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Found 3 results

  1. Let's work together indeed! Server Setup Setup emulator(rAthena/Hercules/rAmod) in your VPS Apache, MySQL & Phpmyadmin Basic NPC's. Server Files Migration( if requested will migrate your files from old host new host) Loading Screens / Login Screen Game Guard Installation( will install your desired game guard) Client Setup Setup Ragexe / RagexeRE( diffing as your need) Thor Patcher setup( custom patcher can be made on requests) YourRO.GRF setup (Grf building) Web Setup Setup Flux Control Panel (will setup your theme's) IP Board Forums installation(also theming that matches with your flux theme) Wiki page Installation ( will install wiki page for your server) NPC Scripting Create custom NPCs/Events Repair broken NPCs/Events Modify NPCs/Events Important things to note before you contact me : My works starts from as low as $5, prices of the projects requested depend entirely upon the size of the project and the complexity I do not give refunds without valid reasons! But, I might offer free services as return All terms and conditions may be subject to change. Feel free to contact me here: Discord :Cyro#6282 Skype : dheeraj_45
  2. Hi hercules members. I would like to offer my service to whom might be interest with. Full Server Setup - NOW ONLY 15 USD * Emulator setup (rAthena/Hercules/3CeAM) with latest SVN/GIT in your VPS * Latest Ragexe/RagexeRE client setup supported by the choosen emulator * GRF Building with cientside english translation * Webserver setup include MySQL & Phpmyadmin * Thor patcher setup (Defaut Skin only) * Flux Control Panel setup (Default Theme only) * Server consultation (if related to the setup those i have done as listed above) Server Setup Only - 5 USD * Setup emulator in your VPS + Webserver, MySQL & Phpmyadmin Client Setup & Thor Patcher Only - 5 USD * Setup Ragexe / RagexeRE & Thor Patcher (Defaut Skin only) Control Panel Setup Only - 5 USD * Setup Flux Control Panel (Default Theme only) Forum Setup Only - 10 USD * Setup free forum (myBB, phpBB, smf) Troubleshooting: If current customers run into problems regarding their SETUP, within my capabilities there will be no charge. Bring to me a clean VPS, then I will setup it for me for above price. I would recommend a debian (not CentOS) Q: Why Debian over other other Linux Distributions such as CentOS? A: It is not a neccessary to use Debian. Just in my case, i feel comfortable using Debian instead of CentOS. Perhaps because Debian provides updates on software more regularly & frequently than other Linux Distribution such as CentOS. Following link could give you a clearer & brighter image on this thing. NOTE : There is one useful git command. which is git diff. diff -> it show the changes those u have made.. and today i just noticed the diff shown in centos is too dammed not clear & noticable. it even not catch the diff properly, the diff in centos seems broken. u can refer to the image below. left one is git diff on centos while right one is git diff on ubuntu. as u can see git diff on ubuntu would much clearer & noticeable to see the changes those u have done. So, why should u choose over the distro that carries very outdated software & the changes u have done is not noticable + not catching the diff properly? Reminder: 1. Bare in mind. I'm not the person who in charge in paying the VPS rental fee. I'm just providing service for setup the server to be playable. As i only charge the service provided ONCE, thus, the VPS rental fee is under the server owner responsibilities. Just a 10 USD VPS should be enough & meet the requirement to run RO. 2. I'm only done the default setup (server-side & client-side) / default skin (thor patcher) / default theme (flux control panel). any mods / customization i'm not interested to do the setup. Those are should be under the server's owner to deal with it, NOT ME. Thus i'm not responsible for fixing any bugs / errors / problems resulting from the mods / customization those the server's owner have been done. My project? U can click link down below. Not my server & I'm not the server owner. Thus providing service to setup & hosting this server. Feel free to check it. Accepted Payments: Paypal Contact Infomation: skype: hazim_jauhari discord: mikegyver#3804 Feel free to contact me if you have any question
  3. VaNz's Paid Service Hi Guys, I'm Diconfrost VaNz. Some of you knows who am i and some of you i've met way back from eAthena. Been working on some servers and helping them for years. Some of them died, and some are still kicking 'til these days. I've been busy on working some of the servers 'til now and also busy for my own server. That means i'm not really that available for big projects. I'm offering paid services that will only cost you a little and it will help me also. It's like we are just helping each other out. Poring Server Setup (good for LR and MR servers) - $5 USD Latest SVN Installation in your VPS Hexing Compatible RagexeRE Client Basic GRF File YourRO Lite Installer Poporing Server Setup (good for LR and MR servers) - $8 USD Latest SVN Installation in your VPS Hexing Compatible RagexeRE Client Basic GRF File YourRO Lite Installer Free Server Side Tweakings Pori Pori Server Setup (good for MR, HR and SHRservers) - $15 USD Latest SVN Installation in your VPS Hexing Compatible RagexeRE Client Basic GRF File YourRO Lite Installer Free Server Side Tweakings Free Client Side Tweakings Free 150+ Custom Items(Sets, Wings, Headgears, Custom Weapons Mixed - Default Attributes) Note: All packages comes up with free control panel installion in their webhosts, forum softwares or other simple requests. Special Note: I have the right to accept or decline those requests. There are few rules that i would like to enforce: I have the right to accept or decline orders as well as the simple requests including cp installation and etc. About payment, we can negotiate about it but i would prefer to pay first before the work starts. The vps or the webhost must already ready. If you'll let me install the svn in your vps, please make sure that it is secured. As of the order comes, please let your files or the info needed are ready. When you contact me, please tell me what is the problem or what to do "specifically". It must direct to the point. Payment Method: There are two ways you can send your payment: Paypal Western Union Contact Details: Yahoo Messenger: [email protected] Skype: diconfrost13 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Or you can contact me here in forums.