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Hello ~


Want your name to be in the glorious history of ragnarok online servers emulators ?

here's your chance if you have an high-end or many characters in any official server that can perform tests and such to help us implement new systems.


currently we're having many unfinished system or open bug-reports waiting to be confirmed and tested on official servers or so, unfortunately we don't have enough testers usually and so it delay many systems to be added or bugs to be resolved, however we now ask YOU to help us and bring your name to the glorious history of ragnarok servers emulators.


Requirements ~


to have an account on any official servers (preferred iRO, fRO, kRO).

this accounts can be high end or not, all kind of characters or classes we may need also the more access to different places the easier for you and us to do tasks.


How to apply ~


You can send me a Private message on forums with server name and available characters to perform tasks, please explain job and level and builds if possible, i will be making lists to make it easy for us to chose the one who should do the task or so.


or you can join our IRC Channel for Hercules Official server testers #Hercules-Testers on Rizon network, and have little discussion with me there!


How it will work ? ~


whenever we face bug or new system need to be tested we will be sending an private message to all testers who can perform the task, as soon as you get it you will have to answer if you can take it or not, then all testers who will do the task and give us results will be thanked and credited of helping in this bug/feature!



Don't miss the chance !


Thank you.

Here we go!

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If i had a chance to play i could help. Sorry.


But this is a good also hopefully it would be better.

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