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Found 9 results

  1. We believe the Pre-Renewal enviroment has a lot to offer by bringing constant updates and new content from the Renewal, balancing the updates to give new experiences to all types of users: the competitive player and the casual player. Register: Download: Web: Basic Information: Rates: 3k / 3k / 6k Pre-Renewal - 2nd Job (Trans.) Max Level: 255 / 120 Max Stats: 255 Max Attack Speed: 194 (Aspd) Free Cast: 150 Dex Normal Card: 5.00% MvP / Mini Boss Card: 3.00% Max Party Share Limit: 30 Base Levels Costume Suits and Alt. Costume Suits Mastela Fruit Restores 400 to 600 HP ⇒ Increased healing amount. Main healing item HP. No porcentual healing. Light Blue Potion Restores 60 SP ⇒ Increased healing amount. Main healing item SP. No porcentual healing. Yggdrasil Berry and Seed Fully/One half restores HP and SP. ⇒ Added 8 seconds delay, disabled during WoE, Bg and PvP. Ragnite Coin A special coin that can be exchanged for Costumes headgears or Gravity slotted headgears. Obtained by automated events, Instances and Daily Reward. Introducing Doram race! Lasagna town and Summoner class are now available. They can reach a maximum of Base level 255 and Job level 60. Note: Doram race cannot participate on War of Emperium (WoE) Patch Notes Ragnite Ro preserves the Pre-Renewal features of Ragnarok Online and enhance them balancing the items, enemies and instances of Pre-Renewal & Renewal systems. MvP Respawn time decreased Respawn time have been decreased according to its difficulty/value. Rebalanced Renewal Instances Instances available: Endless Tower, Hall of Abyss, Old Glast Heim, Horror Toy Factory and others! Guild Pack Information Individual Guild pack (Account Bound) and 8 Members/20 Members Guild pack (Guild Bound).
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a partner who's mostly willing to work on a project for the love of the game. I have a steady job, and can easily pay for most of the things needed, but someone who's ready to help a little financially would be of great help to get the project moving. We would of course share the donations within the staff, if we ever decide to implement any, which would only be statless hats for the only purpose of looking good! I already have a whole server setuped on Digital Ocean and I also own a Web Host at StableHost. We really need someone dedicated and who's comfortable doing a little bit of everything: Basic scripting Basic scripts modifications Basic SRC files modifications We also need someone who's ready and motivated to learn how to use platforms such as: Ubuntu linux droplet, on which the servers runs. You only need to learn some basic commands which I can teach you in 5 minutes. Github, to modify files right from the server's repository instead of directly on the SFTP, where the server files are hosted. Bitvise, which is used to access the sftp for the server files, the SSH window to access ubuntu on which you use the commands to start, stop the server and many other things. Also, the web host to modify any files related to the website. I'm very patient and open minded, I will gladly guide you through it all if you don't know how to use any this. If you're interested or you know someone who might, you can contact me on Discord: Sirique#9034 & If you don't use Discord just PM here or send me a good old email at [email protected] Thank you for your time and hopefully you'll be interested to join me on this great adventure that is the making of an awesome Ragnarok Online Private server!
  3. pre-renewal

    Here at EggRO we're looking for many staff positions to be filled, but for now, let me tell you a little more about our project entitled "EggRO". First of all, we are well informed that RO is not as huge as it used to be. There's clearly predominant pre-renewal lr servers right now, but our goal is to make an impact by doing things differently with the good old memories we all hold dear of our first steps as RO players. "Just like when my mama used to cook my eggs on a cold december morning..." That's a good memory right?! This is exactly where we want to hit as hard as we can... Nostalgia of course... Not my lovely mama! We have a lot of ideas and we want to share them with our whole staff. There's no games of hide and seek in our team, everyone will be well aware of everything we plan to do. Here's some information you might find useful about what we've done so far: 1. I used Ubuntu 16.04.3 x64 on DigitalOcean to setup the server. 2. We have a full functional RO folder that match our server's setup. 3. We also have a professional website and thor patcher's design. As for the staff positions we're looking to fill, they're are the following: -Event GMs -Experienced scripter -Someone with developing experiences to support me -Support GMs -Someone to make/manage our wiki and facebook page. (It can wait) **Right now we mostly want to have a small group to build this server from the ground up and then expand the staff when the server is up and running at his full potential. Of course if you want to be an Event GM or Support GM, feel free to apply, we'll keep you informed of everything our developing team is working on. We are very dedicated and we want to make this project come to fruition. We try to be as active as much as we can, because we know from past experiences that when you to start a project like that and that your partners suddenly transform into mute ghosts, it can be very frustrating. For more information feel free to contact me on skype: My email is [email protected] If we decide we're on the same page I'll grant you access to our staff Discord's page.
  4. Hello Ragnarok Community! We are very excited to present you with our new mid-rate server, and to kindly invite you to try out, what we believe to be, one of the best mid-rate servers right now. A balanced server, with experienced and friendly GM’s to help you during your journey through Midgard. Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are, currently, a team of 5 Portuguese Ragnarok enthusiasts. All of us have around 10 years of experience with RO, and played together for most of the time, on and off. We always talked about having a server, and now we’ve decided it was the time to do it. We feel that the current offer of servers is on an all-time low, mid-rate wise, therefore we decided to step in. As players, we have an exact idea of what makes our beloved game so good, but also what makes it unbalanced and even unpleasant in some situations. Therefore, after a lot (really, a lot…) of discussion, we gathered up some unique and some improved features to make each and every player have the best possible experience while playing Ragnarok. Our main goal with these features is to offer players the choice on how they want to play the game. Again, as players, we know the importance of the accessibility to the strongest equips in games and that they shouldn’t be reserved for donors. We know how hard it is to get MVP’s as a solo player, against guilds of 30 members. Our goal is, no matter the route you choose, you will always have the opportunity to play at the top level. Without further ado, here are our server features! Keep in mind that all these features can be changed/tuned. We want to make the server as balanced as we can, and player feedback is of extreme importance for that. Therefore, if you have any thoughts or ideas, they are most welcome! We are believers that players must be able to play on the highest level, and for that, sometimes, you must rely on luck. We want to minimize that, and we know how important is that last refine, so we developed an unique refining system, supported with PvM and Mining System. We created 2 custom items, “Safe Oridecon” and “Safe Elunium”, that are dropped at 0,01% by EVERY mob (MVP and non-MVP), and can also be mined using the Mining System (0,01% for Safe Oridecon or Safe Elunium (depending on the hammer) if Hammer is refined to +1. Increases 0,01% drop chance per refine level up to +5, for a drop chance of 0,05%. When the hammer is equipped you can use Mining Skill, which can be found on your skill tree). This items will allow you to attempt a refine at any of your equips past safe level, without the danger of breaking it. The success rate will be the same probability as the normal refine with Oridecon or Elunium for the level of the specific equip (it’s displayed on the refining menu, before the player proceeds), but the chance of breaking will be 0%. If the attempt fails, you will have the same probability as the success rate for that specific item, to get a downwards refine. Example: You are trying to refine an item from +6 to +7, with a success probability of 30% using a Safe Material. You have 1 of the 2 outcomes. 1st, success, you refine to +7, or 2, you fail the refine and your item won’t break. But now, in the 1st outcome, where your refine fails, you will have a chance (30%, same as the success rate) of the item to go down to +5. Notice, and this is important, that this effect will only trigger IF the refine fails. This means that you won’t have the probability of your refine going upward or downward simultaneously. Our thinking behind this is that someone might get, for example, Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb, and get it all the way up to +10, using only Safe Elunium, past the safe level. This would be hard, but still very possible. Our idea with this is to give incentives to people to refine using Enriched Materials or Normal Materials WITH the possibility of breaking the items, on lower levels (because using a Safe Material, there is a high probability that the item goes downward if you fail the attempt) and using Safe Materials on higher levels, because here the success chance is smaller, consequently, the downward refine will also have a smaller probability. With this we kind of “punish” players that use Safe Material at a low refine level and “punish less” players that use it at a high refine level. This is compared to the previous refining system we presented, because overall, it’s still easier than in a normal refining system to get high refined items. Also, just to clarify, Safe Materials need to be used in the specific NPC for it (you can find it at Invek, in the Refining House). You can’t use Safe Materials on Blacksmith nor Whitesmith. Donations items should be available to everyone. Even though they are chosen by the server admins, they are usually the strongest items. We are not a Pay-2-Win at all, and our objective with this server is not profit. Obviously we will always appreciate donates that help us paying the server costs. Our profit will be invested in you. Therefore, you can choose how to acquire the strongest items in-game. You can donate and help us paying the costs of the server, or you can do quests. There is a quest for EVERY donation item, from the weakest to the strongest. These quests are not easy, not because we don’t want you to do them, but because we believe it’s essential that they are hard to stimulate that old RO feeling that we feel it’s been missing, of guild gathering up to kill an hard MVP, and long hunting parties. Also, they can’t be that fast, we don’t want you to run out of things to do! Again, these quests obviously can be changed/tuned, depending on player feedback. Also, donation items can be obtained through Battlegrounds, which we will present further ahead. In line with the previous point, some of these quests require MVP drops, the harder ones, many MVP drops. Therefore, a big guild, or a few big guilds, could potentially monopolize the MVP’s. We don’t want that. We want MVP’s to be fought over, we want guilds to join to kill hard MVP’s in one take, but we also want that solo players to thrive, or at least to have a chance. Therefore, we developed a Warping System, where MVP maps are available to warp, but only up to a limited amount per day. We made computations for each MVP, and decided the number of free warps accordingly to the specific respawn time of each map. For example, you’ll have 2 free warps to Abbey Lvl 3, and have your chance at hunting Bee, who has a long respawn time. For MVP’s like GTB, who have a shorter respawn time, you will have 5 free warps. After you use all the warps for a specific map, that map will be blocked for you in the warper, but you can still access it by making your way through the dungeons/fields. A tomb system will also be implemented, to increase competition, and avoid this monopolization that may occur. We hope that this system brings back the guild hunting and some strategy while maintaining the balance and competition in MvP hunting. Again, this is a unique feature, therefore player feedback is critical to make it work. We designed an unique novice ground, to give you an amazing start for an amazing server. This is just our way to thank you for choosing us, and smoothen up the first steps in the game, where even the small amounts of zeny count. These novice grounds are quest based. You will be asked to choose what class you want your char to become, in the novice grounds. Then, you will be given a quest, where you have to kill the monster that represents your class (ex: choose Swordsman, kill Ygnizem Cenia). These custom mobs, have Bio Lab sprites, but Poring attributes, therefore they are killable at Base Level 1. They will drop items, in a certain probability, to your specific class. These items can be armors or weapons, to help you in the early stages of the game. These items are all sold at 1 zeny and have 1 weight. They are not slotted. This is done so that players can’t abuse this feature to farm either zeny or equips. After killing the required monsters for the quest, you will be Job Level 10, receive a Field Manual, and you will be warped to the Job Changer. Ragnarok is more than just grind and fighting. It is also fun with your friends, getting to know people, chatting and trading. Prontera is great, but it may get a little old, so we decided to implement a custom town, Invek (@go 0). We want you to feel at home and comfortable in this new environment. You can find all the core NPC’s at Invek. Also, there is a Mall, with basic equips, and also the Refinery, where you can use your hard-earned Safe Oridecon /Elunium. (Invek is not designed by us, all credits go to Uziel. Thank you for your contribution to the Ragnarok Community!) Events are a great way for players interact in a fun and relaxed way with GM’s. We are eager to meet you, therefore we won’t have automated events, because those tend to get boring and ignore the magic that events should have. We will have events where we can all interact and have fun together, events hosted by GM’s. We are not sure regarding all the types, but we can already advance things like “Server vs GM”, “Novice Royal Rumble” and “Boss Summon”. We have more ideas, but what we really want is your feedback regarding what events you want us to do, and how can we improve! We will also manage the event timing very carefully to make sure that players of all time zones are capable to attend. BG is becoming, more and more, one of the core sources of activity of the server, if not the core. We are all familiar with some players that AFK just to get badges, or join in the end of the match to collect the badges. We don’t agree with that attitudes, it’s harmful to the players that do want to play BG. Therefore, we are implementing a harsh AFK system. Also, we are giving players incentives to play, and play to win. In the tables below, you can find the variation of badges you can get on the different types of BG. You are reward based on your performance, in a way. You will get more badges if you play longer, this meaning that if you join in the end just to collect badges, you will receive less badges. Also, players have incentives to want to win, as you will receive substantially more badges if you win. We hope this changes bring back the heart of BG. Again, we expect feedback and reports on what players might be doing that can be unhealthy for BG competition. Happy Hours will be implemented, there will be 3 Happy Hours per day (24H), every 7 hours. We are doing this so that players from all time zones have a chance to play in Happy Hours. These hours may also be changed/tuned, depending on player feedback. The rewards are the common BG sets and consumables, whoever, we are also implementing a way of getting donation items through BG. Again, we believe that players should be able to get donation items, no matter what their play style is. Therefore, players will be able to acquire a Donation Box, for 1500 badges, where you get a random headgear that is only available through quest/donation. At last, we don’t want players waiting for the carnage to begin. Players will be able to acquire Free BG sets. These sets, after activation, last for 14 days, and can only be used inside Battlegrounds. Players can start fighting in BG after they are done with leveling. Keep in mind that these items can only be used inside BG. We need to tune Homunculus, due to the existence of Safe Materials, which are dropped by all monsters. Therefore, to prevent abuse of AFK farming these materials, Homunculus will have an AFK system (10/15 seconds), where you won’t be able to either autoloot or get experience. Also, regarding this topic, Homunculus AI’s are allowed, as long as it doesn’t make the player auto-walk, or auto-feed. You may choose the AI you like more, as long as it meets these criteria. @hominfo, @homstats and @homtalk will be available. Now, in a different matter, we are aware of the interaction between BG set and Homunculus. For those of you who don’t, BG set reduces demi-human damage, but increases by 3 times the damage taken from monsters. Guess what, Homunculus is a monster. We are increasing the Intimacy gain rate, so getting the, so called, “Perfect” Hom will be easier. And thinking on the long-run, close to every Creator will have the “Perfect” Hom, making it overpowered against people using BG set. Therefore, we are opting not by the common route, where you turn Homunculus into a Human, but we are tuning the BG items so that Homunculus doesn’t do 3 times the damage (this won’t affect other monsters damage, only Homunculus). We understand that this implies more work to do, but we believe it’s the best option, opposing to a general solution for a specific problem. Before getting into this discussion, if you are not fully aware of how TaeKwon Class works, please, be sure to read this guide (read only the Ranker TaeKwon part, that’s all you need for this post): So, if a TaeKwon is on the TaeKwon Ranking (Top 10, type /taekwon in-game to check your rank position), they will get really strong bonuses, like triple HP and SP and the ability of spamming infinite combos (if properly used). While this is not a problem itself for the Class balancing, thinking on the longevity of the server, it is a problem. Players that start grinding missions since the beginning of the server will have hundreds, if not thousands, of missions completed in a few months. The problem with this is that someone that joins the server a few months or even years later, will never have the chance to catch-up, therefore, will never be able to play TaeKwon in the class full potential. We don’t want this to happen, so we are implementing a monthly TaeKwon ranking clearance. What will happen is that the number of missions completed will be deleted monthly, and return to 0 to ALL TaeKwon chars. This will open the possibility of someone that joined the server later, to compete with someone that joined the server in the beginning. This may be counter-intuitive, if we think about community management, but our focus is on making our server as balanced as we can, and this is a critical step for that matter. We really hope to have your understanding on this one. Hourly Reward NPC - We implement an Hourly Reward NPC. It is located in Invek. All you have to do is keep an eye on time, and collect your Hourly Ticket. This ticket can be traded by +10 Foods. Each Food costs 1 Hourly Ticket. You may store your tickets to use later. Rates: 50x/50x/50x (including healing items, equips, etc. / Card = 0.50%) MVP drop rate: 50x (except equips (5x) and cards (1x)) Commands available: @go, @storage, @gstorage, @autoloot, @alootid, @showexp, @noks, @refresh, @rates, @mi, @iteminfo, @whereis, @time, @whereis, @whosell, @commands, @autotrade, @joinbg, @joinevent NPC’s available: Quest Shop; Hourly Reward; Job Master; Kafra; Warper; Healer & Buffer; Tool Dealer; PvP Warper; Rental Services; Stylist; GM Support Assistant; Mall (basic equips); Mining; Command Settings; Smith NPC’s; BG Warper Last discussion: We are a very motivated and dedicated team, determined to do this the biggest mid-rate of the past few years, and hopefully, for many following years. We have tons of ideas regarding class-balancing. Those take some type developing, so they will not be ready on launch. Also, they need to be discussed with players, we can’t stress this enough, your feedback is of extreme importance, this server is for all of you. One of the potential nerfs that may happen, is an increase on the Asura Strike cooldown. We are aware of other type of problems that may occur like inflation. We already have measures to counteract that and we are committed to pay close attention to the server economy, so that new players are not hurt by rising prices. We know how important it is and we will act on that matter. Sorry for this long post, hope it was worth it and you got a clear picture of our server! We are ready for you! Are you ready for us?! Join us and find out! We look forward to meet you all! Forum: BalanceRO GM Team.
  5. Nakakatawa lang na nakakatanga. Nag lalaro ako ng RO napagana ko ung unang test server ko. Pero di ko alam ang pinag kaiba ng dalawa. Nagbasa basa na ako pero dami reply kanya kanyang opinion naguguluhan tuloy ako.. Ano ba tlaga pinagkaiba nila? Paki explain... Love you!
  6. ~ Latest News ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Twitch ~ Reviews { DOWNLOAD } Why So Jelly? The rumors are true. We’re back for real and we’re tired of names that start with A. It was time for a fresh start so we chose something fun, lighthearted, and familiar because that’s the kind of community we want to become as JellyRO wiggles its way into the spotlight. We may be fresh and jiggly on the surface, but JellyRO has an old soul. For those of you who don’t know our origins, do Anima, Anthem, Animus, or Anesis ring any bells? We have never wiped our player data in the 10+ years that this server has been a thing because that would just be mean. Players on JellyRO have no need to worry about losing their characters or extensive hat collections. Thanks to our dedicated staff and players of the past and present, we’ve survived this long so it’s a safe bet that we’ll be making folks jelly for years to come. Not jelly yet? GMs host events throughout the week, and their special edition dungeon runs are like nothing you've ever experienced in RO. Players can usually get help on the spot with staff from around the world to provide nearly 24/7 coverage. Behind the scenes, our developers are constantly working on seasonal events, custom quests and maps, and lots of other exciting additions and improvements. So come on and give us a try. You know you wanna. Server Info Rates: 10x/10x/5x Episode: 14.1 Bifrost Mechanic: Pre-Renewal Platform: Hercules Jobs: Rebirth/Transcendent Instant Cast: 150 Max: Level 99/70, Stat 99, ASPD 190 Gepard Shield Anti-Cheat Check It Out! Promo packs exclusively for new players! Reward codes for free costume headgears! Enter our raffle for a chance to win Auro! (Item mall currency) Shiny new home page New Kafra point quests: Because everybody loves more hats! WoE: Training Edition (TE) Eden Group: Exp, equipment, and more to help you train Revamped automated events Did I mention we have a lot of cool hats? Custom Stuff! Eastrelund: Seasonal custom map with quests, minigames, and a continuing storyline Conquer the Arena and enter Valhalla to make Super Quest Items Beginner Weapons: Obtained through 1st Job quests Sky Temple: Custom novice training grounds Mission Board: Do quests, earn Auro and/or exp! Monster Race of the Day: Random exp bonus! Tons of custom headgear quests to enable your hat hoarding habit Beach Volleyball and other minigames Kafra Clip: Open storage anywhere! Warp Clip: Teleport service in your pocket (with added perks!) And we're just getting warmed up! OMG Instance Dungeons! Bakonawa's Lair, Bangungot Hospital, Buwaya's Cave, Eclage Interior, Endless Tower, Ghost Palace, Hazy Forest, Malangdo Culvert, Octopus Cave, Okolnir, Old Glast Heim, Wolfchev's Laboratory, and more! Service For You! Stylist: 85 hairstyles, 127 hair dyes, 700 clothing dyes Kaho, Valkyrie Helm, and PCB Sprite Customization Blank Card Exchanger Card Remover Orphanage/Adoption Service Taekwon Master Map Reset Rank Point Checker MVP Leaderboard And all those other NPCs you'd expect on a decent server! @ Your Command We have granted players 25+ @ commands. Don't let the power go to your head! Complete list of player @ commands
  7. Games

    Hi everyone, As Some of you may be aware, the updated kRO RE Client contains a new Izlude Town Map. The Izlude Town Map has been remodelled by Gravity and the NPC and Warp Locations have also been changed to match that new Map, However the Pre-Renewal Branch of Hercules does not support it yet though the Renewal Branch does So for those People who would like to have in in there pre-renewal servers this patch may be essential and Hence am releasing this script that modifies the npc and wraps at Izlude to suit the new Izlude Town Map. new_izlude_pre-re.patch
  8. HeRO ~ A Heroic Experience of Ragnarok Main Page Forum Control Panel to register an account Download Links Pre-Renewal Base Exp - 5x Job Exp - 5x Drop Rates - 3x Quest Exp - 5x Regular pre-renewal Max levels (99/70 for trans, 99/50 for 2-1 and 2-2) Homunculus Intimacy - 2x Max Attack Speed - 190 Instant Cast - 150 DEX Resetter - Free until Lv. 40 Healer - Free until Lv. 50 Max Party Limit - 18 Extra 50% Exp per party member when in share Custom Headgears, Haircuts (100+), Hair Colors (10+) and Dyes (150+), Town & Dungeon Warper (Dungeon warps are to outside the entrance, or to the first floor. Players must visit the locations to unlock the warp. Unlocking towns is free.) Multiple Public or Private DB/BB Rooms Various PVP Rooms 5 Churches (Prontera, Lutie, Hugel, Rachel Sanctuary, Glast Heim Abbey) Same-sex Wedding supported Balanced Customs: No overpowered items. We take care to balance our customs, be it monsters or gears. Super Stable: HeRO has been up for 10 years, with no wipes ever. Nice, active staff and support ticket system always available! Wednesday Vanilla WoE - 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST GMT-5) Sunday Vanilla WoE - Sunday 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST GMT-5) Sunday Retro WoE (Only non-trans classes allowed) - Sunday 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST GMT-5) Commands: @rates, @autotrade, @exp, @me, @partyoption, @iteminfo, @ii, @help, @homtalk, @noask, @pettalk, @breakguild, @join, @@Main, @@whosell, @ws, @reject, @autoloottype, @alootid, @@who, @@who2, @changeleader, @time, @uptime, @channel, @showexp, @showdelay, @accept, @whereis, @@whodrops, @leave, @hominfo, @invite, @commands, @jailtime, @autoloot, @font, @homstats, @duel, @mobinfo, @mi Light vs Dark system: There is ongoing war and conflict between the followers of the light and the forces of darkness. The Light Allegiance is lead by Lady Thea, while the Dark Allegiance is Lead by Sir Melot. You can swear your allegiance to either of them and by completing certain quests, you'll earn allegiance points and unique gears. The Chronicle of The Heroes: The server's storyline! Watch as it unfolds with you as the characters! The Trial of Heroes: A monthly event where heroes gather to participate in a variety of trials: Monster Fighting, Item-Hunting, PVP, and Trivia. In the end, Light and Dark Allegiances clash in a mass battle. Those who obtain a certain score receive special rewards. Mission Board System: With this fully automated system, you can post the item you want and how much you're paying, and other players can hunt the item for you! Fishing System: By fishing, you can obtain bass, trout, salmon, etc, which heal HP/SP. Sometimes, you can even fish out other items. You You can earn points for fishing, as well as play a mini-game for items. Mining System: Mine for useful rocks and ores! You can obtain Oridecon, Elunium, and Lv 4 Weapon stones, among many others. You can earn points for mining, as well as play a mini-game for items. Nobility: The Kingdom of Rune-Midgard is running low on funds, and King Ernst is willing to grant noble titles on heroes who bring him gold. Nobles are rewarded with a special mid-headgear gem that boost a stat of their choosing. They also receive monthly rewards from the King. Orphanage System: Create a baby class without the need to be adopted! Seasonal content: We have many custom seasonal quests and different looks for Prontera and other parts of Midgard, depending on the season. Custom Dungeons: We have various custom dungeons such as Thanatos' Basement, Fairy Paradise, Warzone and True Poring Island, among others! Modified Renewal Locations: We have some renewal areas that are rebalanced to fit pre-renewal, such as Manuk Field, Splendide Fields, Scaraba Hole, and more!! Custom Monsters: HeRO is home to several unique monsters such as: Snow Bunny, Eralia, Autumn Leafcat, Selkie and Eye of Surtur. We also have many poring-types, like Sapling, Pandaring, Teddyring, Nekoring, Whispering and God Poring. In addition, we also have awesome custom MVPs, like Skoll, Surtur, Midnight Jack, Levia Lusca, Orcus, and many more! Custom Quests: There are countless quests to keep heroes busy and entertained. Sisterly Affection, Zodiac Gate, Wandering Spirit, Thanatos Party Quest, Guild Quest, Monthly Monster Extermination, Homunculus Quest and much more! Pets: HeRO has several custom pets, such as Teddy Bear, Siroma, Galapago, Aliot, Mavka, Violy. They drop their own tame and usually, their food as well. Light/Dark pets, such as Angeling, Deviling, Retribution and Observation, can be obtained via Allegiance Quests. Headgears: We have many custom headgears! They can be obtained from monsters, quests, events, vote for points or Mr. Hatter! Donations: Our donations are balanced. No over-powered items are obtained through donation. They are mostly chance items or items already available in game (OPB, Hat Voucher, Rough Enriched Ore, Allegiance Token) or GM Services (which can also be voted for) used to change name, gender or transfer locked items. GM Hosted Events: GMs host many different events, such as Monster Invasion, Hide & Seek, Trivia, PVP for Items, Flower Maze, and many more! Automated Events: In addition to GM-hosted events, if you have an Event Bag, you can start an automated event and have fun! There's different events, such as Poring Smash, Fabre Tame, Zombie Run, etc. Community: HeRO has the nicest people around, always answering questions on #main chat and willing to help newcomers get started. What are you waiting for? Join us and become a hero!
  9. Greetings! I am currently working on adding the renewal items to the pre-renewal item database. Or rather, doing it again, since I did it on rA before, but just the SQL queries. However, since Herc is/was making the move for SQL item & mob databases to be deprecated, I thought I should move everything to text anyhow. The real question is, has there been anyone who already attempted to do this? Or is there maybe a plugin for it? (I haven't found it) If no one has taken such actions before, then I guess I'll compare the two files and copy-pasta the non-existing items to a new file and try to remove all renewal features out of it (3rd class skills or upgrade mechanics for example). When there are multiple people interested or someone knows an easier way to do this (besides going renewal itself), it might be possible to just collaborate and commit them on your/mine/our github repository. Kind regards, Tranquility