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	name: "Zone Name"
	disabled_skills: {
	disabled_items: {
		Wing_Of_Fly: true
	// Expansion of Classes limitation... (perhap based on BaseLevel would be good too?)	
	disabled_classes: {		
		Job_Knight: True		
		Job_Blacksmith: True		
		Job_Novie: True		
		Job_Clown: True	
	// Expansion of Battle Conf settings ...	
	battle_conf: {		
		multi_level_up: yes		
		base_exp_rate: 100000		
		job_exp_rate: 100000		
		mvp_exp_rate: 100000		
		quest_exp_rate: 100000		
		death_penalty_base: 100000		
		death_penalty_job: 100000		
		rare_drop_announce: 100	



I would like to suggest for map zone supporting these battle_conf and disabled_classes

I think it's good to further customize settings and entry of a map.


Example : Map A

  • cant multi level up
  • higher exp rate
  • disabled novice enter
  • etc

Example : Map B

  • can multi level up
  • low exp rate
  • only novice enter
  • etc

And yeah, some of these settings can be done by using mapflags, but some are not or it would be end up harder way to do it using npc script.

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Reason to support implementation:


as we can see here ...



I guess it's gonna be good to see it implement the job restriction within the map_zone  that herc have?  :D

seem like required in WOE:TE ... or we could say that it come in handy to implement the WOE:TE?

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