must be 2010-08-04aRagexeRE or newer and must not have the "Restore Login Window" patch and should have the "Use SSO Login Packet" patch. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.
  10. Hello, For some reason, I decided to write my own guide for super newbie people. And when I say newbie, I say REAL newbie. I will not ask you to learn anything or saying rude things like "go google ffs". I believe people that want to create their server are not necessary interested being a linux master or whatever. Never people are saying that before leaning guitar, people should learn how string and guitar are made. Enough talk, lets start ! Prerequisites Patience, meticulousness, cogitation kRO full client: Mirror #1 (mediafire), Mirror #2 (Direct Link from my ftp) kRO last actual compatible exe: Mirror #1 (, Mirror #2 (Direct Link from my ftp) Setup exe: Download (Page), Mirror #1 (Direct Link from my ftp) N.E.M.O. Diff Patcher Download (git) BGM parameter files. Download (Direct Link, Mirror #1 (Direct Link from my ftp) Translation Package. Download (git) Putty: Download (Page) If Putty does not work, use Kitty Download (Page) 1~2 hours of your time Things you should know: You cannot see password in Putty / Kitty when you type it. nano is a text editor. At the bottom of the screen you can see a menu. To use it, press CTRL + the option's letter You cannot use numeric pad in nano Being polite is always rewarding I. Dedicated server A. Get your server You can find very cheap solution at Kimsufi. Choose anything you want. I recommend you to choose Debian 8 (Jessie) for your OS. In Kimsufi manager, you will find your server IP. You have your login (root) and password in an email after installing the OS B. Configure your server Start Putty and enter server's IP address Connect with root then type the password you got by email. (You wont see " * " when you type) To change your password enter the following line passwd Install required package by enter this (copy this and paste it with a right-click): apt-get install git make gcc mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev screen ​The following is meant to make a web server. Even if you don't plan to make a website, I suggest you to take it, just because phpmyadmin is easy to use. While installing phpmyadmin, select apache2. apt-get install apache2 apt-get install php5 php5-cli libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql apt-get install phpmyadmin ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /var/www/html/ ​Because hercules doesn't work if you use root login, we will create a new user. useradd ragnarok passwd ragnarok [choose_a_password] Connect to phpmyadmin and login with the information you chose at this address: http://your_server_ip/phpmyadmin Create a new database ragnarok and choose utf8_unicode_ci as collation Create another database and name it ragnarok_log with same collation Click on the tab Users (top of the page), Add User and fill the form. Username: ragnarok, password: [choose_a_assword], Click on Check All in the privilege group. (or if you know what are you doing, select options you need) Now you can log out from your server in Putty logout C. Install Hercules Login again in Kitty with the new user ragnarok Download Hercules emulator git clone ~/Hercules We will need to reach the database installation folder: cd Hercules/sql-files/ We will now import tables in the database. You will have to write your mysql password each time (set in step B.4). mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < main.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok_log < logs.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < item_db2.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_db2.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_skill_db2.sql if you want to make a PRE-RENEWAL server, enter also this mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < item_db.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_db.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_skill_db.sql If you want to make a RENEWAL server: mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < item_db_re.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_db_re.sql mysql -u ragnarok -p ragnarok < mob_skill_db_re.sql D. Configure hercules It is required to set up a server login and password for char-server, map-server and the login database. It can be done by editing few files and the table login. Start by editing conf/inter-server.conf. cd ../​​ nano conf/inter-server.conf Find the line sql.db_username and fill it with the user and password we created in step B.10. fill also the database name with ragnarok As the same time, you will need to edit conf/import/inter_conf.txt. nano conf/import/inter_conf.txt sql.db_username: ragnarok sql.db_password: your_sql_password sql.db_database: ragnarok log_db_id: ragnarok log_db_pw: your_sql_password log_db_db: ragnarok_log now edit conf/import/char_conf.txt and fill it with this following text nano conf/import/char_conf.txt // Server Communication username and password. userid: [new user] passwd: [new password] Do the same to conf/import/map_conf.txt with the same userid and passwd. nano conf/import/map_conf.txt // Server Communication username and password. userid: [new user] passwd: [new password] You will need to update the login table from ragnarok database. Connect again to your phpmyadmin (I.B.7) Find the table login and edit the only row available. userid must have the same value as [new user] user_pass must have the same value as [new password] char-server.conf nano conf/char-server.conf server_name: [your_server_name] wisp_server_name: Admin For some reason, you must reboot your server. reboot Close the Terminal and connect again after a minute. Now you will need to work on your server ports iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 6900 -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 5121 -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 6121 -j ACCEPT iptables save We are done with the server for now. You can log out if you want. Lets prepare our client! II. Create the Client A. Organization Extract the full client in C:\ro_client\RO\ and launch update with rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe or rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe if you set a pre-re server. Extract the Ragexe.exe in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract data and System folders from the translation Package in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract the opensetup.exe in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract Mssfast.m3d and Mp3dec.asi from in C:\ro_client\fresh\ Extract N.E.M.O. content in C:\ro_client\NEMO\ Once Step 1 is DONE: Copy All *.dll and *.INI files from C:\ro_client\RO\ to C:\ro_client\fresh\ Copy BGM and savedata folders from C:\ro_client\RO\ to C:\ro_client\fresh\ Copy rdata.grf and data.grf files from C:\ro_client\RO\ to C:\ro_client\fresh\ B. Configure the Client Launch N.E.M.O. and load 2015-05-13aRagexe.exe Hit "Select Recommended" Confirm DATA.INI Rename iteminfo.lub to iteminfo_n.lub Now search "Read Data Folder First" and check it Hit "Apply Selected" and you will have a new 2015-05-13aRagexe_patched.exe file. You should "Save Profile" now, because you will probably want to edit again your client later C. Add the translation Rename C:\ro_client\fresh\System\itemInfo.lub to iteminfo_n.lub You might need to rename C:\ro_client\fresh\data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\ folder to 유저인터페이스 later, but for now, just skip this step (not sure if you encounter this problem). Open C:\ro_client\fresh\data\clientinfo.xml with a text editor (I recommend Notepad++) Update the address with your server IP <address>[ip_address]</address> Done with the translation. Now we will say to the server, which client players are using. III. Finish Server configuration A. Compile the server Launch Putty again and login to your server. We will compile Hercules. It will take time so be patient. cd ./Hercules ​​./configure --enable-packetver=20150513 make clean make sql once it is done, you can verify if the version has been properly set. nano src/common/mmo.h Find following lines #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER Change #define PACKETVER to #define PACKETVER 20150513 if not done yet. If you did change something in mmo.h, you need to recompile again. Process again the step III.A.1 B. Start the server To start the server, you simply need the following line (while being in Hercules folder) ./athena-start start IV. Player Side A. Create a Game Master Account Go to your phpmyadmin (step I.B.7) and find again the login table. Hit the Insert tab userid: [login_nickname] user_pass: [login_pass] group_id: 99 gender: M or F You have now your Game Master Account B. Play Launch C:\ro_client\fresh\2015-05-13aRagexe_patched.exe Login with your newly created game master account Process thru in game. type @go 0 Be happy. V. Customize A. Back to the N.E.M.O. This Diff patcher is really cool, be aware of that. You can now edit again your client. repeat the step II.B.1 Hit "Load Profile" and choose the previous file you created in step II.B.7 Check the list and hit option you want. repeat step II.B.6 and 7 B. Options & Fix Remove the Pin Secure Code Be sure to always be in Hercules folder ( cd ./Hercules) ./athena-start stop ​​nano conf/import/char_conf.txt add this line: pincode_enabled: 0 process to step III.A.1 To edit clientinfo.xml, I suggest you to check the wiki page if you can't see in game button Rename C:\ro_client\fresh\data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º to 유저인터페이스 Get Unbollox: Download (Download Page), Mirror #1 (Direct Link from my ftp) In unbollox, select the texture folder and click on À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º Changing starting point nano conf/import/char_conf.txt add start_point_re: prt_fild08,170,365 Changing starting items nano conf/import/char_conf.txt ​add start_items: 2393,1,0,5055,1,0,569,20,1 Changin starting Zeny nano conf/import/char_conf.txt add start_zeny: 5,000 == More options to come, just reply to this topic if you can't find how to do what == C. Adding Custom Content NPC ​Add your script in npc/custom/your_script_name.txt Edit npc/script_custom.conf and add the following line: npc: npc/custom/your_script_name.txt ITEM Read the wiki about custom item (Link) System/iteminfo_n.lub [<item id>] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "My custom Item", // Or "Accessory" or "Headgear" if it is an equipment unidentifiedResourceName = "my_custom_item", //This will set the sprite you will use (ex: my_custom_item.spr / actmy_custom_item.act) unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Unknown Item, can be identified by using a ^6666CCMagnifier^000000." }, //Or basically juste { }, if it is not an equipment. identifiedDisplayName = "My custom Item", identifiedResourceName = "my_custom_item", identifiedDescriptionName = { "Bleh this item is a custom item.", "Bleh this is a second line" }, // Description of your item. slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 // Read the wiki page for the list. }, Sprites. Drop item sprite (also the same as click and drag) must be in: data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/my_custom_item.spr / my_custom_item.act Inventory texture (24x24 size 256 bit bmp) must be in: data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item/my_custom_item.bmp Headgears: Copy the headgear in: data\sprite\¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®\¿©\¿©_my_custom_item.spr / ¿©_Helmet.act for Female data\sprite\¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®\³²\³²_my_custom_item.spr / ³²_Helmet.act for Male Collection picture (75x100 256 bit bmp) must be in: data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/collection/my_custom_item.bmp MAP Cient side Your map file name and ID cannot be longer than 13 caracters. ​my_map.gat, my_map.gnd, my_map.rsw, my_map.extra must be in data/ folder (inside grf) Additional textures (bmp) must be in data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/map/ BGM must be in BGM/ folder. Add the bgm in data/mp3nametable.txt (ex: my_map.rsw#bgm\\44.mp3#) Add following lines to data/resnametable.txt my_map.gnd#my_map.gnd# my_map.gat#my_map.gat# my_map.rsw#my_map.rsw# Add this line to data/mapnametable.txt my_map.rsw#Title of my Map# Server Side Add the following line to​​ db/map_index.txt my_map Add the following line to conf/maps.conf map: my_map Cache Create a map.grf and include a folder data/. Add inside your map files (gat, rsw, gnd, extra) Create a folder grf/ in your server root (Hercules/) and upload map.grf inside grf/ folder. Connect via ssh (putty) to your server and log in. Stop your server ./athena-start stop Edit conf/grf-files.txt ​nano conf/grf-files.txt Add the following line, save and close. ​grf: grf/map.grf Do the following command ./mapcache start your serveur ./athena-start start
  11. Hi, i'm looking for client 2016-12-07eRagexeRE already tried search to this forum, but not found it. Please share it to me if you have it. Thanks
  12. I have this problem for years Shins Diff patcher wont load WDGEnableAuraOverLvl99.dll same in Nemo patcher customauraLimits wont work properly btw I am using 2014-10-22bRagexe please help me! Max base level = 255 is there another way to diff it properly?
  13. Guys! ano po ba magandang client na madidiff ko ang aurapasslvl99 or mapapatch ko ng nemo kasi an gamit kong client now is ung 20141022 and ayaw sa nemo same sa shins diff patch any suggestions po? Btw max level 255 Salamat
  14. Let's work together indeed! Server Setup Setup emulator(rAthena/Hercules/rAmod) in your VPS Apache, MySQL & Phpmyadmin Basic NPC's. Server Files Migration( if requested will migrate your files from old host new host) Loading Screens / Login Screen Game Guard Installation( will install your desired game guard) Client Setup Setup Ragexe / RagexeRE( diffing as your need) Thor Patcher setup( custom patcher can be made on requests) YourRO.GRF setup (Grf building) Web Setup Setup Flux Control Panel (will setup your theme's) IP Board Forums installation(also theming that matches with your flux theme) Wiki page Installation ( will install wiki page for your server) NPC Scripting Create custom NPCs/Events Repair broken NPCs/Events Modify NPCs/Events Important things to note before you contact me : My works starts from as low as $5, prices of the projects requested depend entirely upon the size of the project and the complexity I do not give refunds without valid reasons! But, I might offer free services as return All terms and conditions may be subject to change. Feel free to contact me here: Discord :Cyro#6282 Skype : dheeraj_45
  15. Hi hercules members. I would like to offer my service to whom might be interest with. Full Server Setup - NOW ONLY 15 USD * Emulator setup (rAthena/Hercules/3CeAM) with latest SVN/GIT in your VPS * Latest Ragexe/RagexeRE client setup supported by the choosen emulator * GRF Building with cientside english translation * Webserver setup include MySQL & Phpmyadmin * Thor patcher setup (Defaut Skin only) * Flux Control Panel setup (Default Theme only) * Server consultation (if related to the setup those i have done as listed above) Server Setup Only - 5 USD * Setup emulator in your VPS + Webserver, MySQL & Phpmyadmin Client Setup & Thor Patcher Only - 5 USD * Setup Ragexe / RagexeRE & Thor Patcher (Defaut Skin only) Control Panel Setup Only - 5 USD * Setup Flux Control Panel (Default Theme only) Forum Setup Only - 10 USD * Setup free forum (myBB, phpBB, smf) Troubleshooting: If current customers run into problems regarding their SETUP, within my capabilities there will be no charge. Bring to me a clean VPS, then I will setup it for me for above price. I would recommend a debian (not CentOS) Q: Why Debian over other other Linux Distributions such as CentOS? A: It is not a neccessary to use Debian. Just in my case, i feel comfortable using Debian instead of CentOS. Perhaps because Debian provides updates on software more regularly & frequently than other Linux Distribution such as CentOS. Following link could give you a clearer & brighter image on this thing. NOTE : There is one useful git command. which is git diff. diff -> it show the changes those u have made.. and today i just noticed the diff shown in centos is too dammed not clear & noticable. it even not catch the diff properly, the diff in centos seems broken. u can refer to the image below. left one is git diff on centos while right one is git diff on ubuntu. as u can see git diff on ubuntu would much clearer & noticeable to see the changes those u have done. So, why should u choose over the distro that carries very outdated software & the changes u have done is not noticable + not catching the diff properly? Reminder: 1. Bare in mind. I'm not the person who in charge in paying the VPS rental fee. I'm just providing service for setup the server to be playable. As i only charge the service provided ONCE, thus, the VPS rental fee is under the server owner responsibilities. Just a 10 USD VPS should be enough & meet the requirement to run RO. 2. I'm only done the default setup (server-side & client-side) / default skin (thor patcher) / default theme (flux control panel). any mods / customization i'm not interested to do the setup. Those are should be under the server's owner to deal with it, NOT ME. Thus i'm not responsible for fixing any bugs / errors / problems resulting from the mods / customization those the server's owner have been done. My project? U can click link down below. Not my server & I'm not the server owner. Thus providing service to setup & hosting this server. Feel free to check it. Accepted Payments: Paypal Contact Infomation: skype: hazim_jauhari discord: mikegyver#3804 Feel free to contact me if you have any question
  16. Hi, I am wondering if it is possible for a client to force open something? I am interested in having an atcommand which can open a command prompt and initiate some commands. Thanks
  17. Hello community, i will change the icon of my exe, i used the Reshack program and i have seen two ways for change the icon in another posts from hercules/rathena, "after diff the client and... before diff", i tested the two ways and is not working... Appears that error when i open the exe. Only when i change the icon before or after. Sorry my system is spanish I use this icon pack : My question Is it possible to change the icon from the executable?
  18. Hello again Hercules community, How would one go about disabling (or removing) the lv99/175 auras in a 20141022 client? Thanks
  19. Hello Is there a way for someone who isn't a total Ragnarok Online Nerd (Myself) To control the episode Server wise and Client wise - Npcs - Monsters - Items - Maps - Commands I suppose all of this should be done manually... Is there a guide or a check-list to aid me in that process? For example, according to this episode Timeline: I want to FREEZE it at : 2007.04.10: Episode 11.3 : Nameless Island Right now I'm using 2013 client and latest Hercules. Seems like a lot of work... Would appreciate all available information! Really....
  20. bug on @disguise in 20150513? After I move (when disguised) once, and try to move again, the sprite stays on that location (other players can see my sprite moving though). Any thoughts?
  21. Hello community, I want to share BASIC guide for setting up Client date 2013+ (custom items, jobs, weapons, etc, go away) This is a compact list that you can follow to setup your client, let's start: [1]. Download latest kRO Installer from : [*] [*] [*]Torrent : I will update when I found the other links. [2]. Choose which client date you want use, list clients date (Ragexe) that available in Hercules: [*] 2014 : 2014-01-15, 2014-02-05, 2014-03-05, 2014-04-02, 2014-04-16, 2014-10-16, 2014-10-22 [*]2013 : 2013-03-20, 2013-05-14, 2013-05-22, 2013-05-29, 2013-06-05, 2013-06-12, 2013-06-18, 2013-06-26, 2013-07-03, 2013-08-07, 2013-08-14, 2013-12-18, 2013-12-23, 2013-12-30 The recomended and stable clients are bolded [3]. Download UNPACKED Ragexe from : [*]2013 : [*]2014 : [*]Fixed 2014 April client, Link by @Lilystar :!alM3kRyC!9z7xDPmFU3J9UFg4hXjNcv9XnLZxG5AL87iNksjpSiM [4]. Use NEMO patcher to diff your client [*] , Use the git link, not the zip file. [*]Extract your client then open NEMO.exe [*]Browse and select your client. [*]Click "Load Client" button [*]Click "Select Recomended" button (Its checked all basic diffs) [*]Checked "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo.lub" Patch, and fill it with "System/iteminfo.lua" [*]Then click "APPLY SELECTED" button. (Default result will like this : yyyy-mm-ddbRagexe_patched.exe) [*]Move your patched.exe to your Ragnarok folder. [5]. Now you got the patched exe, next is to edit your Hercules so it accept your client date [*]go to srccommon and open "mmo.h" [*]scroll down to #define PACKETVER [*]then changed "#define PACKETVER yyyymmdd" to your client date (eg: #define PACKETVER 20140416) [*]Add "//" before "#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE" , because we use Ragexe [*]Save then compile your hercules. (choose "release", not "debug") Compiling guide: Setting up server guide: [6]. Now everything is ready to play, but you don't want to play with korean/unknown letter right? [*]Ok, now go to [*]Download it, after that, copy the "data" folder to other folder (case sensitive). [*]Add your clientinfo.xml inside it (in folder data), then make a GRF from this. (Use GRF editor [*]Save and name it "english.grf". [*]Move it to your Ragnarok folder. [*]Open your DATA.ini, if you don't have it, open your patched.exe, that should create one. [*]Add this line "1=english.grf" below "[Data]", without quote. so it will be like this : [*][Data]1=english.grf2=data.grf [*]Copy all files inside "SystemFont" folder of client translation, then paste it to Ragnarok "SystemFont" [*]Lastly copy "itemInfo.lua" and "Towninfo.lub" from client translation project to your ragnarok "system" folder [*]That's it! run Hercules's "run-server.bat" and open your patched.exe and play. [7]. Updating your KRO To make sure your KRO fully up to date, download RO patcher by Ai4rei , Put rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe to your ragnarok folder, run it until the patch is complete , then close it. P.S : Experimental client like 2014-10-22bRagexe and 2015-05-13aRagexe are NOT RECOMENDED to be used as client for your server. many broken feature inside them (like missing packets or unimplemented feature) as Developer still working on it (with no exact date), use it at your own risk =============================================== =================== F . A . Q =================== =============================================== All credits goes to Community
  22. Okay, hi! I'm wondering which 2015 client is stable enough (and hercules supported) should I use? Can you give me a link to it? Thanks! I'm upgrading because if the infamous bug with gtx 750 and 970 video cards where you have to CTRL + ALT + DELETE and cancel so sprites wont look... pixelated (more pixelated that is). Thanks in advance!
  23. LINK: Note: For newer clients ONLY. The script can only generate WEAPONS, ARMORS and HEADGEARS. What it does? Generates a code for lub files for adding a custom item. How it works? [Adding an Item on List] Fill all required fields -> Click Insert button * After inserting an item, the ItemID and VeiwID automatically increment based on the previous ids. [Adding a description line] Enter a description line -> Click + button * undo button - removes the last description line * refresh button - resets the list of descriptions [Remove Last button] * removes the last item on list [Viewing the list] Click Show All button. What if I made a mistake on a custom item which I already added? I added a feature wherein you can update an info. How? Just put the Existing ItemID on the textbox and it will load the properties and you may now update the item. Click Update button when done. Please report to me via email or message me here if you found any bugs on my script. Thank You! Email: [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>
  24. Hello Hercules! I am interested in removing this button from my client. Does anybody know how? Thank you in advance.
  25. Is this official behavior? I remember these skills use to have animations. Now, Shadow Jump will always result in the character facing east (with no finish animation like Asura Strike has) and backsliding just throws your character back without movement animation.