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Found 5 results

  1. My Host can not use the new Hercules or Current, the host only accepts an old version. Does anyone have the Download Link for some versions? Taking advantage of the leaves if someone has any of the rAthena I gladly accept PS: I already searched Google and did not find it Since I was warm
  2. //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Battleground: PVP //===== By: ================================================== //= AnnieRuru //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= A simple battleground script: //= Kill players from the other team. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 First version, edited. [Euphy] //============================================================ - script bg_pvp#control -1,{ OnInit: .minplayer2start = 2; // minimum players to start (ex. if 3vs3, set to 3) .eventlasting = 20*60; // event duration before auto-reset (20 minutes * seconds) setarray .rewarditem[0], // rewards for the winning team: <item>,<amount>,... 501, 10; end; OnStart: if ( getwaitingroomstate( 0, .rednpcname$ ) < .minplayer2start || getwaitingroomstate( 0, .bluenpcname$ ) < .minplayer2start ) end; // create Battleground and teams .red = waitingroom2bg( "guild_vs3", 13,50, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedDead", .rednpcname$ ); copyarray .team1aid, [email protected], [email protected]; .team1count = .minplayer2start; .blue = waitingroom2bg( "guild_vs3", 86,50, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueDead", .bluenpcname$ ); copyarray .team2aid, [email protected], [email protected]; .team2count = .minplayer2start; delwaitingroom .rednpcname$; delwaitingroom .bluenpcname$; bg_warp .red, "guild_vs3", 13,50; bg_warp .blue, "guild_vs3", 86,50; .score[1] = .score[2] = .minplayer2start; bg_updatescore "guild_vs3", .score[1], .score[2]; // match duration sleep .eventlasting * 1000; // end match, destroy Battleground, reset NPCs if ( .score[1] > .score[2] ) { mapannounce "guild_vs3", "- Red Team is victorious! -", bc_map; callsub L_Reward, 1; } else if ( .score[1] < .score[2] ) { mapannounce "guild_vs3", "- Blue Team is victorious! -", bc_map; callsub L_Reward, 2; } else mapannounce "guild_vs3", "- The match has ended in a draw! -", bc_map; bg_warp .red, "prontera",152,178; bg_warp .blue, "prontera",154,178; bg_destroy .red; bg_destroy .blue; donpcevent .rednpcname$ +"::OnStart"; donpcevent .bluenpcname$ +"::OnStart"; end; L_Reward: for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count"); [email protected]++ ) getitem .rewarditem[0], .rewarditem[1], getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ); return; // "OnDeath" event OnRedDead: callsub L_Dead, 1; OnBlueDead: callsub L_Dead, 2; L_Dead: .score[ getarg(0) ]--; bg_updatescore "guild_vs3", .score[1], .score[2]; while ( getd( ".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ) != getcharid(3) && [email protected] < getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") ) [email protected]++; deletearray getd( ".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ), 1; setd ".team"+ getarg(0) +"count", getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") -1; bg_leave; if ( !.score[ getarg(0) ] ) awake strnpcinfo(0); sleep2 1250; percentheal 100,100; end; // "OnQuit" event OnRedQuit: callsub L_Quit, 1; OnBlueQuit: callsub L_Quit, 2; L_Quit: .score[ getarg(0) ]--; bg_updatescore "guild_vs3", .score[1], .score[2]; percentheal 100, 100; while ( getd( ".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ) != getcharid(3) && [email protected] < getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") ) [email protected]++; deletearray getd( ".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ), 1; setd ".team"+ getarg(0) +"count", getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") -1; if ( !.score[ getarg(0) ] ) awake strnpcinfo(0); end; } gonryun,153,107,5 script Red Team#bg_pvp 733,{ end; OnInit: sleep 1; set getvariableofnpc( .rednpcname$, "bg_pvp#control" ), strnpcinfo(0); OnStart: waitingroom "Red Team", getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_pvp#control" ) +1, "bg_pvp#control::OnStart", getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_pvp#control" ); end; } gonryun,153,104,5 script Blue Team#bg_pvp 734,{ end; OnInit: sleep 1; set getvariableofnpc( .bluenpcname$, "bg_pvp#control" ), strnpcinfo(0); OnStart: waitingroom "Blue Team", getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_pvp#control" ) +1, "bg_pvp#control::OnStart", getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_pvp#control" ); end; } guild_vs3 mapflag battleground 2 guild_vs3 mapflag nosave SavePoint guild_vs3 mapflag nowarp guild_vs3 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs3 mapflag noteleport guild_vs3 mapflag nomemo guild_vs3 mapflag nopenalty guild_vs3 mapflag nobranch guild_vs3 mapflag noicewall Hi all, based on this script, can someone help me to add and edit: Announcement Player A has join the blue team and Player B has join the red team in battleground in the whole server. We need another 2 player to begin the battle. #The script will detect how much player need based on waiting room. Player A join blue team, Player B join red team, but when start auto shuffle to new team instead of same entered color ?
  3. Dev Kuro, AKA Aaron Patrick Catulin, is a scammer. I had made a deal with him for $110AUD for a full project, client side and server side. Partial payment of $70AUD was to be made to him on 4 Sept 14 before he started on work. Having made the payment, be began to start ignoring me and did not want to produce the files. He last replied me on 14 Sep 14. He ignored me for over a month till 11 Oct 14 before I disputed the payment. I had no choice but to dispute the paypal payment, but with the good being intangible, my dispute was declined. Only then did he bother to reply, 12 Oct 14. He assured me that he will produce the goods and that it would be done within 2 weeks. He promised he would reply, but again, he went missing and did not want to reply me till date, 22 Nov 14. I'm now scammed and here's the evidence. To those who want to engage in his services, BEWARE. I know there's no way he's going to give me my files since he's ignored me for so long. As a Christian, I'm going to try to forgive him and let him do whatever he wants. But it's only right for me to inform everyone else, lest they get scammed too. Just feeling quite sad to be this unfortunate. Thanks for reading and be careful!
  4. Hello! There is my Zabbix monitoring template for *athena-based servers. It gathers data from your Linux server and MySQL database and sends it to Zabbix. It checks: - login server port check - login/char/map server perfomance - mysqld server perfomance - online players count - total zeny count - Configure Zabbix Server 1. Import the template file into Zabbix frontend (Configuration -> Templates -> Import). 2. Link the Athena template to your host to be monitored. - Configure Zabbix Agent 1. Open your zabbix_agend.conf and add two lines: UserParameter=total.zeny,mysql -uroot -ppassword -D hercules_main -s -N -e 'SELECT SUM(zeny) from `char`',netstat -n | grep ':5121' | wc -l Where root - is your MySQL username, password - your MySQL password and hercules_main - your emulator's database. 2. Restart your zabbix-agent (/etc/init.d/zabbix-agent restart) And you can see it in your Zabbix frontend: Please post your comments and suggestions in order to make it better. Download link
  5. Need for change from rathena to hercules