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If you want to translate your RO interface in your mother tongue (or other), I would like to share my PSDs files which I used to make my french RO :)



Enjoy !


Files in the zip:

  • 42x20.psd
  • 48x20.psd
  • 54x20.psd
  • 57x20.psd
  • 60x20.PSD
  • 62x20.psd
  • 63x20.PSD
  • 64x20.psd
  • 67x20.psd
  • 68x20.PSD
  • 71x20.psd
  • 85x20.PSD
  • 100x20.psd
  • 221x20.psd
  • 221x40.psd

RO Buttons Interface by Monsieur


EDIT: An example on how it looks which parameters / font I use 


btn_friend.jpg btn_friend_a.jpg btn_friend_b.jpg


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